Denmark trip

Monday, June 12th, 2017 18:09
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I went to Denmark for the day yesterday. The trip was mostly nice, and I also managed to buy a bag/backpack (well, it has straps for carrying on your back, at least) for the Portugal trip. Now I just need to see that I can fit everything I need in there, but I think that should be okay.

Today has been significantly less nice, though. I woke up hurting absolutely all over - headache, nausea, cramps, dizziness, you name it... It feels like I spent most of today either sleeping or moaning about being in too much pain to even do anything useful. Even trying to eat has been difficult, and I only managed to eat properly after sleeping for another hour just half an hour ago or so.

Right now I feel a bit better. I'm still tired, but not hurting or feeling like I'm about to throw up anymore. I guess I will still go to bed very early tonight, though. (Perhaps there is still something not quite right if I'm sitting by the computer at 6:30pm thinking of "going to bed early"?)

On a nicer note: I rediscovered some old writings on my Google Docs account - including some half-written fics that I had more or less forgotten about. I don't think these are fics I'm going to finish anymore, but it's still interesting to see them again.
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I can't focus on anything for more than a few moments at a time today.

For example, I was trying to log in to a site where I have two-factor authentication set up earlier, so I had to type in a code from my phone in addition to the usual username/password combination. That code, though? Expired, because I simply forgot what I was doing. I only managed to log into that site after trying two more times, because I messed up the second try as well - this time by moving away from the login page in my browser.

My scatterbrained-ness knows no limits today, it seems.

At the very least, I managed to fix the point where I was stuck on my current fic. Not that writing is happening any faster, though. I'm still looking at the text more than I'm adding new content, because I can't stay focused on writing either. But fixing the problem point is at least positive, right?

In other news, it's getting warmer and I need to find some more summerly clothes soon. That is also a good excuse to sort through what I currently have in my drawers - pack things I'm not gonna wear for the next half year away, and get rid of things that aren't comfortable/are worn out or otherwise don't look nice anymore... but I don't feel like getting started on that. In my current unfocused state, going to the basement to fetch the box of shorts and singlets and such might be dangerous, too - who knows whether I'll even be able to find the way back upstairs?

I finally bought the jacket I wanted to buy myself for my birthday, though... so now I'm waiting excitedly for the delivery!

That's my fashion-ramble for the day :P.


Friday, April 28th, 2017 17:57
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I slept for much of the day today. In fact, it feels like I've been doing something like this: sleep - eat - sleep - eat - try to go shopping (and failing, because the parking lot was very full, and I didn't feel like going into an overcrowded store after all) - go home - try to watch a bit of snooker - sleep - eat.

... and I still wouldn't mind sleeping some more, or at least go and lie down in bed and maybe read a bit. For now I'm sitting by the computer for a little while, though. I'm always happy doing that, so maybe it'll make me a bit less meh, too.

I started writing a small ficlet yesterday. Well, it's supposed to be just something small; something easy before I go back to the slightly more complex idea that I'm also working on. I didn't get very far, though, and I don't know why, because the idea works fine in my head. I can even see/feel certain scenes exactly in my head... but write them? Nah, not easy. I even meant to write JUST those scenes, without much surrounding plot or backstory... but guess what happened? Yeah, I started writing, and the plot/backstory got added immediately and more or less automatically, so now I have to work with that to get to what I really wanted to write. What I have in my head and what comes out in writing seems to be two different things, sometimes. Why? How? What? Argh.

What else? Well, I'm starting to see that I'll probably fail my poetry challenge for April. Maybe I'll keep it as a monthly thing, though, because at least it keeps me writing something, even if I might not do 10 in a month. Could be interesting to make a poetry master post at the end of the year, and look back on what I wrote each month. It's an interesting idea - I just need to make a separate tag for it. I'm maybe not so happy with writing being under the "creativity" category anyway, because it feels like it just adds an extra, unnecessary level of tagging.

In general, I'm not that happy with my current tag system anymore. I have 2000+ posts and more than 10 years of LJ'ing/DW'ing, though, so I don't know how to change it without making a mess of it. I tried to reorganize things when I moved to DW, and then I ended up merging some categories that I probably shouldn't have merged.... but also, having hundreds of tags sort of defeats the purpose of trying to have an organized system, because it's too huge by now.

