Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 15:02
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I'm done planting, so I feel kinda accomplished now.

It took something like 2-3 hours, though, so I'm also quite tired.

Plans for the rest of the day: Have a nap, hang up the washing, then relax by the computer for a while. I have screencaps to make, and a nice little fic bunny to feed, so let's see what comes out of that. First sleep, though.


Quick update

Wednesday, May 24th, 2017 01:37
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Okay, so it'll be past 2am before I finish typing up this note. I just got home from another day-trip to Denmark about an hour ago. To be honest I wasn't too keen on going there today, because I still don't feel fully rested after last week's traveling. We had some things to do, though, so I guess I would have had to make this trip soon anyway, even if I hadn't made it today.

It was a good day, though. Better than I feared, anyway, especially after a few hours when I wasn't so painfully tired anymore. Can you tell I dislike getting up early, even if it's needed for some reason? It always leaves me feeling too tired for too much of the day. Let's just say I had a good time mostly, but I'm also glad this trip is over and done with for now.

Tomorrow my plan is to plant some more flowers, so that there's something in every flower box we own before Thursday (Ascension Day, which is a holiday here). This should be possible, I think.

After that, I plan to Not Make Any Big Plans for a week or so. Just sleep, read, rest, be on the computer, write and sit on the veranda a little bit. Let's see how that goes. ;)

Now it's night for me, though. Good night!
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I wonder what's in the take-away food from the local Hong Kong restaurant? It's been a while since I've had food from there, but now I've had it twice in a relatively short amount of time. Both times, the result has been the same: The food is delicious... but I end up getting super-sleepy after finishing my meal. Sleepy as in: "Can I go to bed now - at maybe 8pm - and sleep until morning, or preferably for half of tomorrow as well?"

I don't think food is supposed to work like that? Today I actually went to bed before 9pm, but after resting for a bit (not sleeping), I'm now up again - at least for a little while, to type up this post and try to catch up on my online activities.

As for other things, I've been in Denmark for a couple of days this week. Mostly, this was to escape the May 17/Constitution Day celebrations - a day that used to be a lot of fun when I was a kid, but nowadays it's too noisy and crowded for me (plus we don't have kids in the close family anymore), so escaping to Denmark has been almost tradition for a few years. This time we stayed in Agerskov for one night (the inn there is absolutely fantastic - I think they actually won an award as the best inn in Denmark both last year and this year!), then in Hirtshals for one night - mainly so that we could get a daytime ferry home and avoid coming home at midnight. Of course, staying in Agerskov - only a good half hour from the border with Germany - also meant some shopping across the border, so I've been to Germany as well during this trip. That's always nice, of course.

I don't think I bought anything particularly exciting, but just getting away from normality for a few days is a good thing. Unfortunately, it's also quite draining, so I've not been in the mood to do much today, except the obvious unpacking/tidying.

Other than that, I have a poem to type up and a fic to work on, but I'm not sure I will get much done on that tonight. I also have a fanpost/picspam to make, because there are quite a few cute May 17-pictures of a certain someone on IG. Some things were also posted as IG stories, and as I wasn't at home and able to save them properly, I have a few screencaps on my phone. That means I need to transfer/upload pics first. I hope to have some proper computer time tomorrow, so that I can spend some time making a nice post then.


Thursday, May 18th, 2017 02:14
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I just woke up with a maddening headache. Probably because I'm sleeping with a different pillow than usual, and it's absolutely not working. If I try to lie down, I feel like I'm going to throw up, but if I sit up that feeling isn't there.

I also wore shoes for too many hours on end yesterday, so my feet are hurting and my legs are cramping.

... and I'm in a crap mood, obviously.

I'm so tired that it physically hurts, and I don't quite dare to lie down again because of the headache and nausea.

Might have to try again soon, though, because I also can't sit here for the rest of the night.

I don't like this. Sigh.


Sunday, May 14th, 2017 01:21
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First of all, congratulations to Portugal! After 49 years of participation it must be incredible to finally win the contest for the first time. They have had a lot of wonderful entries, too.

This one, though?

I must admit that it does nothing for me, and I don't understand its popularity or this result.

