Thursday, September 7th, 2017 14:22
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So, my computer mouse has been acting up for a while. Some time ago, it started registering single clicks as double clicks. Annoying, but not often enough that I couldn't live with it. Well... that problem has been getting gradually worse. Then, recently, another problem started to occur: You can no longer drag and drop anything with this mouse, because it will simply let go of it mid-way through the motion. Any drag-and-hold motion like autofilling columns in an spreadsheet, is of course also affected by the same problem.

While I can deal with the occasional single/double click failure, I can't deal with these new problems. However, I also didn't feel like buying a new mouse, so I simply put the faulty one away and replaced it with a trackpad I had in one of my drawers. Now, I'm not a big fan of trackpads, but I figured I could use it for a while.

Well... wrong. I've been using it for about a week now, and my wrist is not liking it. At first I thought that I just wasn't used to the new pattern of movement, and it's not like it hurt that much during the first couple of days, either. By now it hurts much more, though. Hello, carpal tunnel infection.

I mean it: It hurts as f#&%.

I probably don't need to point out that I made a nice little trip to the electronics store today? Bought a replacement for my beloved trackball mouse, came home, and threw the trackpad safely back in its drawer. For now, at least. But honestly, I don't know if it even deserves to stay there, because it's not even usable as an emergency solution if the emergency lasts for more than a few days.

I've learnt that much by now.

Oh, and I'm now wearing support on my wrist, so my hand movement isn't perfect at the moment. However, neither typing nor using the trackball on the new mouse causes a lot of thumb movement, so I think this should be okay. I hope the pain decides to fade soon, though...

Daily notes

Thursday, August 17th, 2017 14:36
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I need a new haircut. After the little disaster that was my previous visit to the hairdresser's, I feel like doing something new to my hair this time. I've been looking at various hairstyles online... and yes, I know that's a silly thing to do, because things that look good on pictures of other people might not necessarily look good on me. I'm considering a style kind of like this, though. I also want to dye the top part (rather than the whole hair), but I haven't decided on the colour yet. I guess either dye it red or bleach it blond, though.

Let's see what will happen. First of all, I need to poke my nose out of the door - which I didn't do so far today, so meh.

I've also changed back to a smaller keyboard and a trackpad instead of my regular mouse and keyboard combination. Honestly, I prefer the bigger keyboard (with proper arrow keys, not arrow keys squeezed together in a corner, sort of), but my regular mouse has been "cheating" for so long that I got tired of it. Cheating as in randomly interpreting single clicks as double clicks and being unwilling to make the drag and drop motion. Like, if you try to drag something across the screen, it's likely to just get dropped three times on the journey.... or also, it just refuses to get picked up in the first place. Oh, and forget doing things like autofilling whole columns in spreadsheet programs, because if you try to highlight a couple of cells and then try to drag to autofill that info to nearby cells, the highlighting is lost before you've autofilled two cells.

I'm tired of this, so trackpad it is... for a while, at least.

What else? Yes, I've made two new icons today. One is on this post - some of you might recognize my favourite singer, actually. If not, he's Czech, and his name is Ladislav Křížek. This pic is from 1991 or thereabouts, so he doesn't look ANYTHING like this anymore (he still sings, though - and he still does so fabulously well!) Anyway, a girl can dream, right? Even though my mind knows that this is years and years ago, I still always think of him like this.

I might be weird, but eh.

Laminator woes

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017 14:48
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It seems I managed to kill off my trusty old laminator. I've been printing out the competition schedules for the Athletics World Championship every day this week. Last night, when I had finished laminating the last few sheets, so that I now have the whole schedule until the competitions finish on Sunday, I was just going to look for a suitable piece of paper to pull through the laminator to remove excess glue.

I was going to go to bed afterwards, so I might have been a bit tired. Not making excuses here, but that's the truth.

Then... while I wasn't paying attention... the laminator had somehow grabbed the bookmark I had on my desk - a nice one, with a "nice" pom-pom-like-thingy on one end. I tried to pull the bookmark from its grasp, of course, but it insisted on trying to pull it through the machine. That isn't a very smart move with a thing that has a pom-pom on one end. Needless to say, the bookmark came out as normal on the other side, but the pom-pom got stuck in the machine. I've been trying all sorts of things to get it out, but I'm having no luck. What's more, the machine now refuses to heat up as normal, and it also doesn't grab regular paper if you try to pull a sheet through. I was hoping that it would at least do that, and then perhaps some part of the pom-pom would come out with the paper, so that I could grab it with a suitable tool and pull out the rest.

No such luck. And I still don't quite understand how it managed to eat the bookmark to begin with... I know I was tired, but that tired...?
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So, I have a working dual-boot system now, with macOS and Ubuntu 16.04.

This time, installing Ubuntu was significantly more challenging than when I did it last time around... or rather, installing was okay enough, but once I booted into Ubuntu for the first time, it would simply take over the whole boot process. So, no rEFInd, no macOS, just Ubuntu - directly, and without any sort of boot manager in sight.