Little notes

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 23:57
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I don't feel like trying to write a coherent post today, so I'll just mention a couple of things in bullet-point form:

* Ronnie won his match and is in the quarterfinal. Guess whom he will play next? Ding Junhui! That? Is both awesome and painful at the same time, because that means my two favourite players will meet in a Crucible quarterfinal. Not final, but quarterfinal. One piece of my snooker heart will break after that match, regardless of the result. Strange how I spend the whole season hoping for matches between the two of them, because they are both wonderful. Then I get that matchup now - in the one tournament where I don't want to lose any of them too early!

* I saw a super-cute cat on the street today. Apparently it must have had its humans in a nearby house, because it was so friendly and curious and came over to me wanting to get petted. So nice!

* Writing isn't working at the moment. I have a fic to work on, an idea for a short ficlet, and I still want to see if I can complete my poetry challenge. Number of things I thought of writing today: 3. Number of things I actually worked on: 0. That is a problem, obviously.

* Also, related to the above, there is a scene in my mind that I'd say physically hurts to think about. It's so cruel and painful and emotionally hard-hitting, and I don't understand why I'm even thinking of it. But at the same time, I can't stop thinking of it and wanting to write it. My mind is a weird place.

Personal update

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 16:57
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First of all - YAY, I'm done with the paperwork related to the Stavanger trip/meeting from a few weeks ago. I got the last two forms I needed yesterday, so today I've been to the post office to send everything in. I know this is not much stress to most people, but I still wasn't that happy about having to fill out these forms. Now my part is done, though, so let's wait and see what happens from here.

As for other things, I see a lot of new people are coming to DW now. Does anyone know of a friending meme somewhere? It's always fun to get to know some new people...

On that note, I updated my profile ever so slightly. It's still not great, but there's slightly more info on it than before. When I browse around random journals, I always get a little disappointed if their profile isn't really giving me a "feel" for who they are, so I guess the least I can do is try to have something at least half-informative up about myself.

Somehow I didn't find a way to include "fangirling excessively" on there, though... but I guess that's obvious from my journal already. I'll try to not do it in this post, though.

What else? Yes, I have a lot of new music to listen to, as I recently got about five albums by Nena. You might remember the 80s hit single "99 Luftballons" ("99 Red Balloons" when it was recorded in English). I've had one compilation album of hers/theirs (From what I know, the name Nena refers to both the female singer and the band around her from the 80s) since forever. When I randomly mentioned this to a friend, he immediately got wildly excited, because it turned out that he had a lot of other materials. Now I'm kind of excited about this, too, so I just need to make some time to listen to everything. At least I have everything in my iTunes now.

I also have some things I want to read. [ profile] chelsealady has been writing novel-length fanfiction that I'm behind on reading, so I have practically three full "books" of fiction to read from her. It's a little bit challenging to read fic in Spanish, because my vocabulary is just not good enough at times... but I'm also learning from doing this, so I should stop putting it off because it's challenging. Unless I end up falling asleep the second my head hits the pillow tonight, I might finish one "book" tonight, and also start the next one. That's the plan, at least.

As for other books, I still have Bruce Springsteen's biography to read. I started it, and I enjoyed what I've read so far, but somehow I'm not reading very fast. Much of the time, I end up lying in bed clicking randomly around the Internet instead of spending that time reading... which is annoying, because I like reading and want to do it more than I do.

Well, I'm off to find something to eat soon... and I wrote this post instead of working on fic today. My mind is still on that fic I started a couple of days ago, though, so I hope to make some progress with it soon. Tomorrow, maybe? Let's see about that...!

Sleepy notes

Sunday, April 9th, 2017 00:19
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I'm tired, but I don't feel like sleeping. That makes no sense, though, as my eyes will probably shut on their own very soon.

Also, I need to make myself write. I have some fantastic scenes in my mind, but I keep putting off writing them. Poke me with a pointed stick (or a ski pole?) if I don't have at least the beginning of a new fic written at this time tomorrow.

Okay? Agreed? Then I'm going to sleep. Good night.

