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I know I've promised to do this for a while, so it's time for a little picspam with my second favourite cross-country skier. Some of you are already familiar with him, but if not - say hello to Didrik Tønseth.

For me he looks very handsome in this photo.

More photos and info under the cut )
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Okay, so this is mainly for [personal profile] gobtastic, because I've been bombarding her with info about this stuff elsewhere. However, if you care about my skiing fangirling, you might be interested as well. So... ready.... GO!

Remember how I said that the conditions during the last race of Toppidrettsveka were absolutely horrible and crazy? I found a couple of pics that show it pretty well. One was swiped from Emil Iversen on IG, the other one from a Finnish photographer who also posted a nice Johannes pic afterwards. You can't really see people clearly in these, but you can see the crazy conditions:

Remember the rollerski expert who was 2nd behind Johannes in Friday's sprint? He withdrew from this race, because he found the conditions unsafe and he didn't want to risk any accident or injury.

That says a lot, to be honest. He's a specialist on roller skis. In fact, I hardly ever see him compete in the regular season, because his main focus is this. And he withdraws because this was madness.

One bonus photo of the lovely guy who managed to hold on to his second place, despite both having a tough day on the track and having to deal with tough conditions:

Even though it's a competition photo, I love how he looks here. So fierce and with that intense look in his eyes, plus as you said, you can really see how strong his arms are. I know you can't see his hands properly here, but strong arms also means strong hands, which I love. In fact, I know I have seen a close-up pic of his hand somewhere, but I can't seem to find it now. Not to take attention away from this loveliness though...

I'm just so happy that I got to watch him compete at this event - and of course that I saw him both win a sprint and fight so fiercely for this second spot overall. He's impressive. Really!


Saturday, June 10th, 2017 19:42
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Show race with Johannes, Didrik, and various others on TV in 10 minutes!

I'm so excited!

EDIT: Not the most interesting race, really. It was a pursuit based on the results from a race earlier in the afternoon (this one was not shown on TV). The leaders after the first part were skiers I know by name, but not much else. They managed to keep the bigger favourites from catching up for a long while tonight as well, but in the end they got caught, and Finn Hågen Krogh won ahead of Martin Johnsrud Sundby. Gøran Tefre - one of the leaders after the first part - was third.

Johannes started from 9th position, and he was 6th in the end. He must have been skiing with Didrik for much of the race, because Didrik started from 8th position, and was 7th in the end. I couldn't see either of them much during the race, though, because you can't really distinguish individual people in a group when they're all wearing helmets and same-ish clothes.

There was a little mini-interview with Johannes at the beginning, though. He got asked whether the events of last season had changed him in any way, and he answered that he hopes they haven't, and at least he likes to think that he's still the same. Also, he said that he didn't have any big expectations for today's race, because he's not exactly on form in June. (That's the same for everyone, though!)

So, with this in mind I guess the result was okay enough. And at least I got to see him both in an interview and in competition, so I'm a happy fan tonight.
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Just a random Johannes photo. Swiped from himself on IG/FB.

This is just such a nice picture. I love his smile and general expression here, and it’s also nice to see him with this kinda untidy hair ;).

I’m going to keep smiling for the rest of the day now. Yes.

I’m curious about what he’s doing at Sognefjellet now, though, especially as I know that the Italian team (including Federico Pellegrino) were there very recently - so recently that I guess they might still be there, too.

EDIT: I also found a pic of Didrik with some other people from the team just now. That pic was also geotagged with Sognefjellet, so Johannes is definitely not by himself there. Nice to know.

It's probably some kind of training camp with the whole team, then. That's still potentially very interesting info, though.
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I wonder what's in the take-away food from the local Hong Kong restaurant? It's been a while since I've had food from there, but now I've had it twice in a relatively short amount of time. Both times, the result has been the same: The food is delicious... but I end up getting super-sleepy after finishing my meal. Sleepy as in: "Can I go to bed now - at maybe 8pm - and sleep until morning, or preferably for half of tomorrow as well?"

