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It's always nice to hear kind words about your own fic, so the fic positivity meme sounded like fun. Here is my thread.

Tell me something nice...?

Fandom rant

Saturday, July 29th, 2017 17:02
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People who have more than one or two fandoms... how do you do it? I've been thinking of taking part in an exchange over at AO3, but now that the sign-up period is open, I don't think I can even sign-up? For some reason the exchanges I've seen over there so far all have it in their rules that you need to request and/or offer to work with a variety of different fandoms - typically three or four different ones.

THREE fandoms, that I'm supposed to be willing to request or write for? Or worse, FOUR? That sounds like a joke to me. Typically, I'm only truly invested in like one fandom at a time. If I include past favourites and random ideas that might have entered my mind at some point even if they were never that important, I might be able to make requests from a couple of other fandoms as well... but I only truly want my main fandom of interest anyway.

Actually WRITING for other fandoms, though? I mean: WHAT? Writing, for me, is largely an emotional process. At the very least, I need to have my own feelings around the people/characters I'm writing, and I can't imagine having that kind of connection to things in three, four, five or ten different fandoms. Maybe that's what I get for caring mainly about RPS fandoms, though, I don't know... But it's hard for me to understand how it's possible to care about a whole bunch of different things to the extent that you would want to write fic about it.

I also see that I'm probably not going to get anything I truly want if it's a multifandom exchange, simply because the nominations consist of 98% things I don't know a thing about, so to me it doesn't seem likely that most people there will be familiar with or willing to work with my stuff either.

I guess my years in football fandom spoiled me - at least there everything was from the same fandom, so I didn't feel strange for wanting RPS. Perhaps my weird likings weren't the easiest to match in exchanges then either, but at least I got a fair amount of exchange fics there - and some truly beautiful ones, even!

I don't mean to complain, though. Of course I get that people must be allowed to enjoy things they like in the way that suits them, just like I do with stuff I like... but it's still strange to see how my way of thinking and feeling around this seems to be wildly different compared to the mindset that seems to be the required and done thing in multifandom exchanges.

Oh, well... back to thinking of my next fic, then. I keep thinking of a certain very insipring videoclip, so I might try to write a fic based on that some day soon. Should be fun... except writing is hard work, so I didn't get started yet.


Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 16:13
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I'm back after one week in beautiful Harrachov, Czech Republic!

Czech phone call

Thursday, July 20th, 2017 02:39
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Today I had to make a phone call in Czech. Not an easy thing to do, as my Czech is nowhere near as good as I wish it were. Believe me, I tried to speak English first, then German. None of that worked very well, so I had to try in Czech.

And... it worked. At least in the sense that communication worked. I understood nearly everything, and the lady at the other end was super-pleased and helpful and wonderful.

Okay, I know I made some grammatical blunders that I'm aware of by now, and probably others that I just didn't notice. But the point is that this kind of worked, even on the phone. HAH!

In retrospect, it was fun, too. I need to work on this language more seriously, though. I haven't been doing that for years, sadly.
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Can July be over soon? Or rather, can the national holiday period be over soon, so that it will be possible to do things without planning them an eternity ahead again?

I'm trying to plan a Sweden trip for my mom and her friend. Technically it is possible to travel there and back in a day, even from here, but it can be stressful and it's definitely better to stay one night in a hotel there. But - surprise, surprise - everything is full (or overly expensive) until at least the 6th of August.

Ehm, they wanted to travel now or soon, not in August. For now I'm having no luck finding them a place to stay, though. There is one possibility left, but that hotel is not answering their emails, and I kind of don't feel like calling them on the phone... because, seriously, what kind of place doesn't answer its email in 2017, anyway?

I just get a little bit frustrated with the holiday season, sometimes - especially if it affects my plans or wishes in a negative way.

Maybe it's not a good reason to whine, though. At least I had a nice enough day otherwise. I've been to Lillesand (=the neighbouring town) today, so at least I did something slightly out of the ordinary. Had dinner at the roadside café there, too, so that was also nice. Now I'm a bit tired, though - also because it's rather hot (+30 degrees) today.