Okay, I fixed that via Recovery mode, where I could set my usual disk as the start-up disk. That worked fine, so I could just reinstall rEFInd (again, yes!) and now there is a proper boot manager which lets me pick which OS I prefer to boot into at startup.

...and that was only what happened before I had set up anything.

I have had Ubuntu up and running for a couple of hours now, so let's see what I've noticed so far:

  • Installing things is not just about picking what you want from the Software Center. Half of the time you need to add repositories and download your apps via the command line instead. I quite like doing things via the command line... if I understand what I'm doing and which parts of a command does what. Here, though? I've already had a few instances of having to copy commands from the net, because they're long and I can't fully decipher what they do.

  • In a similar vein to the above - Opera web browser actually claims to have an installer that should work with the Ubuntu software center. You download the installer, open it, it opens the software center with an install button, but once you click on that one, nothing much happens. It seems to attempt to start installing, but it just aborts after a second. I am typing this from Opera, though... because I installed it problem-free via the command line, heh.

  • I have also installed Gimp. Learning to use that has been on my list of things to do since forever, but whenever I've looked at it in the past, it has always done my head in. I suppose part of the problem is that I know how to do what I'm trying to do in Photoshop, and when things don't work the same way in Gimp, I get frustrated and return to the more familiar environment. Let's give it another chance, hm?

  • There's a slight difference between the macOS keyboard layout and the more Windows-like one that Ubuntu seems to use. Even if I selected the Mac keyboard option, some things are just not where I would expect. Especially the apostrophe (') sign had simply disappeared from Ubuntu's understanding of a Norwegian Mac keyboard layout, so for now I'm using the standard layout instead.

  • Generally speaking, I'm liking the colours and menus I'm seeing around me here. The menu font also seems to be beautiful and nicely readable. I believe it's called Ubuntu as well, and I had that font package installed even in macOS for a long time, because I quite like it. I don't like the default font in things like gedit, though - or in this online text area, for that matter. I can't quite point my finger at what's wrong with it, though, because it's definitely easily readable.

    More impressions later. These are just the first thoughts.
  • zimena: Tux, the Linux mascot. (Misc - Tux on Ubuntu background)
    So, I have decided to install Ubuntu again. Yes, mainly for learning purposes, and for playing around... and maybe also because I admit to being fascinated with how things can look over there. For now my idea is to use it as my main OS for some time after installing it, though, so that I can get a proper feeling for it.

    I have started making some preparations already, such as having already installed rEFInd (had that from before, including a config file with my adjustments... only, macOS doesn't like it much, so it tends to make rEFInd stop working after a time - I'm guessing probably after major system updates). Also, Apple's so-called System Integrity Protection is supposed to make installing things like rEFInd more difficult, but disabling that requires just one boot to recovery mode, and one terminal command, and voilà, rEFInd works again.

    I will have a lot of online time on Tuesday and Wednesday, as mom will be travelling to Sweden with her friend, so I suppose setting up Ubuntu properly could be a fun thing to do on Tuesday morning (or rather, afternoon, as I will definitely sleep in!). After that, I will have a lot of time to play around and get used to things.
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    I'm having one of those days where nothing gets done, and I don't feel like getting started on absolutely anything. I have a few things to do - grocery shopping, try to hang the outdoor carpet on our veranda over the edge/railing (?) of the veranda, so that it can dry after the recent heavy rainfall, try to make a list of tasks and then call someone about getting the front of the house painted...

    ... the latter task is not even my task that much. Mom is probably going to make the call once we have that stupid little list ready.

    The shopping and the carpet, though? Wouldn't take me too long, either, but I just have absolutely zero energy to do it.

    I'm not even doing useful things on the computer today. I'm practically just clicking around mindlessly, reading messages that I have already seen, playing brain-dead games that do not even make me think, or just generally sit around feeling annoyed at myself for being plain and uninteresting and boring, even online.

    Not saying this to fish for compliments and make you tell me that I'm not... just saying it because that's how I feel right now.

    Also, I'm - for the n'th time - considering installing Ubuntu alongside macOS. I had a dual-boot system a few times before, but I never truly found a good use for Linux as long as I still also love macOS and have a good system for everything on here. I can't help it; I'm fascinated with how Ubuntu looks, and I want to try out some interesting and unique window managers. Ratpoison seems especially cool - yes, to me it would be fun to learn something like that. Would also be fun to use if I'm going to show someone something on the computer, and then the system would have no menu line or other obvious way of opening applications. I'm trying to imagine the "huh?" look on the other person's face :)

    ... but of course, if I'm going to get there, I have to learn this myself first. And I guess installing Ubuntu purely as a learning environment (and, let's face it, also for the learning experience of getting it installed alongside OS X, even though I have done that before) would be a lot of work for a not-so-obvious reward? Because... what am I actually going to do with it, once I have it up and running?

    Bits and bobs

    Friday, July 7th, 2017 13:18
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    1. I went to Denmark for the day yesterday. Nice trip - perhaps the nicest Denmark-daytrip in a while. The past few such trips have been so exhausting, and I've practically felt like I needed extra sleep for a week afterwards, but yesterday it was quite okay. I wasn't even that tired during the day, except for being tired early in the morning - which I usually am, so that's normal enough.

