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Friday, July 7th, 2017 13:18
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1. I went to Denmark for the day yesterday. Nice trip - perhaps the nicest Denmark-daytrip in a while. The past few such trips have been so exhausting, and I've practically felt like I needed extra sleep for a week afterwards, but yesterday it was quite okay. I wasn't even that tired during the day, except for being tired early in the morning - which I usually am, so that's normal enough.

2. I have a new handbag! It's quite small, but still with two main compartments, plus two small pockets. It also has a clip-on shoulder strap. This is one of my main requirements for a handbag, because it means that I can also wear it around my waist, as it will clip easily on and off as needed.. My plan is to use this as my main everyday handbag - as in, that thing I need for carrying money, keys, phone and perhaps some other small items when I go out to do random stuff. I have a couple of bigger handbags that I also like, but they're less practical for everyday use, really.

3. My desk needs tidying. I have all sorts of papers and magazines and random junk lying about right now, but I'm not sure I feel like sorting through it all today. Might have to, though. Soon.

4. There are lots of news and pics about Johannes, even though it's summer and he's been missing a couple of training camps due to illness. I want to make a picspam/fanpost about everything, though, so I won't ramble that much here. I don't know when I can do that, though - it feels like I'm online much less than I would prefer these days. I don't always know why that happens, though.

5. Also, related to the point above: Ola Klæbo liked a couple of my comments on IG, and even replied to me once, a few days ago! I'm probably more excited about this than I should be. It's just very nice and cool, okay?

6. I started a large-ish project to sort through all my digital photos. Back in the old iPhoto days, I had some kind of system where I would sort photos by event/category every time I imported new ones, but when iPhoto became Photos, I sort of hated it and therefore fell out of the habit of keeping things organized. Time to make a proper try now. Also, I used to save only own photos in this/these apps, but with the amount of screencaps and pic saves I make from the mobile phone nowadays, I guess it makes sense to make some categories for these as well.

7. Yes, I caved in: There is now a "personal:fangirling" tag. Next project: add old posts that belong there to it. I have a feeling that it's going to be a huge job.

I have a feeling that there were more things on my mind when I started writing this post, but it has escaped me by now. Therefore, I'll stop here. Have a nice evening, okay?
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Good news first: I feel better today. I was still headache-y and dizzy during the night, so I'm still a bit tired and such, but other than that I'm okay. That's a good thing at least.

In other news, we have - wait for it - 33 degrees centigrade outside my window right now. It's also sunny and the sky is completely blue, without a single cloud in sight. It's actually too hot to be outside for very long, but I'm going to find a nice shade spot on the veranda soon, and hopefully I can sit there for a little while.

Also, I haven't been online all day. Now that I finally have some computer time, I'm not really doing anything useful with it. All those nice things I planned to do while I wasn't here? Just escaped my mind now that I can do them. Instead, I've been playing around with Avatar Maker (for now, this is me). I also tried to clean up an old and mostly unused Gmail account. It's full of junk, except for some stuff on the Google Drive, so I guess I can try to download that, and then just get rid of the account.

... That's a task for tomorrow, though. Mom is off to Denmark with Mrs Neighbour then, so that should mean a nice evening by the computer for me. Yes, I'm looking forward to that. If all goes well, I might actually write something then, too. Or do some more Swift lessons? Let's see what will happen - it should be fun, either way.
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I don't feel like writing a long and coherent post, so a bullet-point list it is.

* I've been on a two-day trip to Denmark since yesterday morning. Mostly just to spend some time away from home, and of course to do some basic shopping. We also renewed our ferry-card, which means we can go to Denmark as often as we like for a year. The card itself is quite expensive, but we don't pay for each individual trip, and we usually always get tickets as long as we have the card.

* If I ever win the lottery, I'm going to buy an apartment in Denmark and move there, seriously. Money would last so much longer there because almost all the daily necessities are sold at half price or less compared to here. Besides, I like Denmark, and I wouldn't mind living there, I think. Unfortunately, winning the lottery isn't so very likely, so I'll probably continue to go there a few times each month instead.

* I finally started building a proper offline archive of my fics and writings. It's something I've wanted to do for years, but I never found the right software or enough motivation to work out a system to organize everything. Perhaps it's not even possible to decide on everything before starting, though. Either way, I'm using Ulysses for this, and I'm finding more uses for it all the time. For example, archiving info about games I play (quest solutions and such), as well as some lists that it makes sense to keep and add to as needed. The most important is getting all my fics sorted into some kind of system, though. So far, I have them grouped by year, and it's also possible to search by tags (just the fandom for now) and free text search (so I don't need a tag for each character featured. I add this in a comment under each fic instead, and then it'll be searchable and I can still find everything featuring character so-and-so)

* I finished episode 7 of Yuri on Ice before I left for Denmark. So, a couple of short comments. Guang-Hong Ji is very adorable and cute, and I want to see him some more. Can I? Also, unpopular opinion time: The famous kissing scene could have been done in a much better way. It's beautiful, of course, but why use exactly this important moment in a humorous way, with them falling on the ice and so on? Also, it doesn't take an over-active fan imagination to figure out what's happening, but obscuring it (behind Victor's arm, kind of) was also not necessary.

* That's all for now. Have a nice evening!

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