I don't think food is supposed to work like that? Today I actually went to bed before 9pm, but after resting for a bit (not sleeping), I'm now up again - at least for a little while, to type up this post and try to catch up on my online activities.

As for other things, I've been in Denmark for a couple of days this week. Mostly, this was to escape the May 17/Constitution Day celebrations - a day that used to be a lot of fun when I was a kid, but nowadays it's too noisy and crowded for me (plus we don't have kids in the close family anymore), so escaping to Denmark has been almost tradition for a few years. This time we stayed in Agerskov for one night (the inn there is absolutely fantastic - I think they actually won an award as the best inn in Denmark both last year and this year!), then in Hirtshals for one night - mainly so that we could get a daytime ferry home and avoid coming home at midnight. Of course, staying in Agerskov - only a good half hour from the border with Germany - also meant some shopping across the border, so I've been to Germany as well during this trip. That's always nice, of course.

I don't think I bought anything particularly exciting, but just getting away from normality for a few days is a good thing. Unfortunately, it's also quite draining, so I've not been in the mood to do much today, except the obvious unpacking/tidying.

Other than that, I have a poem to type up and a fic to work on, but I'm not sure I will get much done on that tonight. I also have a fanpost/picspam to make, because there are quite a few cute May 17-pictures of a certain someone on IG. Some things were also posted as IG stories, and as I wasn't at home and able to save them properly, I have a few screencaps on my phone. That means I need to transfer/upload pics first. I hope to have some proper computer time tomorrow, so that I can spend some time making a nice post then.

Royal news

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 12:23
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I'm bringing a little piece of royal news today. You'll see why in a moment, but you just need some context first.

The Norwegian King Harald and Queen Sonja both turn 80 years old this year. The King's birthday was in February, and the Queen's will be in July... but the official celebrations started yesterday, and will continue today. Of course, this means that there is a lot of royal stuff on TV - royal guests arriving, various types of entertainment to celebrate this event, speeches for the birthday couple... and the latter turned out to be a lot more interesting than I had expected. In fact, I'm not even that much into watching royal stuff on TV for hours on end, I just pay some kind of half-attention to it because it's on and because my mom likes to follow it in more detail than I do.

I watched Crown Prince Haakon Magnus and Princess Märtha Louise's speech for their parents, though. It was actually quite personal, with mentions of childhood memories and fun facts that aren't public knowledge normally. And then, there was this quote - from the part where the Princess was speaking:

"You are both very up-to-date and willing to learn new things. Mum is downloading apps and reading text messages... on her watch. Dad doesn't even own a cellphone. He is more interested in the French election, in the development around NATO, and in whether Klæbo will be on the allround team in cross-country skiing."

So, he got mentioned in a royal speech, now? And it seems the King might be a fan.

Imagine my expression at hearing his name in this context.

Day = made!
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I screencapped this from Johannes' latest vlog post:

JHK showing climbing injuries

Apparently this was taken on the day he was supposed to travel to Oslo before the team presentation last week. The plane he was supposed to be on was delayed by about half a day due to snow (!) in Oslo... so he decided to get a bit of extra training and do some wall climbing with a couple of friends.

It's actually quite interesting to watch him climb, because he does it almost without caring to find solid footing between each move. No wonder he's hurting his hands like you can see in this photo. He's even showing off and being proud of these hand injuries.

In other news about him, he was on a TV talkshow last night. I missed it while it was on, but I watched it as soon as I could - a few hours late. Here he is with the talkshow host, Anne Lindmo, and his grandfather and coach, Kåre Høsflot:

As you might expect, he was all kinds of wonderful on that show. It deserves a much longer post than I'm going to write now, but I'll just mention that it was very nice to see the communication between him and his grandfather, because it's so visible how close they are. Beautiful to see, really.

As for more specific questions, Johannes got asked whether he had always been a good skier for his age. He said no, and explained how he used to be small and skinny for his age. At 16, he came in 80th place in the national youth race, for example.

