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So, the TV/net provider change is not going to happen. The new (or actually new-old) company tried to cheat me before I had even properly agreed the switch. First, they told me that switching would take 4-7 days, then I got a mail saying it could take up to 4 weeks.

Yeah, right...

Also, when I called them to inform them about the decision not to switch, they gave me an absolute slimeball of a guy on the phone. Seriously, he was so nice that the grease was practically dripping from his voice. On the surface, he was totally fine with the cancellation, but in fact I could feel how he was looking for some way to force me to switch. Well, in the end he was trying to tell me that it was him being nice to let me cancel the order (which had not even gone through completely by the time I called, so it's not like there was anything to cancel, really).

And I was like: "Well, it's my legal right to rethink the decision, so it's not about being nice."

... and suddenly he got really meek and admitted that yes, I was right, and everything is now cancelled and fine.

I know my consumer rights. So, there!
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Today has been a very exciting day!

First, I had an appointment at the car workshop in the morning. They needed me to be there while they made some adjustments, so I've seen the new car again, too. This time with the lift and special floor installed, so this time I was even allowed to sit in it. Let's just say it's still an absolute dream. I just wish that my driving skills matched the feeling of being in the car... actually driving still scares me, though. But okay, old news and all that, and this is supposed to be an excitement post, so...

... they also said that the car might be ready in 3-4 weeks' time, depending on when the traffic authorities decide to approve the adjustments. Yes, there is apparently a separate procedure of approval for this.

On a different note, we also did something nice after finishing the car stuff: We bought a new TV. We've had a lot of issues with our old one, so this is something we've been discussing and thinking of doing for a long time already. At the same time, we're also going to change our TV and net provider (back to the company we used to be with before), so I'm excited about that... and a little nervous, because it will mean a bit of stress with having people over, and probably also a bit of stress before everything is set up to work the way it should.

Should work better than our current setup, anyway. Slow net and flawed TV picture (with a lot of short sound/picture failures if you try to watch anything) has been the order of the day for way too long, now.

Finally... this also means one more thing: We will not have a landline phone anymore after this switch.

I'll be honest and admit that it has been hard for me to accept that this is a sensible decision. Of course it's true that I hardly ever use the landline phone, and I haven't been using it for a good few years. The only people who call on it are telemarketers and - until recently - mom's friend who kept living with the misconception that calling someone on their mobile phone is ridiculously expensive, so better use the landline if you can. Even that friend has now cancelled her landline phone subscription, though...

... so why has it been hard for me to get rid of it? Simply because the landline phone number we have has been the same for practically all of my life. That phone number is us, in some way. It's ours, and getting rid of it feels a bit like getting rid of some part of myself; some part of my own history. Does that even make sense?

Now I just need to hear from the TV/net installation folks, so that I know when they're coming by to set things up.

Soon, preferably. Because this should be exciting!


Friday, September 15th, 2017 13:51
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I planted tulips and crocuses today, so let's see if they come up in a few months' time.

We used to always have tulips in our garden when I was little. Nowadays we don't have a garden anymore, and I don't know much about plants and flowers anyway, so it's not like I miss it. We have a couple of flower boxes and big flower pots, though, and that's nice. For example, earlier in the summer random people who just passed by our house would sometimes stop to admire the content of the flower boxes. The pots I've planted in today are in a less visible place, but I can see them from my window when I'm sitting by the computer - so if any of the stuff I planted decides to come up, I will have nice things to look at come springtime.

Duh, I sound like such an adult, suddenly. I'm not; I promise. ;)
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So, driving happened today. To a new place; one where I wasn't familiar with the roads or general area from before.

And... it worked so well.

I wasn't scared the way I usually am, seeing other cars on the road didn't bother me, I didn't get stressed and didn't feel like I was getting in the way when there were cars behind me... and my own driving also felt okay. To me, not only from the outside perspective.

Apart from for a little while at the very beginning, I also did not feel the usual knot in my stomach at simply being in the driving seat.

I'm learning. Little steps, but... yes?