EDIT: Fic started. I have about 300 words now. And plans for the next scene. I hope that getting started was the hardest part, so that I can have some fun with this over the next few days/weeks. If I can do what I hope to do with this fic, it's going to be so much fun to write. And so painful as well, but hopefully just in the right way. Oh, and [personal profile] catness and [personal profile] gobtastic - you already know which fic this is, because I gave an excerpt of it in other comments. Yes, it's THAT fic. I hope I can do it justice, because the idea is just all sorts of amazing.

AO3 talk + one pic

Saturday, April 8th, 2017 13:20
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I'm wondering whether I should post my cross-country fics to AO3. Well, two of them, at least. Not so sure about the third, for obvious reasons. In one way, it would be interesting to put them up there, as I might reach new readers and such. But in the other, "Skiing RPF" is a mini-fandom on there, with something like 3 fics up (two of those in Russian!) - and that's all ski sports included, even alpine skiing. So, I'm not sure it makes sense to add my stuff and have it available that openly.

What do you think? Good or bad idea? Or simply a meaningless one?

Also, let's change topic from fics to facts. First of all, I can mention that Johannes was 2nd on the 100m supersprint yesterday. Ludvig Søgnen Jensen won, of course - which was expected, as he's a bit of a specialist on these super-short races. Johannes posted a pic of them both on IG last night, saying that "I tried to beat Ludvig this time as well, but no. Here we're discussing what went wrong." So, it's nice to see that they seem to be good friends, and that there is such a nice tone between them.

I'm still not done talking about the regular sprint from Thursday, though. Or rather, let's talk about this photo from the podium after that race:

That's Johannes on top of the podium, with Even Northug in 2nd and Karl-Johan Dyvik (from Sweden) in 3rd place. Perhaps it doesn't seem like such a special pic to you, apart from the fact that it's always special to see him on top of the podium.

But... there is another interesting detail here. Have a look at Johannes' hat. In fact, I recommend that you zoom into it if you can't see it properly on the pic. I know I had to do that when I saw the pic from my phone.

He’s wearing a Superman hat! Complete with the logo as well as the text!

I mean it - can he even be this (perfectly) cheeky?!

You have to love this guy. Seriously!

Little update

Sunday, April 2nd, 2017 14:05
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My birthday is in two weeks, and it seems I need to think of a couple of wishes. I got asked about that today, and I have no idea what to answer. I obviously cannot ask for fangirl things like fics or graphics from my family, so I need to think up something more acceptable ;).

I'm also planning to get one or two gifts for myself. I feel like I need a new jacket, and there is a nice one I've seen from an online store. Then, there is also a Zelda strategy guide coming out soon... probably not until after my birthday, though, so putting it on the wish list makes no sense.

But, enough birthday talk, as long as the day is still some time away.

At least it's April already, and I see some people are doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month. The idea is sort of tempting, because you can pick your own writing goal... but it's also scary to participate officially, as long as I'm not really a NaNoWriMo'er normally either. I haven't set an unofficial goal for myself either, but one idea I had was to try to write at least 10 poems during the month + actively work on fics and try to get at least a couple of my current ideas written. Seriously, I have so many fic bunnies right now that I just need to make some time to feed them properly.
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I'm trying to write fic, and it's not working at all today. I have a bunch of ideas, so I just want to get started on one of them... but right now my fic brain just doesn't want to play.

Maybe later tonight? I hope so!

As for other news from the day... Johannes was 5th on today's 10km in the national championship. I think he was 8.9 seconds behind winner, Anders Gløersen, so it's not a huge amount of time - especially not if we take into account that this was a race with individual starts. Oh, and Didrik got the bronze, btw - just mentioning.

Also, something very interesting: He's going to compete in tomorrow's 50km race as well. I mean, what? Johannes, competing in the 50km?! As far as I know, it might be his first competitive race on such a long distance. I don't think he has any big expectations for the results, but just the fact that he's going to do this and be part of such a race is wonderful!

A few notes

Sunday, February 5th, 2017 18:06
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* I've realised that I've been going over a year without writing any fic at all. The last fic I wrote is from December of 2015, and that was a birthday fic. The last one I wrote based on my own ideas (as in, not a request/prompt/gift/otherwise tailor-made to someone or something outside of my own mind) is from September of 2015. Thanks to a conversation with [personal profile] gobtastic, I suddenly want to write again. I even have a couple of ideas, but shaping them into something decent might still take quite a bit of time. At least the desire to write is back, which is a good thing, I guess.