He also said that he used to be really angry about not getting the desired results on the track. Often, he would storm off to the forest in rage at not doing well enough, and then try to stay there so that he wouldn't have to go to any kind of awards ceremony after races. He has mentioned similar things before, so to me this was already familiar info. However, this time he also admitted that his reactions at that time were tough for his parents, and that his mum would tell him almost every weekend that "at this rate, you might have to simply stop skiing. Because this anger is so not on."

I love how he's so honest about this, and also how he seems so aware of how his story can be inspirational to younger skiers going through the same thing now.

Other than that, there was also a funny moment when the hostess brought up his vlog. She mentioned how it seems he can make a competition out of everything, and then used a few clips from his Easter break vlog post to demonstrate the point. What he managed to make a competition of only during Easter break? Ski-jumping, eating jelly from a plate without using one's hands, climbing a local mountain and skiing downhill from it, stuffing as many marshmallows in your mouth as you can...

You get the picture, right? Well, Mrs. Hostess didn't quite get it about the marshmallows contest, so she made him explain the rules there. Which he did, without even a hint of embarrassment. Then she asked whether he won the contest, because that's not clear from the video... His answer? "No, because the guy I competed with is big-mouthed, so I lost."

Just: HAH! Some answer, there.

Finally, you have to know that when he posted on Instagram that he was going to be on the show, he said that "you should watch if you want a good laugh." From the beginning I didn't quite understand what he meant by that, because he was just being cute and wonderful the whole time, and even though he was smiling and being sometimes funny, it wasn't in a way that warranted such a comment.

Well, I did not understand until the next guest came into the studio. It was a woman who had just won an award as the best maths teacher in Norway. She was very lively and enthusiastic, and she talked about the award a bit, and about her teaching methods a lot. At one point, the host asked her to explain her passion for maths - to which she replied very passionately that "solving a mathematical problem is better than orgasm and sex."

Exactly that, with such a fierce passion in her voice that it sounded even naughtier than it looks in print. I think everyone were a bit floored by that comment, and in the background Johannes was blushing very furiously. I felt so sorry for him, really... but I also so understand his reaction. I think he found it hard to even look at this woman after that, because even a while afterwards he was still cringing and looking like he didn't know where to look or how to react.

...and of course it didn't get easier for him when the hostess asked whether it was possible to find a mathematical formula for the typical Klæbo-climb technique. The teacher answered that "if they let me come to training, I can look into that," to which Johannes' grandfather replied that "if it makes him ski faster, then you're welcome."

Johannes himself, though? Looked like he had seen a number of better ideas in this world than having her come to his trainings :)

Even writing about this makes me feel sorry for him again, but I also have to admit that I love how he's so genuine, and how he's handling even this with a smile when posting about it on his IG, for example.

I just adore him endlessly, okay?
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Just two screencaps, because I can't resist posting these after seeing them again just now.

Note the hand positions.

How about...

... not in front of the TV cameras, dearest?

... and maybe not with Nicolay Ramm next to you either, hm?

Interesting photos and camera angle, though ;-).
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So, now the season is truly over. Johannes said that the so-called "city sprint" in Mosjøen yesterday would be his last race of the season, and that he would try to rest for a while now, before starting the hard work ahead of next season.

He also said that he had already had some time to rest, play football and do other things apart from skiing, so he was looking forward to seeing how that had affected him. Even though the journalists tried to ask him if he was planning to finish off his amazing season with a victory, he refused to go along with that expectation easily.

His comment: "I hope to end the season with a victory, but I cannot aim for that as a goal as long as I've never skied this particular course before now. I need to evaluate my chances once I'm there, and if things feel okay then I hope to be able to compete for the top spots."

Compete for the top spots? Oh, yeah, he definitely did. He won! Both the 100m supersprint and the regular sprint! Unfortunately I didn't know about the race until after it was over, but from what I understand Anders Gløersen was 2nd, and he apparently said after the race that "Johannes has been the best all day here, so I never had a chance against him."

Johannes himself, though? Thanked Eirik Brandsdal for breaking a ski pole, and handing him the victory that way. Obviously, with no streams and few pics available, I have no idea what happened to Eirik or whether the supposed ski-pole incident was really that decisive. It seems that comment was made in a joking way, though.