In fact, when I parked at the place where we had agreed I would drive to, one small part of me might have wanted to keep driving a little longer. The other, and of course much bigger part, was relieved that driving was done for today, though. Also, after I had stopped the car and it started to register in my mind that things had gone quite well, I just got really emotional. I was sitting there crying for several minutes, and I can't explain why.

PS: Artistic car icon. Not the exact car we're getting (because this pic is apparently the 2015 model), but close enough, and without any visible differences that are obvious to untrained eyes like mine.

Daily notes

Thursday, August 17th, 2017 14:36
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I need a new haircut. After the little disaster that was my previous visit to the hairdresser's, I feel like doing something new to my hair this time. I've been looking at various hairstyles online... and yes, I know that's a silly thing to do, because things that look good on pictures of other people might not necessarily look good on me. I'm considering a style kind of like this, though. I also want to dye the top part (rather than the whole hair), but I haven't decided on the colour yet. I guess either dye it red or bleach it blond, though.

Let's see what will happen. First of all, I need to poke my nose out of the door - which I didn't do so far today, so meh.

I've also changed back to a smaller keyboard and a trackpad instead of my regular mouse and keyboard combination. Honestly, I prefer the bigger keyboard (with proper arrow keys, not arrow keys squeezed together in a corner, sort of), but my regular mouse has been "cheating" for so long that I got tired of it. Cheating as in randomly interpreting single clicks as double clicks and being unwilling to make the drag and drop motion. Like, if you try to drag something across the screen, it's likely to just get dropped three times on the journey.... or also, it just refuses to get picked up in the first place. Oh, and forget doing things like autofilling whole columns in spreadsheet programs, because if you try to highlight a couple of cells and then try to drag to autofill that info to nearby cells, the highlighting is lost before you've autofilled two cells.

I'm tired of this, so trackpad it is... for a while, at least.

What else? Yes, I've made two new icons today. One is on this post - some of you might recognize my favourite singer, actually. If not, he's Czech, and his name is Ladislav Křížek. This pic is from 1991 or thereabouts, so he doesn't look ANYTHING like this anymore (he still sings, though - and he still does so fabulously well!) Anyway, a girl can dream, right? Even though my mind knows that this is years and years ago, I still always think of him like this.

I might be weird, but eh.
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I'm having one of those days where nothing gets done, and I don't feel like getting started on absolutely anything. I have a few things to do - grocery shopping, try to hang the outdoor carpet on our veranda over the edge/railing (?) of the veranda, so that it can dry after the recent heavy rainfall, try to make a list of tasks and then call someone about getting the front of the house painted...

... the latter task is not even my task that much. Mom is probably going to make the call once we have that stupid little list ready.

The shopping and the carpet, though? Wouldn't take me too long, either, but I just have absolutely zero energy to do it.

I'm not even doing useful things on the computer today. I'm practically just clicking around mindlessly, reading messages that I have already seen, playing brain-dead games that do not even make me think, or just generally sit around feeling annoyed at myself for being plain and uninteresting and boring, even online.

Not saying this to fish for compliments and make you tell me that I'm not... just saying it because that's how I feel right now.

Also, I'm - for the n'th time - considering installing Ubuntu alongside macOS. I had a dual-boot system a few times before, but I never truly found a good use for Linux as long as I still also love macOS and have a good system for everything on here. I can't help it; I'm fascinated with how Ubuntu looks, and I want to try out some interesting and unique window managers. Ratpoison seems especially cool - yes, to me it would be fun to learn something like that. Would also be fun to use if I'm going to show someone something on the computer, and then the system would have no menu line or other obvious way of opening applications. I'm trying to imagine the "huh?" look on the other person's face :)

... but of course, if I'm going to get there, I have to learn this myself first. And I guess installing Ubuntu purely as a learning environment (and, let's face it, also for the learning experience of getting it installed alongside OS X, even though I have done that before) would be a lot of work for a not-so-obvious reward? Because... what am I actually going to do with it, once I have it up and running?
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Can July be over soon? Or rather, can the national holiday period be over soon, so that it will be possible to do things without planning them an eternity ahead again?