    2. I have a new handbag! It's quite small, but still with two main compartments, plus two small pockets. It also has a clip-on shoulder strap. This is one of my main requirements for a handbag, because it means that I can also wear it around my waist, as it will clip easily on and off as needed.. My plan is to use this as my main everyday handbag - as in, that thing I need for carrying money, keys, phone and perhaps some other small items when I go out to do random stuff. I have a couple of bigger handbags that I also like, but they're less practical for everyday use, really.

    3. My desk needs tidying. I have all sorts of papers and magazines and random junk lying about right now, but I'm not sure I feel like sorting through it all today. Might have to, though. Soon.

    4. There are lots of news and pics about Johannes, even though it's summer and he's been missing a couple of training camps due to illness. I want to make a picspam/fanpost about everything, though, so I won't ramble that much here. I don't know when I can do that, though - it feels like I'm online much less than I would prefer these days. I don't always know why that happens, though.

    5. Also, related to the point above: Ola Klæbo liked a couple of my comments on IG, and even replied to me once, a few days ago! I'm probably more excited about this than I should be. It's just very nice and cool, okay?

    6. I started a large-ish project to sort through all my digital photos. Back in the old iPhoto days, I had some kind of system where I would sort photos by event/category every time I imported new ones, but when iPhoto became Photos, I sort of hated it and therefore fell out of the habit of keeping things organized. Time to make a proper try now. Also, I used to save only own photos in this/these apps, but with the amount of screencaps and pic saves I make from the mobile phone nowadays, I guess it makes sense to make some categories for these as well.

    7. Yes, I caved in: There is now a "personal:fangirling" tag. Next project: add old posts that belong there to it. I have a feeling that it's going to be a huge job.

    I have a feeling that there were more things on my mind when I started writing this post, but it has escaped me by now. Therefore, I'll stop here. Have a nice evening, okay?
    zimena: A cup with a hot drink inside. A heart drawn into the liquid, and the text "Coffee, love?" diagonally across the pic. (Misc - Coffee)
    Good news first: I feel better today. I was still headache-y and dizzy during the night, so I'm still a bit tired and such, but other than that I'm okay. That's a good thing at least.

    In other news, we have - wait for it - 33 degrees centigrade outside my window right now. It's also sunny and the sky is completely blue, without a single cloud in sight. It's actually too hot to be outside for very long, but I'm going to find a nice shade spot on the veranda soon, and hopefully I can sit there for a little while.

    Also, I haven't been online all day. Now that I finally have some computer time, I'm not really doing anything useful with it. All those nice things I planned to do while I wasn't here? Just escaped my mind now that I can do them. Instead, I've been playing around with Avatar Maker (for now, this is me). I also tried to clean up an old and mostly unused Gmail account. It's full of junk, except for some stuff on the Google Drive, so I guess I can try to download that, and then just get rid of the account.

    ... That's a task for tomorrow, though. Mom is off to Denmark with Mrs Neighbour then, so that should mean a nice evening by the computer for me. Yes, I'm looking forward to that. If all goes well, I might actually write something then, too. Or do some more Swift lessons? Let's see what will happen - it should be fun, either way.
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    I don't feel like writing a long and coherent post, so a bullet-point list it is.

    * I've been on a two-day trip to Denmark since yesterday morning. Mostly just to spend some time away from home, and of course to do some basic shopping. We also renewed our ferry-card, which means we can go to Denmark as often as we like for a year. The card itself is quite expensive, but we don't pay for each individual trip, and we usually always get tickets as long as we have the card.

    * If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to buy an apartment in Denmark and move there, seriously. Money would last so much longer there because almost all the daily necessities are sold at half price or less compared to here. Besides, I like Denmark, and I wouldn't mind living there, I think. Unfortunately, winning the lottery isn't so very likely, so I'll probably continue to go there a few times each month instead.

    * I finally started building a proper offline archive of my fics and writings. It's something I've wanted to do for years, but I never found the right software or enough motivation to work out a system to organize everything. Perhaps it's not even possible to decide on everything before starting, though. Either way, I'm using Ulysses for this, and I'm finding more uses for it all the time. For example, archiving info about games I play (quest solutions and such), as well as some lists that it makes sense to keep and add to as needed. The most important is getting all my fics sorted into some kind of system, though. So far, I have them grouped by year, and it's also possible to search by tags (just the fandom for now) and free text search (so I don't need a tag for each character featured. I add this in a comment under each fic instead, and then it'll be searchable and I can still find everything featuring character so-and-so)

    * I finished episode 7 of Yuri on Ice before I left for Denmark. So, a couple of short comments. Guang-Hong Ji is very adorable and cute, and I want to see him some more. Can I? Also, unpopular opinion time: The famous kissing scene could have been done in a much better way. It's beautiful, of course, but why use exactly this important moment in a humorous way, with them falling on the ice and so on? Also, it doesn't take an over-active fan imagination to figure out what's happening, but obscuring it (behind Victor's arm, kind of) was also not necessary.

    * That's all for now. Have a nice evening!

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