Well, Johannes having good-natured fun with Eirik makes me smile, obviously.

Apparently he said that while still wearing his victory wreath. Yes, he got one for winning at this event - look:
(Photo swiped from himself on Instagram)

Nice photo, right? I probably do not need to say that I melted to a puddle just from looking at it. Also, he apparently gave the victory wreath to the boy in the photo, at least if his #theboydeservedthevictorywreath tag is anything to go by.

That? Might have earned him another bonus cool point in my book, really.

(Yes, I'm done fangirling for this post. Thanks for caring :))
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I just found this photo, so of course I cannot resist posting it. Yes, that is Didrik on a bed, with a rose in his mouth.

What is he playing at, being this cute? I'm sure of only one thing so far - this has to be a trap of some kind. He's doing well at pretending to be cute, though. Oh, definitely.

Seriously, though - wow, what a pic!
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So, Johannes will be part of the sprint national team for the coming season. Unfortunately, that means he did not get his wish about being picked for the allround team. That’s a shame, because I wanted him to get picked for the team he wanted most.

Teams are as they are, though, and he’s being classy and sensible in every interview, despite not getting his wish. This guy: ❤️ ❤️ ❤️.

I think the short version here is that he wanted to be on the allround team because he considered it the best option because he wants to develop into a more complete allround skier, while the coaching team wanted to maximise his current main skills ahead of an Olympic season. Plus, a lot of younger skiers start on the sprint team. (Just ask Finn-Hågen Krogh, who by the way got his wish and will be on the allround team for the new season!)

Johannes’ comment: “I’m looking forward to being on the sprint team. All of the guys there have skills I can learn from. Besides, Finn-Hågen has already showed that it’s possible to ski fast in longer races even if you’re on the sprint team.”

Also, it’s team presentation day, so there are millions of pics, news, articles and stuff everywhere. Yes, my heart is about to burst with fangirly love, as you might expect.

In fact, he was on the evening news yesterday as well, talking about wanting to come up with other technical novelties apart from his typical uphill technique. As he said, "there are still five other techniques that can be improved, and that uphill technique is so last season. I always want to work on improving new things."

Also, he was sort of stealing the show a bit during a photoshoot with the junior and recruit teams for next season. Those teams were presented already yesterday, and he was in the middle of a group picture with them. I sort of wondered about that, because it's pretty clear that he's not going to be part of either for the new season. It turns out that he's going to be a mentor for the younger skiers, though, and that's why he was there for their photoshoot. Oh, and... younger, you said? Most of the recruit guys are actually older than he is - they just did not deal with the transition from junior to senior level as well as he did, so apparently he's supposed to be their advisor now.

His comment about that: "I was surprised when I was offered the chance to do this. It's great to have this opportunity, and of course I want to be a good role model. At the same time, I'm sure that the skiers on these teams have a lot to offer that I can learn from."

You can see that he's lovely and wonderful, right?

About stealing the show at the photoshoot, though? Well, he did this, immediately after the group photo was taken:

I see the modeling taught him to pose for the cameras! I think he also tried to pose in a couple of other ways, but this is the best pic I have so far.

Finally - new icon time! This one is... "interesting", right?
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First, today's Johannes photo:

I know I'm posting almost every new pic I find of him these days, but it just feels necessary as long as he's posing in this Very Interesting way, and being so cute while doing it, too. I love the way he's leaning on the car here, and there is just something so beautiful about this pose. His comment on IG was just "When vlog is life," so he's apparently filming something for it here.

Either way, I liked the pic a lot, so I had to share it.

EDIT: And I just found out that Høyer Trondheim promised a blog post with photos on Sunday. Their teaser photo was this one! Just: Wow.

