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So, for the n'th time in my life, I have decided that I want to learn programming. The last time I decided on this, I ended up reading a few lessons on C++, but I never got that far with the actual coding. Well, I have a few snippets of code that I wrote for those lessons, but by now I don't even remember much of that.

I also did not have a proper IDE back then, so I remember compiling those first few programs from the command line.

Now I have at least installed Xcode, so that makes testing things as I go along "a little bit" easier. I have also found a tutorial for beginners that I like. It's aimed at making iPhone apps, but for now I'm just learning very basic stuff anyway, so I might as well start there. The only problem? I didn't realises right away that it's a tutorial that was written back in 2013 (as in: before Apple introduced the Swift programming language), so it teaches Objective-C instead.

I don't know heads or tails about programming yet, but I do know that Swift is supposedly the standard in Apple-land nowadays, so that's what I should learn.

I like the way the "old" tutorial explains things, though. Also, it's just four lessons long, so I guess working through it might at least teach something about basic concepts and good patterns of thinking, even if things will obviously work differently when I find a proper Swift tutorial afterwards. So far, I've only found video tutorials for that, though - which isn't ideal for me, because I prefer working with text rather than video. I can see how videos might be useful, though - especially because it's more of a hassle to refer back to what the correct/working code looks like, so I imagine that I'd have to find my own mistakes more often if using this method of learning.

Well, at least I picked up a fun fact already: I now understand why there's a programming language called C++.

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