I'm trying to plan a Sweden trip for my mom and her friend. Technically it is possible to travel there and back in a day, even from here, but it can be stressful and it's definitely better to stay one night in a hotel there. But - surprise, surprise - everything is full (or overly expensive) until at least the 6th of August.

Ehm, they wanted to travel now or soon, not in August. For now I'm having no luck finding them a place to stay, though. There is one possibility left, but that hotel is not answering their emails, and I kind of don't feel like calling them on the phone... because, seriously, what kind of place doesn't answer its email in 2017, anyway?

I just get a little bit frustrated with the holiday season, sometimes - especially if it affects my plans or wishes in a negative way.

Maybe it's not a good reason to whine, though. At least I had a nice enough day otherwise. I've been to Lillesand (=the neighbouring town) today, so at least I did something slightly out of the ordinary. Had dinner at the roadside café there, too, so that was also nice. Now I'm a bit tired, though - also because it's rather hot (+30 degrees) today.

Coffee time, now. And maybe watching Tour de France for a bit.

Bits and bobs

Friday, July 7th, 2017 13:18
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1. I went to Denmark for the day yesterday. Nice trip - perhaps the nicest Denmark-daytrip in a while. The past few such trips have been so exhausting, and I've practically felt like I needed extra sleep for a week afterwards, but yesterday it was quite okay. I wasn't even that tired during the day, except for being tired early in the morning - which I usually am, so that's normal enough.

2. I have a new handbag! It's quite small, but still with two main compartments, plus two small pockets. It also has a clip-on shoulder strap. This is one of my main requirements for a handbag, because it means that I can also wear it around my waist, as it will clip easily on and off as needed.. My plan is to use this as my main everyday handbag - as in, that thing I need for carrying money, keys, phone and perhaps some other small items when I go out to do random stuff. I have a couple of bigger handbags that I also like, but they're less practical for everyday use, really.

3. My desk needs tidying. I have all sorts of papers and magazines and random junk lying about right now, but I'm not sure I feel like sorting through it all today. Might have to, though. Soon.

4. There are lots of news and pics about Johannes, even though it's summer and he's been missing a couple of training camps due to illness. I want to make a picspam/fanpost about everything, though, so I won't ramble that much here. I don't know when I can do that, though - it feels like I'm online much less than I would prefer these days. I don't always know why that happens, though.

5. Also, related to the point above: Ola Klæbo liked a couple of my comments on IG, and even replied to me once, a few days ago! I'm probably more excited about this than I should be. It's just very nice and cool, okay?

6. I started a large-ish project to sort through all my digital photos. Back in the old iPhoto days, I had some kind of system where I would sort photos by event/category every time I imported new ones, but when iPhoto became Photos, I sort of hated it and therefore fell out of the habit of keeping things organized. Time to make a proper try now. Also, I used to save only own photos in this/these apps, but with the amount of screencaps and pic saves I make from the mobile phone nowadays, I guess it makes sense to make some categories for these as well.

7. Yes, I caved in: There is now a "personal:fangirling" tag. Next project: add old posts that belong there to it. I have a feeling that it's going to be a huge job.

I have a feeling that there were more things on my mind when I started writing this post, but it has escaped me by now. Therefore, I'll stop here. Have a nice evening, okay?
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I had The Big Cleaning And Tidying Day today. My bedroom has been in need of cleaning and tidying for some time now, but somehow I kept postponing it. Today I not only cleaned everything, but I also cleared my desk and some other random stuff that has been lying around since forever.

...of course you might argue that I only cleared the desk because I need space to properly see what I'm gonna pack for the Portugal trip when the time comes, but let's not talk about that. Instead, let me enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after getting this done after postponing it a number of times before.

On a different note, I got a new haircut the other day. It looked okay when I was at the hairdresser's, and it still feels good to have short hair again (as opposed to the unruly mess I had before the haircut. Even my hairbrush wouldn't comb through it, and I had to comb it in two layers, kinda). There is, however, one comment from the hairdresser that is starting to bother me now - even though I didn't react to it that much when I was actually there.