Speaking of other things I like - completely unrelated to him, for a change - I have a music recommendation for you today. Quite a while ago, I did a music exchange with a Twitter friend. He loves Dutch everything, including Dutch language and music, so he gave me a bunch of music links to Dutch songs. Some of them have stayed with me, and I've become rather fond of one of the bands he made me aware of. They are called De Kast, and they're from Friesland, so they also have a few songs in Frisian, in addition to their Dutch material. The fact that I got to hear such an unusual language in music might have been part of the reason they caught my interest in a special way from the beginning, but truth is that they are really great, and that I haven't found a single bad song on their repertoire yet. While I obviously don't love every song equally much, everything I have heard from them has been good to some degree - some of it even amazing and wonderful.

So, go and give them a listen, if you can? My favourite song from them is "In de wolken", but that's a ballad, so if you want something a bit more up-tempo, you might want to try "Een teken van leven" instead. Or maybe "Raak"? Or, because Frisian is cool, how about "Hert fan myn gefoel" or "Ik ha dy leaf"?

Just a few songs... and I'm not even sure I managed to include all the best ones in this selection, that's how good this band is to my ears. I hope you'll enjoy some of their material, too. Have fun listening - if you want, of course!

Today's photos

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017 23:34
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I know I should probably update about something else sometimes, but I can't stop myself. At least I learned how to download Instagram Stories today (IG Story extension for Chrome gives you the stories section on the IG website, and from there you can download. Just so you know :)), so don't tell me that fangirling isn't a useful activity.

Even though I learned how to save an IG Story as a video, I don't think I can put that clip in a DW post. So I made a couple of screencaps, because you need to see this absolute cuteness.

You know who is under the cut, right? Johannes looking like he's... playing peek-a-boo? )

There is also another interesting photo that was posted today, though. I know I promised a proper Didrik picspam at one point, but as I didn't get around to that yet, I can at least post one pic of him now.

Apart from the fact that this is an interesting photo, I also have a feeling that he might have scored himself a bonus cool point from [personal profile] catness for this outfit.

Am I right? )
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I didn't finish talking about that interview in the last post, so I'll do it here. However, I realised that there are a lot of quotes I'd like to share from it, so I'm just going to translate them all here, perhaps with a few of my own reactions thrown in. Here we go:

About the Lahti team sprint - the one where Emil Iversen fell and lost the chance to fight for the victory:

"- In one way that was the biggest disappointment of the season, but I prefer to not view it as a disappointment. It was one race, and we are one team. We fought for this together, and we earned the result we did together. Both of us did our best, and unfortunately we were unlucky. I don't blame Emil for what he did. Besides, we don't kick someone who's already down, then we try to support them."

Just thinking of this race again makes me remember how heartbroken I was as a fan that day. It was so painful, in a lot of ways. I see Johannes is so classy about it, though, and that's very nice. He was also very supportive of Emil immediately after this happened, as I'm sure some of you remember, so I'm not surprised at this at all - but the quote is still lovely.

About his attitude towards partying and alcohol:

"I try to stay away from that. I prefer to take skiing seriously and have faith in what I'm doing. If others want to go out and party, that must be their choice. Maybe it works for them, but I think it's necessary to be serious about this sport. It makes no sense to party so much that you might lose some days of training where you should have been out running for three hours."

I hope he keeps having this attitude for a long, long time. It's not easy, being so young and maintaining such strong opinions on this, and it doesn't get easier when the press tries to make a point of it, like here.

About what he likes doing, aside from things related to skiing:

"I spend time doing things I find fun. Right now that means football and video blogging."

Can you even imagine how happy it makes me that he mentions video blogging here? I was afraid that he would stop updating his blog when the world cup season ended, but he's still updating weekly - and the fact that he mentions it as something fun probably means that he will keep doing so... which is more than great, obviously.

About his plans for the months ahead:

I'm planning to compete in various ski races during the whole month of April. May will be a calmer month, and starting from June, I will start working on preparing for the Olympic season. I've still not decided whether I'll be part of the allround national team or the sprint team."

The fact that he will still compete in more races in April is good, of course. It's a little bit confusing, though, because these races are generally not shown anywhere, so I have to rely on streams and live timing and such to know what he's doing. That means I might miss things, but of course I'll try not to.