* I've been playing Aardwolf again for a few days. It's such a great MUD. Somehow I tend to go through phases of playing it or not playing it, though. How about, you know, playing consistently a little bit regularly, not for hours on end, then not at all for weeks?

* I haven't mentioned it here yet, but I ordered a Passion Planner, and I can't wait for it to arrive. I'm so excited about this! Maybe I need to calm down with the planner mania and using too many of those things/always switching between different ones, but I just couldn't resist. This one seems so beautiful.

* Finally, you might know that driving is... let's just say it's not something I like to do. Even though I've had my driving license for years, I hate driving and avoid it to the best of my ability. I wish I could get over that feeling, though... and the only way to do it is probably to drive more? So, I'm trying... and I went driving around town for a bit today. Gah, I hate streets with cars parked on both sides, narrow spaces where the roadworks are, too many cars around me... and just generally the feeling of being the person in the driving seat. I wish I could just magically feel at least reasonably confident doing this, but... nah, not likely.

Fic note

Friday, January 27th, 2017 02:56
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I just found the first fics I ever wrote. Two Harry Potter fics from 2001. I also posted an excerpt of what I think of as my "head story" (as in, story I've been telling myself in my head for years and years. Not really intended for writing down, though) around the same time, and I found that as well.

I thought these things had been lost in a dusty corner of the world wide web years ago, so it's strange to see them again. Maybe a little embarrassing, too.

I'm not gonna link you to these... but I'm going to add them to my writing archive.

It's so weird to see these fics again. I can't believe they're still there after so many years.

EDIT: What? Are you serious? I apparently posted them on a site that doesn't allow me to copy the text back out. Text marking has been disabled. Oh well, time to look at the HTML, then.
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I'm starting to realize how LJ itself killed much of the fun over there back when they started with their many and mostly annoying design changes. There are quite a few such changes, but this is not an anti-LJ rant, so let me just mention the one that is important for this post: They moved the interest list on profiles into a sub-section that's hidden unless you actually click on it. By doing this, they effectively killed the usefulness of that list, and I know that I had not updated mine for ages before coming here. On DW, though, the list is useful and fun like it should be, and I've been spending quite some time clicking on interests and looking at random journals that I would not have found otherwise.

Well, this is how I ended up on a random journal last night. The owner had a post about one of her fics getting translated into Russian, and she also linked to the Russian version. Even though I don't understand Russian, and even though it was a fic in a fandom I know nothing about, I still went to check out the translated version, just for the fun of seeing what it looked like. What I had NOT expected to find, was a huge fic archive in Russian, with fanfiction on everything you can possibly imagine. I mean it - games, movies, books, anime... and real person fiction about all sorts of celebrities.... it was all there. Of course I should not be surprised that such a thing exists in such an important language, but I was still a little amazed by the size and variety of it. What's more, I'm curious, so I checked for fics involving a couple of Russian singers I've listened to a lot over the years.... and well, I found both. One of them even in HUNDREDS of fics. Just now, I also checked for biathlon slash... which is there in quite a huge number as well. And let me remind you that this does not seem to exist at all in English. At least I haven't seen any such fics in English. (Well, maybe not a surprise, given that Russia is a biathlon-country, while there's no English-speaking country that can be truly classified as such. Still, it's a sport with lots of fans in many countries, so it's still surprising that Russians seem to write biathlon slash, while the rest of us... don't?)

Now, do I wish that I could speak Russian, just so I could investigate further? Yes, to some extent. On the other hand, not so much. It's hard to explain - somehow it feels good to know that things exist, but at the same time... maybe I would be disappointed if I knew that these fics are not as good as I had hoped, or if people wrote things I don't like/agree with/approve of? Don't know if that makes sense, because I'm not even sure it does to me.

Chances are that I'll go back and look at what's there, though. At least headers/pairings, as it should be possible to figure out something from there. Yes, I realize that by saying that, I'm already contradicting myself a little bit. I also realize that if I had found something like this in English, I would dive in and be ecstatic about such a huge amount of possibly interesting stuff.

Double standards, much? Yes, I see it myself, so you don't have to tell me.

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