It's not that I hate it or anything - it's just boring and nothing special to me. The main positive point about it is the fact that it's in Portuguese. Eurovision needs more countries that sing in their native language, of course.

My favourites tonight were Belarus (❤️❤️❤️), Cyprus, France, Romania and Moldova. More or less in that order, I think. I also liked the UK entry, mostly because of her melodic voice.

I'm kinda glad that Sweden didn't win, because it sort of bothers me how they seem to come up with songs that are "tailor-made" for Eurovision. You know that certain kind of oily and greasy guy who knows just how hot he is? Sweden is almost making a habit out of coming up with songs that are the Eurovision version of that...

Oh, I'm evil, you say? Sorry :P.

What else? Yeah, I liked the Ukrainian hosts. They were cute and funny, but not too stupid or annoying. I can still do fine without Verka Serdyuchka, though. Blah.

Notes from today

Friday, May 12th, 2017 22:45
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I've been a good and productive girl today. I have:

* Managed to send a letter that I would have liked to send a few days ago already.
* Been to town to pick up two pairs of support stockings that I ordered a couple of weeks ago. (I need to wear those things quite often, and they're on sale this month, so now was a good time to get new ones!)
* Changed the living room curtains.
* Done some minor tidying and cleaning.

In less productive news, I also slept for about an hour - or maybe an hour and a half - in the middle of the day.

I don't really understand how the day passed so fast, though. It feels like I got up, went out for a bit, went home and slept, changed the curtains... and then what? It was practically evening already! How did that even happen? Where did the day go?

Tomorrow is Eurovision Final Day! And guess what? Norway made it through from the semifinal! I still don't like the song much, but it's still nice that they made it to the final. Estonia didn't, though, which was sad as I like that song a lot. At least my other favourite, Belarus, also made it through, so I guess I couldn't get three wishes fulfilled on one night. Two is good, too.
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Meme time. I saw this in [personal profile] hollymath's journal.

Tell me what you associate with me. Colors, songs, aesthetics, people, anything.

Okay, this will be interesting. Shoot?


Thursday, May 11th, 2017 18:14
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It's Eurovision semifinal day 2. I know I forgot to to post about the first semifinal on Tuesday, but maybe that was because I did not really have any big favourites there? I liked a few songs - Slovenia and Finland the most - but I doubt I'm going to listen to any of them that much outside of doing a playthrough of current Eurovision songs.

Tonight I have a couple of favourites, though. First of all: ESTONIA! Now, I already loved Koit Toome when he competed at the ESC in 1998, so I'm not surprised that this song is great. I also like the voice of the female singer here, though - and the song just sounds good to my ears. I've been listening to it a lot over the past couple of weeks, and I will probably continue to do so for a while longer, no matter whether it qualifies for the final or not.

I also kind of like the song from Belarus. It's sing-along-friendly and gets easily stuck in my head, even though I'm not sure it's something I truly "like" in the sense that it'll stay with me for a long time after the contest. Don't know if that made sense to anyone? Anyway, another cool feature about that song is the fact that it's in Belarusian, which is a language I don't get to hear that much.

Norway are competing in tonight's semifinal as well, but I have to admit that I don't like our entry that much this year. It's modern - maybe too modern for me and my old-fashioned music tastes? - and in my ears quite repetitive and nagging. At the same time, even I tend to hum along to it when I hear it on the radio, so I can see that there must be something positive about it. It's not my kind of music, though.

What else? Yeah, I think Romania's entry is interesting because it's a unique mix of styles - and the result actually sounds quite cool. Macedonia is also kind of catchy, and I guess I'm hoping for that to qualify as well. Bulgaria seems to be mentioned among the favourites to win the whole thing, and that song is probably not bad either. Will be interesting to see it on stage, because for now I remember the video more than the song - and that's not the point, right? Neither of these are songs I'm going to listen to a lot once the Eurovision-mood wears off, though.

Let's see how it goes, though - and at least I managed to write a proper Eurovision-post this year. Hopefully I can write another one ahead of the final on Saturday.

Royal news

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017 12:23
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I'm bringing a little piece of royal news today. You'll see why in a moment, but you just need some context first.