About the Easter holidays:
(I'm also including some text from the article here, because it has a lot of cool info.)

The last physical exertion before the Easter holidays was Sandfjellrennet. This is a 30km race between Hauka Ski stadium and Enodd in Budal, and Johannes beat the likes of club teammate Didrik Tønseth to win that race. Afterwards, he headed to his family's cottage - a place without mobile phone coverage or internet connection, no electricity and no running water, far away from his life as a celebrity in the city.

Easter break with the extended family at the cottage in Fordalen, near Singsås, 6km from the closest road that is accessible by car, is tradition.

"- I'm looking forward to being there for a couple days, drive a scooter, do some ski jumping and otherwise just do a lot of other things."

This last part makes me smile so much. Both he and his brother posted pics from there on Instagram as well, so it seems like he had a good Easter break. Also, his quote about scooter and ski-jumping and doing "other things" makes me smile a lot, for many, many reasons.

Just so you know.
zimena: Cross-country skiers Johannes Høsflot Klæbo and Didrik Tønseth after winning the NM teamsprint 2017 (Skiing - It's not like you think)
I went to Denmark for the day on Saturday. Just the regular day-trip, mostly just to travel a bit... and of course to do some boring everyday shopping as well. You know this already, I'm sure. To be honest, I wasn't too keen on the trip this time around, because I've been feeling increasingly tired and listless for a few days now, so getting up before 6am and home well after midnight didn't feel like such a tempting thing to do. Of course I did it anyway, though - and it was quite okay, so it's not like I'm complaining.

Anyway, while sitting on the pier waiting for the ferry home to arrive, I was clicking around the Internet on my phone. Much to my joy, I found a long Johannes interview - of all things, from our local newspaper's website. The reason for this is simply that our paper has the same owners as one of the most famous Trondheim newspapers, so they tend to repost each other's articles if they consider them interesting for their readers. As these articles are always posted behind subscription-lock on either paper's website, it's very handy for me to get them from the local paper that I actually have a subscription to. From the beginning I wasn't quite aware of this type of "article exchange", so I hardly ever checked our paper for stuff about him, but I've definitely learned my lesson now. They write about him more than the national papers/news outlets do, honestly!

Wow, long ramble just about finding an article. How about getting to the point, maybe? He said so many lovely things in that interview, so I have a lot of fangirl feelings right now.

First, there were a couple of nice photos. Now you can see a bit better what he did to his hair. I'm maybe not so happy about this, but he's still very cute of course. Have a look:

Beautiful, expressive eyes. And smiling, a little bit. That makes me happy.

We already know that red suits him fine after that photoshoot from September. Here is more proof of that, if needed. I must admit that I also kind of love this pose; I don't know why.

As for the interview itself, it starts with a paragraph on how he keeps getting stopped by fans on the street nowadays. They ask for his autograph and/or want to take photos, and he says that it was a very strange feeling for him during the first week or so when it started happening. Now he's getting used to it, though. He also says that he appreciates it, and that he finds it important be nice to his fans, and to give something back to those people who care about him in this way.

I love his wording about this. And it's also beautiful how he admits that it was strange at first, but still he understands so well by now how to deal with all of this. This bit also reminds me that he said in another interview that he had to make an autograph for himself and practice writing it earlier in the season, because he never had a proper one until now.

As for other things, he also gets asked about the money he made this past season. FIS (aka The International Skiing Federation) published a list of seasonal earnings in prize money, and so the press are wondering what he did with all of that. His answer? "I don't really see it that much, because I let my mom take care of that. Then I know that everything will be done correctly."

This is lovely as well. If I had got rich at 20, I would have done the same thing, so I fully understand him about this. It's still adorable how he admits it like this, though. He admits that he bought one extra item for himself, though - just one thing that he would not have bought otherwise.

What it was? One new pair of jeans.

Seriously, this guy and his absolute adorableness. <3.

There is more to say about this interview, because it was very long. I have to leave the computer for a while now, though, so I'm just leaving you with this for now. But before I go, can I just say that I adore him so, so much? He's so very unposed and real and wonderful, and I love that about him.

