Friday, April 28th, 2017


Friday, April 28th, 2017 17:57
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I slept for much of the day today. In fact, it feels like I've been doing something like this: sleep - eat - sleep - eat - try to go shopping (and failing, because the parking lot was very full, and I didn't feel like going into an overcrowded store after all) - go home - try to watch a bit of snooker - sleep - eat.

... and I still wouldn't mind sleeping some more, or at least go and lie down in bed and maybe read a bit. For now I'm sitting by the computer for a little while, though. I'm always happy doing that, so maybe it'll make me a bit less meh, too.

I started writing a small ficlet yesterday. Well, it's supposed to be just something small; something easy before I go back to the slightly more complex idea that I'm also working on. I didn't get very far, though, and I don't know why, because the idea works fine in my head. I can even see/feel certain scenes exactly in my head... but write them? Nah, not easy. I even meant to write JUST those scenes, without much surrounding plot or backstory... but guess what happened? Yeah, I started writing, and the plot/backstory got added immediately and more or less automatically, so now I have to work with that to get to what I really wanted to write. What I have in my head and what comes out in writing seems to be two different things, sometimes. Why? How? What? Argh.

What else? Well, I'm starting to see that I'll probably fail my poetry challenge for April. Maybe I'll keep it as a monthly thing, though, because at least it keeps me writing something, even if I might not do 10 in a month. Could be interesting to make a poetry master post at the end of the year, and look back on what I wrote each month. It's an interesting idea - I just need to make a separate tag for it. I'm maybe not so happy with writing being under the "creativity" category anyway, because it feels like it just adds an extra, unnecessary level of tagging.

In general, I'm not that happy with my current tag system anymore. I have 2000+ posts and more than 10 years of LJ'ing/DW'ing, though, so I don't know how to change it without making a mess of it. I tried to reorganize things when I moved to DW, and then I ended up merging some categories that I probably shouldn't have merged.... but also, having hundreds of tags sort of defeats the purpose of trying to have an organized system, because it's too huge by now.

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