Let's just say I've had the same general short hairstyle for years. I usually just comb all my hair backwards, and when it's newly cut, it should be short enough to stand upwards a little bit - but there should still be enough hair left that it can fall generally in a backwards direction. So, not so short that there are just a few centimetres of hair left, but also not so long that it falls out of shape - it'll do that after a couple of weeks, though.

Usually this explanation gets me what I want, even though I hate explaining which haircut I want. I'm always afraid that I'll get something totally different... and this time that was exactly what happened. When the hairdresser was done, my hair was kind of generally in a "round" shape. I pointed out the problem of that to her, and she kinda fixed it a little bit, but even now you can still see that basic shape. When I tried to point out this to her, she said this: "I can't really cut more than I did now. And I tried to make a nice and feminine-looking shape."


Okay, angry outburst aside, this makes me more furious the more I think of it. While it is true that she couldn't really cut much more hair, she could have simply asked if she had any doubts about what I said. I have no desire to do things that would make me fit some random person's standard of femininity. In fact, I have no desire to look feminine at all - and if I do it's either by coincidence or by annoying facts of life.

I mean, I tried to show her what I usually do to my hair, so I don't understand why she couldn't just do what I asked. It's not like I could have stopped her earlier either, because when you're sitting there getting your hair cut, the hairdresser puts all sorts of pins and things in it, and you can't really tell what she's doing until it's done. Even then, I need to touch it and wash it myself before I'm completely sure what the new cut is like.

Somehow, her comment about femininity bothers me more and more. When she said it, I just wanted to get out of there and be done with the whole thing, so I tried to not take it to heart too much. Now that I've had time to think of it, I can't stop thinking of how rude and hurtful and infuriating it was.

I kind of want my hair to grow out again as soon as possible, so that I can go and get my usual cut again soon. Perhaps the current cut isn't "ugly" either, but it's not me and not what I asked for and the shape just bothers me a lot because of everything I said above.
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Good news first: I feel better today. I was still headache-y and dizzy during the night, so I'm still a bit tired and such, but other than that I'm okay. That's a good thing at least.

In other news, we have - wait for it - 33 degrees centigrade outside my window right now. It's also sunny and the sky is completely blue, without a single cloud in sight. It's actually too hot to be outside for very long, but I'm going to find a nice shade spot on the veranda soon, and hopefully I can sit there for a little while.

Also, I haven't been online all day. Now that I finally have some computer time, I'm not really doing anything useful with it. All those nice things I planned to do while I wasn't here? Just escaped my mind now that I can do them. Instead, I've been playing around with Avatar Maker (for now, this is me). I also tried to clean up an old and mostly unused Gmail account. It's full of junk, except for some stuff on the Google Drive, so I guess I can try to download that, and then just get rid of the account.

... That's a task for tomorrow, though. Mom is off to Denmark with Mrs Neighbour then, so that should mean a nice evening by the computer for me. Yes, I'm looking forward to that. If all goes well, I might actually write something then, too. Or do some more Swift lessons? Let's see what will happen - it should be fun, either way.


Thursday, June 8th, 2017 09:57
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Waking up to very hot weather today, despite the weather being cloudy outside. Immediately after showering, I feel like... taking another shower.

I think that explains it.

Other than that, I did a big fat nothing yesterday, so I want to go out today. If nothing else, just to get some fresh air. Also, it looks like someone tried to move (steal?) one of my flower boxes during the night, so it's now standing kinda askew in its holder.

That needs fixing, obviously.

Trying to steal a flower box, though? Huh?!

Quick update

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 01:37
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Okay, so it'll be past 2am before I finish typing up this note. I just got home from another day-trip to Denmark about an hour ago. To be honest I wasn't too keen on going there today, because I still don't feel fully rested after last week's traveling. We had some things to do, though, so I guess I would have had to make this trip soon anyway, even if I hadn't made it today.

It was a good day, though. Better than I feared, anyway, especially after a few hours when I wasn't so painfully tired anymore. Can you tell I dislike getting up early, even if it's needed for some reason? It always leaves me feeling too tired for too much of the day. Let's just say I had a good time mostly, but I'm also glad this trip is over and done with for now.