Three screencaps

Thursday, April 13th, 2017 17:23
zimena: Cross-country skier Johannes Høsflot Klæbo looking even more gorgeous than usual. (Sports - JHK naughty)
Three screencaps from Johannes' previous vlog post, because I promised these pics to [personal profile] jenni_blog a few days ago:
(Or, you know, also because I can't stop myself, and because I have a number of reasons to talk about him right now.)

First, this:

I love this photo so much. On the video he's lying in bed talking for quite a while, so I think you can see why this makes me happy. Also, I love how he's kind of using both sides of the bed here. A little bit, anyway :).

Two more photos this way )

He's gorgeous. Yes.

Also, one more piece of news about him, while I'm already at it with the fangirling. He posted a contest of sorts on Instagram the other day. If you like his pic and tag three friends, you can win some hair products from one of his sponsors. He also said that he'd pick the winners himself - one boy and one girl. I think you can guess what happened? The post got a gazillion comments in a minimal amount of time. I think there is some 1500 comments on it by now, but the vast majority of them arrived within the first 3-4 hours after he posted. And yes, I kept checking the comment count, because it kinda amused me how it just exploded.

IMHO, this is neither the best pic ever nor the coolest things to win ever. But it IS his contest, and so I care about it, of course. 💖


Monday, April 10th, 2017 23:13
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So, Johannes posted another vlog post. I promise to come back with pics and more squee about it when I'm at a proper keyboard, but right now I just need to ask something.

Is it even normal that he posts a 10-minute video, and then my fangirly emotions are running on overdrive for the next two hours? I mean it: I'm smiling so much right now, just thinking of random details and comments from that video.

He's so gorgeous that it's unreal. And he's not exactly losing perfection points in my book by claiming that skiing a 36km race the day after he was 2nd in the 100m supersprint counts as self-punishment for not being able to win the 100m.

Of course that was a joke, because he was always going to do all the races of that weekend. But still, this choice of words...?

Perfect. Yes. Just perfect.

Also, this:

AO3 talk + one pic

Saturday, April 8th, 2017 13:20
zimena: Cross-country skier Johannes Høsflot Klæbo looking even more gorgeous than usual. (Default)
I'm wondering whether I should post my cross-country fics to AO3. Well, two of them, at least. Not so sure about the third, for obvious reasons. In one way, it would be interesting to put them up there, as I might reach new readers and such. But in the other, "Skiing RPF" is a mini-fandom on there, with something like 3 fics up (two of those in Russian!) - and that's all ski sports included, even alpine skiing. So, I'm not sure it makes sense to add my stuff and have it available that openly.

What do you think? Good or bad idea? Or simply a meaningless one?

Also, let's change topic from fics to facts. First of all, I can mention that Johannes was 2nd on the 100m supersprint yesterday. Ludvig Søgnen Jensen won, of course - which was expected, as he's a bit of a specialist on these super-short races. Johannes posted a pic of them both on IG last night, saying that "I tried to beat Ludvig this time as well, but no. Here we're discussing what went wrong." So, it's nice to see that they seem to be good friends, and that there is such a nice tone between them.

I'm still not done talking about the regular sprint from Thursday, though. Or rather, let's talk about this photo from the podium after that race:

That's Johannes on top of the podium, with Even Northug in 2nd and Karl-Johan Dyvik (from Sweden) in 3rd place. Perhaps it doesn't seem like such a special pic to you, apart from the fact that it's always special to see him on top of the podium.

But... there is another interesting detail here. Have a look at Johannes' hat. In fact, I recommend that you zoom into it if you can't see it properly on the pic. I know I had to do that when I saw the pic from my phone.

He’s wearing a Superman hat! Complete with the logo as well as the text!

I mean it - can he even be this (perfectly) cheeky?!

You have to love this guy. Seriously!