The Norwegian King Harald and Queen Sonja both turn 80 years old this year. The King's birthday was in February, and the Queen's will be in July... but the official celebrations started yesterday, and will continue today. Of course, this means that there is a lot of royal stuff on TV - royal guests arriving, various types of entertainment to celebrate this event, speeches for the birthday couple... and the latter turned out to be a lot more interesting than I had expected. In fact, I'm not even that much into watching royal stuff on TV for hours on end, I just pay some kind of half-attention to it because it's on and because my mom likes to follow it in more detail than I do.

I watched Crown Prince Haakon Magnus and Princess Märtha Louise's speech for their parents, though. It was actually quite personal, with mentions of childhood memories and fun facts that aren't public knowledge normally. And then, there was this quote - from the part where the Princess was speaking:

"You are both very up-to-date and willing to learn new things. Mum is downloading apps and reading text messages... on her watch. Dad doesn't even own a cellphone. He is more interested in the French election, in the development around NATO, and in whether Klæbo will be on the allround team in cross-country skiing."

So, he got mentioned in a royal speech, now? And it seems the King might be a fan.

Imagine my expression at hearing his name in this context.

Day = made!
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I screencapped this from Johannes' latest vlog post:

JHK showing climbing injuries

Apparently this was taken on the day he was supposed to travel to Oslo before the team presentation last week. The plane he was supposed to be on was delayed by about half a day due to snow (!) in Oslo... so he decided to get a bit of extra training and do some wall climbing with a couple of friends.

It's actually quite interesting to watch him climb, because he does it almost without caring to find solid footing between each move. No wonder he's hurting his hands like you can see in this photo. He's even showing off and being proud of these hand injuries.

In other news about him, he was on a TV talkshow last night. I missed it while it was on, but I watched it as soon as I could - a few hours late. Here he is with the talkshow host, Anne Lindmo, and his grandfather and coach, Kåre Høsflot:

As you might expect, he was all kinds of wonderful on that show. It deserves a much longer post than I'm going to write now, but I'll just mention that it was very nice to see the communication between him and his grandfather, because it's so visible how close they are. Beautiful to see, really.

As for more specific questions, Johannes got asked whether he had always been a good skier for his age. He said no, and explained how he used to be small and skinny for his age. At 16, he came in 80th place in the national youth race, for example.

He also said that he used to be really angry about not getting the desired results on the track. Often, he would storm off to the forest in rage at not doing well enough, and then try to stay there so that he wouldn't have to go to any kind of awards ceremony after races. He has mentioned similar things before, so to me this was already familiar info. However, this time he also admitted that his reactions at that time were tough for his parents, and that his mum would tell him almost every weekend that "at this rate, you might have to simply stop skiing. Because this anger is so not on."

I love how he's so honest about this, and also how he seems so aware of how his story can be inspirational to younger skiers going through the same thing now.

Other than that, there was also a funny moment when the hostess brought up his vlog. She mentioned how it seems he can make a competition out of everything, and then used a few clips from his Easter break vlog post to demonstrate the point. What he managed to make a competition of only during Easter break? Ski-jumping, eating jelly from a plate without using one's hands, climbing a local mountain and skiing downhill from it, stuffing as many marshmallows in your mouth as you can...

You get the picture, right? Well, Mrs. Hostess didn't quite get it about the marshmallows contest, so she made him explain the rules there. Which he did, without even a hint of embarrassment. Then she asked whether he won the contest, because that's not clear from the video... His answer? "No, because the guy I competed with is big-mouthed, so I lost."

Just: HAH! Some answer, there.

Finally, you have to know that when he posted on Instagram that he was going to be on the show, he said that "you should watch if you want a good laugh." From the beginning I didn't quite understand what he meant by that, because he was just being cute and wonderful the whole time, and even though he was smiling and being sometimes funny, it wasn't in a way that warranted such a comment.

Well, I did not understand until the next guest came into the studio. It was a woman who had just won an award as the best maths teacher in Norway. She was very lively and enthusiastic, and she talked about the award a bit, and about her teaching methods a lot. At one point, the host asked her to explain her passion for maths - to which she replied very passionately that "solving a mathematical problem is better than orgasm and sex."