Tomorrow my plan is to plant some more flowers, so that there's something in every flower box we own before Thursday (Ascension Day, which is a holiday here). This should be possible, I think.

After that, I plan to Not Make Any Big Plans for a week or so. Just sleep, read, rest, be on the computer, write and sit on the veranda a little bit. Let's see how that goes. ;)

Now it's night for me, though. Good night!
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I wonder what's in the take-away food from the local Hong Kong restaurant? It's been a while since I've had food from there, but now I've had it twice in a relatively short amount of time. Both times, the result has been the same: The food is delicious... but I end up getting super-sleepy after finishing my meal. Sleepy as in: "Can I go to bed now - at maybe 8pm - and sleep until morning, or preferably for half of tomorrow as well?"

I don't think food is supposed to work like that? Today I actually went to bed before 9pm, but after resting for a bit (not sleeping), I'm now up again - at least for a little while, to type up this post and try to catch up on my online activities.

As for other things, I've been in Denmark for a couple of days this week. Mostly, this was to escape the May 17/Constitution Day celebrations - a day that used to be a lot of fun when I was a kid, but nowadays it's too noisy and crowded for me (plus we don't have kids in the close family anymore), so escaping to Denmark has been almost tradition for a few years. This time we stayed in Agerskov for one night (the inn there is absolutely fantastic - I think they actually won an award as the best inn in Denmark both last year and this year!), then in Hirtshals for one night - mainly so that we could get a daytime ferry home and avoid coming home at midnight. Of course, staying in Agerskov - only a good half hour from the border with Germany - also meant some shopping across the border, so I've been to Germany as well during this trip. That's always nice, of course.

I don't think I bought anything particularly exciting, but just getting away from normality for a few days is a good thing. Unfortunately, it's also quite draining, so I've not been in the mood to do much today, except the obvious unpacking/tidying.

Other than that, I have a poem to type up and a fic to work on, but I'm not sure I will get much done on that tonight. I also have a fanpost/picspam to make, because there are quite a few cute May 17-pictures of a certain someone on IG. Some things were also posted as IG stories, and as I wasn't at home and able to save them properly, I have a few screencaps on my phone. That means I need to transfer/upload pics first. I hope to have some proper computer time tomorrow, so that I can spend some time making a nice post then.

Notes from today

Friday, May 12th, 2017 22:45
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I've been a good and productive girl today. I have:

* Managed to send a letter that I would have liked to send a few days ago already.
* Been to town to pick up two pairs of support stockings that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. (I need to wear those things quite often, and they're on sale this month, so now was a good time to get new ones!)
* Changed the living room curtains.
* Done some minor tidying and cleaning.

In less productive news, I also slept for about an hour - or maybe an hour and a half - in the middle of the day.

I don't really understand how the day passed so fast, though. It feels like I got up, went out for a bit, went home and slept, changed the curtains... and then what? It was practically evening already! How did that even happen? Where did the day go?

Tomorrow is Eurovision Final Day! And guess what? Norway made it through from the semifinal! I still don't like the song much, but it's still nice that they made it to the final. Estonia didn't, though, which was sad as I like that song a lot. At least my other favourite, Belarus, also made it through, so I guess I couldn't get three wishes fulfilled on one night. Two is good, too.
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I can't focus on anything for more than a few moments at a time today.

For example, I was trying to log in to a site where I have two-factor authentication set up earlier, so I had to type in a code from my phone in addition to the usual username/password combination. That code, though? Expired, because I simply forgot what I was doing. I only managed to log into that site after trying two more times, because I messed up the second try as well - this time by moving away from the login page in my browser.

My scatterbrained-ness knows no limits today, it seems.

At the very least, I managed to fix the point where I was stuck on my current fic. Not that writing is happening any faster, though. I'm still looking at the text more than I'm adding new content, because I can't stay focused on writing either. But fixing the problem point is at least positive, right?