Thursday, April 6th, 2017 17:17
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Johannes just won today's sprint in Bruksvallarna, Sweden. I even got to watch the final from a webcast, so I'm happy about that. Unfortunately, I didn't have the presence of mind to screencap constantly as I was watching, so I got only this pic from his victory interview:

I don't know how visible it is here, but he apparently cut his hair a little bit. He scared me silly on Instagram last night, when he posted a pic of himself from behind, walking onto or off a football pitch (and wearing a football kit with KLÆBO 21 on the back, yes). You couldn't really see his looks well on such a pic, but he tagged it with #newhairdoespeciallyforthis. I think you can all imagine that I feared that he had committed some atrocious crime to his beautiful hair... but I see he totally hasn't. I think he cut it mainly on the sides, really.

Anyway - YAY about the victory! Tomorrow it's time for the 100m!
zimena: Cross-country skier Johannes Høsflot Klæbo looking even more gorgeous than usual. (Scenery - Pink beach)
I managed to make up for much of yesterday's unproductiveness today. Well, to some extent, at least. Even though I slept until about 10am, I also got a lot of housework done - changing bedsheets, vacuuming, laundry, picking up dry leaves from the veranda... this type of stuff. I even managed to put much of the laundry outside to dry... at least until it started raining anyway, and I had to take it back inside, blah. I guess it still counts as the first attempt at drying clothes outside this year, though.

In other not-very-new news... I hate dealing with people sometimes. Some time ago I had to call to that place I was at in Stavanger for the meeting a couple of weeks back, because they had forgotten to give me a couple of papers that I need to send in along with another official form. Fine, they promised to send me the needed papers immediately. Of course, their version of "doing something immediately" also included forgetting it once, so that I had to call them about it again the other day. Then, today the letter finally arrived... and it included only one out of three needed papers. SERIOUSLY, FOLKS, CAN YOU PLEASE DO THIS CORRECTLY, without me having to call you up 3-4 times about the same thing?

Luckily it seems I could get the other two papers from elsewhere as well, so I'm going to try to see if that works first. I'm not too keen on yet another phone call to the Stavanger people. It's not that they're not friendly enough on the phone.... but... yeah, I'm sure you can understand my frustration.

My headache from yesterday has faded today... but these people might just give me a new one before they know it.

Okay, enough pointless whining about this, because there are many nicer topics to talk about instead. For example, the fact that the cross-country season isn't quite over yet. Well, it's over as far as important races go, but there are still races in various places. From what I know, Johannes is going to be in Sweden for something called "Fjälltopploppet" ("the mountaintop race") from tomorrow until Sunday, and he's competing in all four races that make up the program for the weekend. A sprint race tomorrow, a 100m supersprint on Friday, the so-called mountaintop race on Saturday... and some type of cross-country-ski-cross-showrace-thingy on Sunday.

The latter is something I have never even heard of, but it's apparently a competition where kids and teens compete in both downhill skiing and technical cross-country skiing. From there, they can qualify for a final round, where they get to race against someone famous. Apparently the kids will get a head start, to even out the difference in strength and skills, and give them a fair chance of "beating" one of their idols.

Can I just say that I love that Johannes is going to be there for something like this? It will mean so much to those kids, I'm sure... and it's also nice to think that he's one of the stars at such an event now.

Oh, and because I have a hard time stopping myself once I've started talking about him, I can also mention that he posted another vlog post. Mostly about the national championship races last weekend, but also with some very nice clips of him lying in bed talking about random randomness from that day or next day. There is especially one clip where he's quite obviously stretching in such a way that he's using both sides of the bed... and smiling while doing so! I think you can imagine me wondering who he was rooming with this time... ;)

Also, I've been meaning to screencap both that and one other moment since I saw the video, but it doesn't seem like I'm getting around to it today. Therefore, I also need to tell you about this as well.

Maybe you remember my surprise at him competing at the 50km during the weekend? It was his first competitive race over such a long distance and in this format, so he has quite a bit to say about it on his vlog... and he's... wait for it... standing shirtless in the snow talking about how he is so tired and hurting after that race! He also says that he needs a couple of things now - namely these: "candy, candy, candy, candy, candy... and painkillers!"

I love him so much, okay?

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