Exactly that, with such a fierce passion in her voice that it sounded even naughtier than it looks in print. I think everyone were a bit floored by that comment, and in the background Johannes was blushing very furiously. I felt so sorry for him, really... but I also so understand his reaction. I think he found it hard to even look at this woman after that, because even a while afterwards he was still cringing and looking like he didn't know where to look or how to react.

...and of course it didn't get easier for him when the hostess asked whether it was possible to find a mathematical formula for the typical Klæbo-climb technique. The teacher answered that "if they let me come to training, I can look into that," to which Johannes' grandfather replied that "if it makes him ski faster, then you're welcome."

Johannes himself, though? Looked like he had seen a number of better ideas in this world than having her come to his trainings :)

Even writing about this makes me feel sorry for him again, but I also have to admit that I love how he's so genuine, and how he's handling even this with a smile when posting about it on his IG, for example.

I just adore him endlessly, okay?
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Trying the poetry challenge again this month. I'm off to a good start, because I wrote two things yesterday evening. This is the first one.


It's nothing.
Nothing that can be
Put to words, anyway.
It's nothing.
It's just an off day.
Or the weather.
Tiredness, weariness.
Being fed up with
Yet, it's still nothing.
Because that's easier.
So much easier than
Trying to make sense of this

DW/LJ cleanup note

Thursday, May 4th, 2017 18:38
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I've been trying to fix my access filters here on Dreamwidth. When I moved over here, everyone I was friends with on LJ would automatically be part of the same filters over here as on LJ, of course as long as they logged in to DW with their OpenID (read: LJ) account. This has been somewhat confusing for me, and it makes little sense to have a huge access list of LJ users as long as I don't think any of you read my DW via an LJ account anyway.

If you are [ profile] chelsealady or [ profile] soviet_star, I have kept you on my filters here with your LJ accounts. But for everyone else - I've added you under your DW username if you have one, or you're probably reading me via the [ profile] zimena_dw feed on LJ, in which case you're not getting the filtered content.

Nowadays I post almost everything except fics openly, though, so you're not missing a lot of posts if you are reading the feed instead of my actual DW page.

Still, I don't want to lose you if you are actually using DW via an OpenID account, so please let me know if you feel that you should still be in the access filters you used to be in.
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Just two screencaps, because I can't resist posting these after seeing them again just now.

Note the hand positions.

How about...

... not in front of the TV cameras, dearest?

... and maybe not with Nicolay Ramm next to you either, hm?

Interesting photos and camera angle, though ;-).
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I can't focus on anything for more than a few moments at a time today.

For example, I was trying to log in to a site where I have two-factor authentication set up earlier, so I had to type in a code from my phone in addition to the usual username/password combination. That code, though? Expired, because I simply forgot what I was doing. I only managed to log into that site after trying two more times, because I messed up the second try as well - this time by moving away from the login page in my browser.

My scatterbrained-ness knows no limits today, it seems.

At the very least, I managed to fix the point where I was stuck on my current fic. Not that writing is happening any faster, though. I'm still looking at the text more than I'm adding new content, because I can't stay focused on writing either. But fixing the problem point is at least positive, right?

In other news, it's getting warmer and I need to find some more summerly clothes soon. That is also a good excuse to sort through what I currently have in my drawers - pack things I'm not gonna wear for the next half year away, and get rid of things that aren't comfortable/are worn out or otherwise don't look nice anymore... but I don't feel like getting started on that. In my current unfocused state, going to the basement to fetch the box of shorts and singlets and such might be dangerous, too - who knows whether I'll even be able to find the way back upstairs?

I finally bought the jacket I wanted to buy myself for my birthday, though... so now I'm waiting excitedly for the delivery!

That's my fashion-ramble for the day :P.

Mom's birthday

Monday, May 1st, 2017 17:26
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Today is my mom's birthday. We celebrated it by travelling to Denmark on a half-day trip, so I got home just a little while ago. She didn't want to stay there for the whole day (maybe because it's the third (!) visit to Denmark in a week for her, so she doesn't have a lot to do there right now), so we had practically just one hour there before returning with the same ferry we arrived in.