In other news, it's getting warmer and I need to find some more summerly clothes soon. That is also a good excuse to sort through what I currently have in my drawers - pack things I'm not gonna wear for the next half year away, and get rid of things that aren't comfortable/are worn out or otherwise don't look nice anymore... but I don't feel like getting started on that. In my current unfocused state, going to the basement to fetch the box of shorts and singlets and such might be dangerous, too - who knows whether I'll even be able to find the way back upstairs?

I finally bought the jacket I wanted to buy myself for my birthday, though... so now I'm waiting excitedly for the delivery!

That's my fashion-ramble for the day :P.


Friday, April 28th, 2017 17:57
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I slept for much of the day today. In fact, it feels like I've been doing something like this: sleep - eat - sleep - eat - try to go shopping (and failing, because the parking lot was very full, and I didn't feel like going into an overcrowded store after all) - go home - try to watch a bit of snooker - sleep - eat.

... and I still wouldn't mind sleeping some more, or at least go and lie down in bed and maybe read a bit. For now I'm sitting by the computer for a little while, though. I'm always happy doing that, so maybe it'll make me a bit less meh, too.

I started writing a small ficlet yesterday. Well, it's supposed to be just something small; something easy before I go back to the slightly more complex idea that I'm also working on. I didn't get very far, though, and I don't know why, because the idea works fine in my head. I can even see/feel certain scenes exactly in my head... but write them? Nah, not easy. I even meant to write JUST those scenes, without much surrounding plot or backstory... but guess what happened? Yeah, I started writing, and the plot/backstory got added immediately and more or less automatically, so now I have to work with that to get to what I really wanted to write. What I have in my head and what comes out in writing seems to be two different things, sometimes. Why? How? What? Argh.

What else? Well, I'm starting to see that I'll probably fail my poetry challenge for April. Maybe I'll keep it as a monthly thing, though, because at least it keeps me writing something, even if I might not do 10 in a month. Could be interesting to make a poetry master post at the end of the year, and look back on what I wrote each month. It's an interesting idea - I just need to make a separate tag for it. I'm maybe not so happy with writing being under the "creativity" category anyway, because it feels like it just adds an extra, unnecessary level of tagging.

In general, I'm not that happy with my current tag system anymore. I have 2000+ posts and more than 10 years of LJ'ing/DW'ing, though, so I don't know how to change it without making a mess of it. I tried to reorganize things when I moved to DW, and then I ended up merging some categories that I probably shouldn't have merged.... but also, having hundreds of tags sort of defeats the purpose of trying to have an organized system, because it's too huge by now.
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It seems Thursday is going to be a nice day at home in front of the computer for me. Mom is off to Denmark with a friend, and I'm planning to put whatever "necessary" tasks I have to do on hold for a day, just to have my own private computer party.

That should mean the following:

* Loud music.
* Making some new icons.
* (Re)watching some vlogs, making better screencaps and doing something useful with them.
* Generally having a good time.

Yes, this is my idea of a party, what about it? It should be a fun day, though!

Little notes

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 23:57
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I don't feel like trying to write a coherent post today, so I'll just mention a couple of things in bullet-point form:

* Ronnie won his match and is in the quarterfinal. Guess whom he will play next? Ding Junhui! That? Is both awesome and painful at the same time, because that means my two favourite players will meet in a Crucible quarterfinal. Not final, but quarterfinal. One piece of my snooker heart will break after that match, regardless of the result. Strange how I spend the whole season hoping for matches between the two of them, because they are both wonderful. Then I get that matchup now - in the one tournament where I don't want to lose any of them too early!

* I saw a super-cute cat on the street today. Apparently it must have had its humans in a nearby house, because it was so friendly and curious and came over to me wanting to get petted. So nice!

* Writing isn't working at the moment. I have a fic to work on, an idea for a short ficlet, and I still want to see if I can complete my poetry challenge. Number of things I thought of writing today: 3. Number of things I actually worked on: 0. That is a problem, obviously.

* Also, related to the above, there is a scene in my mind that I'd say physically hurts to think about. It's so cruel and painful and emotionally hard-hitting, and I don't understand why I'm even thinking of it. But at the same time, I can't stop thinking of it and wanting to write it. My mind is a weird place.

