Sunday, April 30th, 2017

zimena: An artsy icon with cross-country skier Johannes Høsflot Klæbo. (Skiing - JHK artistic hand to jaw)
So, now the season is truly over. Johannes said that the so-called "city sprint" in Mosjøen yesterday would be his last race of the season, and that he would try to rest for a while now, before starting the hard work ahead of next season.

He also said that he had already had some time to rest, play football and do other things apart from skiing, so he was looking forward to seeing how that had affected him. Even though the journalists tried to ask him if he was planning to finish off his amazing season with a victory, he refused to go along with that expectation easily.

His comment: "I hope to end the season with a victory, but I cannot aim for that as a goal as long as I've never skied this particular course before now. I need to evaluate my chances once I'm there, and if things feel okay then I hope to be able to compete for the top spots."

Compete for the top spots? Oh, yeah, he definitely did. He won! Both the 100m supersprint and the regular sprint! Unfortunately I didn't know about the race until after it was over, but from what I understand Anders Gløersen was 2nd, and he apparently said after the race that "Johannes has been the best all day here, so I never had a chance against him."

Johannes himself, though? Thanked Eirik Brandsdal for breaking a ski pole, and handing him the victory that way. Obviously, with no streams and few pics available, I have no idea what happened to Eirik or whether the supposed ski-pole incident was really that decisive. It seems that comment was made in a joking way, though.

Well, Johannes having good-natured fun with Eirik makes me smile, obviously.

Apparently he said that while still wearing his victory wreath. Yes, he got one for winning at this event - look:
(Photo swiped from himself on Instagram)

Nice photo, right? I probably do not need to say that I melted to a puddle just from looking at it. Also, he apparently gave the victory wreath to the boy in the photo, at least if his #theboydeservedthevictorywreath tag is anything to go by.

That? Might have earned him another bonus cool point in my book, really.

(Yes, I'm done fangirling for this post. Thanks for caring :))

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