The ferry trip became rather more memorable than expected, though. As we both travel to Denmark quite a lot (as you might have seen from my journal), we know quite a few of the people who have their workplace onboard. Especially those people who have been working there for years. I mean, I've practically seen some of those same people since I was a kid or teen - there's especially one Portuguese brother and sister who have been there for as long as I can remember, and they're both very friendly and nice and always come to talk unless the ferry is crowded and they don't have time.

Well, today I mentioned to the Portuguese guy that we were celebrating mom's birthday. I was maybe hoping that he'd do something nice for her, like give us a little flag to put on our table or something minor like that. What I didn't expect, was that he would bring drinks (complete with a cocktail-style decoration) and a wrapped gift (chocolate éclairs) from himself and everyone else on his shift that we also know. So, actually, three people from that same shift came to give her these things, and she got hugs and congratulations from everyone, and they also said that this is from them and everyone else that also know her around the ship.

It was very touching, really. I also got a nice photo (I hardly ever remember to take photos. Then afterwards, I think of how I should have taken some... but this time I remembered), but I don't think she would appreciate it if I posted her pic online, so I won't do it.

I think she found this whole thing very lovely, actually - especially after the initial surprise had faded.

At least I think she had a memorable birthday so far, so I'm happy about that :)
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So, now the season is truly over. Johannes said that the so-called "city sprint" in Mosjøen yesterday would be his last race of the season, and that he would try to rest for a while now, before starting the hard work ahead of next season.

He also said that he had already had some time to rest, play football and do other things apart from skiing, so he was looking forward to seeing how that had affected him. Even though the journalists tried to ask him if he was planning to finish off his amazing season with a victory, he refused to go along with that expectation easily.

His comment: "I hope to end the season with a victory, but I cannot aim for that as a goal as long as I've never skied this particular course before now. I need to evaluate my chances once I'm there, and if things feel okay then I hope to be able to compete for the top spots."

Compete for the top spots? Oh, yeah, he definitely did. He won! Both the 100m supersprint and the regular sprint! Unfortunately I didn't know about the race until after it was over, but from what I understand Anders Gløersen was 2nd, and he apparently said after the race that "Johannes has been the best all day here, so I never had a chance against him."

Johannes himself, though? Thanked Eirik Brandsdal for breaking a ski pole, and handing him the victory that way. Obviously, with no streams and few pics available, I have no idea what happened to Eirik or whether the supposed ski-pole incident was really that decisive. It seems that comment was made in a joking way, though.

Well, Johannes having good-natured fun with Eirik makes me smile, obviously.

Apparently he said that while still wearing his victory wreath. Yes, he got one for winning at this event - look:
(Photo swiped from himself on Instagram)

Nice photo, right? I probably do not need to say that I melted to a puddle just from looking at it. Also, he apparently gave the victory wreath to the boy in the photo, at least if his #theboydeservedthevictorywreath tag is anything to go by.

That? Might have earned him another bonus cool point in my book, really.

(Yes, I'm done fangirling for this post. Thanks for caring :))


Friday, April 28th, 2017 17:57
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I slept for much of the day today. In fact, it feels like I've been doing something like this: sleep - eat - sleep - eat - try to go shopping (and failing, because the parking lot was very full, and I didn't feel like going into an overcrowded store after all) - go home - try to watch a bit of snooker - sleep - eat.

... and I still wouldn't mind sleeping some more, or at least go and lie down in bed and maybe read a bit. For now I'm sitting by the computer for a little while, though. I'm always happy doing that, so maybe it'll make me a bit less meh, too.

I started writing a small ficlet yesterday. Well, it's supposed to be just something small; something easy before I go back to the slightly more complex idea that I'm also working on. I didn't get very far, though, and I don't know why, because the idea works fine in my head. I can even see/feel certain scenes exactly in my head... but write them? Nah, not easy. I even meant to write JUST those scenes, without much surrounding plot or backstory... but guess what happened? Yeah, I started writing, and the plot/backstory got added immediately and more or less automatically, so now I have to work with that to get to what I really wanted to write. What I have in my head and what comes out in writing seems to be two different things, sometimes. Why? How? What? Argh.