Daily update

Friday, April 21st, 2017 15:26
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I've been out from before 9am today, and I just got home now - at about 3:15pm. Yes, I'm very tired, thanks for asking. Ideally, I'd like to have a long nap right now... or perhaps just lie down and sleep until tomorrow, because it feels like I want to do that. I don't think I could do it for real, though, so maybe I'm just an expert at exaggerating things.

Only...Ronnie's match is on in a few moments, so I also want to follow that one. Not sure I have the energy to sit down and watch (especially as I also want to sit here for a bit...), but at least I want to know how he's doing. He was pretty impressive last night, though, so he has a 6-2 lead against Shaun Murphy ahead of today's session. If he keeps playing that impressively today, there is a small possibility that he can book his place in the quarterfinals already this afternoon, but that is a tough ask. It's first to 13, and they're only playing 8 frames today, so it would require him to win 7 of those... and I don't think Murphy is going to let that happen. He was playing badly and doing many strange things last night, though... but today is a new day for both. I'm just hoping that Ronnie can keep performing well, and at least win the match without giving me a heart attack - most likely the match won't finish until tomorrow's session, though.

Okay, long snooker ramble there. Not sure how many of you even read or followed that, but there you go. I'll try to move on to the next topic now.

Yes, weather... we had 20 degrees today! I put on both a scarf and a jacket when I left home in the morning, though, so I think you can imagine that I felt "a bit" overdressed later in the day. Also, it was nice and sunny almost all day... but just as I got home it suddenly started raining - for about 10 minutes, before the sun came back out. It seems we've had all sorts of weather in half a day today. Morning cold, then sunny and warm, then rainy, and then finally sunny again - with no rain in sight, as far as I can tell. At this rate I might say something else in five minutes, though.

This is a strange place, sometimes.

I still feel like sleeping... Zzz...

SNOOKER UPDATE: Ronnie has a 10-6 lead after today's session. The last four frames were rather painful to watch, because Ronnie made some mistakes which gave Murphy chances... that he suddenly knew how to use well, so he won three frames in a row. The last frame of the session was very close and very intense to watch, and if Murphy had won that as well, it would have been 9-7, which is madly different from 10-6 - also from the mental perspective. Let's just say that I would not have liked it if Ronnie had to go into tomorrow's final session with 0-4 in the bag from the last four frames today. Luckily he managed to win the important last frame, though. I screamed "YESSS!" in front of my TV when he potted the final black, I'm not joking. Seriously - it was such an intense last frame, and I was literally sitting with my fingers crossed much of the time. Even when that frame was over, my heart was still beating madly for quite a while.

The match is far from won yet, but for now the scoreline is positive... and it can still be settled before the mid-session interval tomorrow. Let's see how that goes.
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So, the first full day in my 39th year on this planet has not been the best so far. I'm in a somewhat depressive mood, it's snowing outside (yes, snowing, on the 17th of April!), I'm in that annoying mood where I don't feel like I'm "good enough" for/at anything, yet I'm not really motivated to do anything to fix that or learn new things...

This day is just sad so far, really.

I went to have some hot chocolate with whipped cream just now, though. That made me feel at least slightly better for a time.

In other news, my birthday yesterday was fairly quiet. I got chocolate cake and gifts (Spotify card, iTunes card, birthday card, pink archive folder - and the Apple TV box that I got around two weeks ago as an early and main birthday gift counts as well!). Other than that I didn't do anything that special, though. Some of you here were definitely important in giving me a special day, though - thank you for your lovely birthday posts and messages! It means so much more than you probably realise. THANK YOU!

What else? Yeah, I'm still dreaming of going to The Gathering some time - especially now that I've seen some more photos from there this year. Another dream, perhaps slightly triggered by looking up TG photos, is learning to program. I started trying to learn C++ some time ago, but somehow I fell out of that after just a few lessons. It might be time to make another try now - perhaps with XCode, as I already have that installed from the last time I was thinking of trying to learn at least something about programming.

Oh, and while I dream on and wait for some updates, I also have another fangirl post to write. That is, of course, a reason to put a smile back on my face.

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