What else? Well, I'm starting to see that I'll probably fail my poetry challenge for April. Maybe I'll keep it as a monthly thing, though, because at least it keeps me writing something, even if I might not do 10 in a month. Could be interesting to make a poetry master post at the end of the year, and look back on what I wrote each month. It's an interesting idea - I just need to make a separate tag for it. I'm maybe not so happy with writing being under the "creativity" category anyway, because it feels like it just adds an extra, unnecessary level of tagging.

In general, I'm not that happy with my current tag system anymore. I have 2000+ posts and more than 10 years of LJ'ing/DW'ing, though, so I don't know how to change it without making a mess of it. I tried to reorganize things when I moved to DW, and then I ended up merging some categories that I probably shouldn't have merged.... but also, having hundreds of tags sort of defeats the purpose of trying to have an organized system, because it's too huge by now.
zimena: Cross-country skier Didrik Tønseth with a rose in his mouth. (Skiing - Didrik with rose)

I just found this photo, so of course I cannot resist posting it. Yes, that is Didrik on a bed, with a rose in his mouth.

What is he playing at, being this cute? I'm sure of only one thing so far - this has to be a trap of some kind. He's doing well at pretending to be cute, though. Oh, definitely.

Seriously, though - wow, what a pic!
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So, Johannes will be part of the sprint national team for the coming season. Unfortunately, that means he did not get his wish about being picked for the allround team. That’s a shame, because I wanted him to get picked for the team he wanted most.

Teams are as they are, though, and he’s being classy and sensible in every interview, despite not getting his wish. This guy: ❤️ ❤️ ❤️.

I think the short version here is that he wanted to be on the allround team because he considered it the best option because he wants to develop into a more complete allround skier, while the coaching team wanted to maximise his current main skills ahead of an Olympic season. Plus, a lot of younger skiers start on the sprint team. (Just ask Finn-Hågen Krogh, who by the way got his wish and will be on the allround team for the new season!)

Johannes’ comment: “I’m looking forward to being on the sprint team. All of the guys there have skills I can learn from. Besides, Finn-Hågen has already showed that it’s possible to ski fast in longer races even if you’re on the sprint team.”

Also, it’s team presentation day, so there are millions of pics, news, articles and stuff everywhere. Yes, my heart is about to burst with fangirly love, as you might expect.

In fact, he was on the evening news yesterday as well, talking about wanting to come up with other technical novelties apart from his typical uphill technique. As he said, "there are still five other techniques that can be improved, and that uphill technique is so last season. I always want to work on improving new things."

Also, he was sort of stealing the show a bit during a photoshoot with the junior and recruit teams for next season. Those teams were presented already yesterday, and he was in the middle of a group picture with them. I sort of wondered about that, because it's pretty clear that he's not going to be part of either for the new season. It turns out that he's going to be a mentor for the younger skiers, though, and that's why he was there for their photoshoot. Oh, and... younger, you said? Most of the recruit guys are actually older than he is - they just did not deal with the transition from junior to senior level as well as he did, so apparently he's supposed to be their advisor now.

His comment about that: "I was surprised when I was offered the chance to do this. It's great to have this opportunity, and of course I want to be a good role model. At the same time, I'm sure that the skiers on these teams have a lot to offer that I can learn from."

You can see that he's lovely and wonderful, right?

About stealing the show at the photoshoot, though? Well, he did this, immediately after the group photo was taken:

I see the modeling taught him to pose for the cameras! I think he also tried to pose in a couple of other ways, but this is the best pic I have so far.

Finally - new icon time! This one is... "interesting", right?
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It seems Thursday is going to be a nice day at home in front of the computer for me. Mom is off to Denmark with a friend, and I'm planning to put whatever "necessary" tasks I have to do on hold for a day, just to have my own private computer party.

That should mean the following:

* Loud music.
* Making some new icons.
* (Re)watching some vlogs, making better screencaps and doing something useful with them.
* Generally having a good time.

Yes, this is my idea of a party, what about it? It should be a fun day, though!

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