Coffee time, now. And maybe watching Tour de France for a bit.

Driving note

Sunday, July 9th, 2017 10:58
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How do you get comfortable with driving, anyway?

I've been working on it for months now, and I still feel shit at it. What's more, I promised to go for at least a short drive today, and I'm dreading it to the point that I feel sick. I'm literally in pieces inside.

...about something I technically know how to do?! Really?!

Meme time

Saturday, July 8th, 2017 17:59
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Swiped from [personal profile] hollymath, because it looked like fun:

Are you named after someone? I have two middle names, after my grandmother and my aunt. I don't think I'm named after someone when it comes to the name I actually use, though.

When was the last time you cried? I don't even remember.

Do you like your handwriting? If I take the time to write neatly, then maybe I like it a little bit. I rarely write like that, though, because it's just too time-consuming.

More under the cut )

Bits and bobs

Friday, July 7th, 2017 13:18
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1. I went to Denmark for the day yesterday. Nice trip - perhaps the nicest Denmark-daytrip in a while. The past few such trips have been so exhausting, and I've practically felt like I needed extra sleep for a week afterwards, but yesterday it was quite okay. I wasn't even that tired during the day, except for being tired early in the morning - which I usually am, so that's normal enough.

2. I have a new handbag! It's quite small, but still with two main compartments, plus two small pockets. It also has a clip-on shoulder strap. This is one of my main requirements for a handbag, because it means that I can also wear it around my waist, as it will clip easily on and off as needed.. My plan is to use this as my main everyday handbag - as in, that thing I need for carrying money, keys, phone and perhaps some other small items when I go out to do random stuff. I have a couple of bigger handbags that I also like, but they're less practical for everyday use, really.

3. My desk needs tidying. I have all sorts of papers and magazines and random junk lying about right now, but I'm not sure I feel like sorting through it all today. Might have to, though. Soon.

4. There are lots of news and pics about Johannes, even though it's summer and he's been missing a couple of training camps due to illness. I want to make a picspam/fanpost about everything, though, so I won't ramble that much here. I don't know when I can do that, though - it feels like I'm online much less than I would prefer these days. I don't always know why that happens, though.

5. Also, related to the point above: Ola Klæbo liked a couple of my comments on IG, and even replied to me once, a few days ago! I'm probably more excited about this than I should be. It's just very nice and cool, okay?

6. I started a large-ish project to sort through all my digital photos. Back in the old iPhoto days, I had some kind of system where I would sort photos by event/category every time I imported new ones, but when iPhoto became Photos, I sort of hated it and therefore fell out of the habit of keeping things organized. Time to make a proper try now. Also, I used to save only own photos in this/these apps, but with the amount of screencaps and pic saves I make from the mobile phone nowadays, I guess it makes sense to make some categories for these as well.

7. Yes, I caved in: There is now a "personal:fangirling" tag. Next project: add old posts that belong there to it. I have a feeling that it's going to be a huge job.

I have a feeling that there were more things on my mind when I started writing this post, but it has escaped me by now. Therefore, I'll stop here. Have a nice evening, okay?

TdF note

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017 09:07
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I know what he did was not pretty, but there is no way Peter Sagan elbowed Mark Cavendish on purpose. I can understand placing him last on the stage as punishment, but expelling him from the rest of the Tour de France this year...?! That's far too harsh!

We're only at stage 4, and the Tour has already lost some of the biggest names. Valverde on the first stage, Cavendish with this crash... and Sagan, due to this exaggerated punishment?!

Seriously, Tour judges: Kicking out the biggest star and main attraction of the race because of a mistake that happened in a chaotic sprint? Really?

As the kind of Sagan-fan I am, I'm heartbroken.

There's an appeal going, though. Not that I think it's going to make a difference, but I'm clinging to that little hope for now.

EDIT: Appeal declined. This is very sad. I can't believe they're going through with this stupidity. It's unfair, there's no other word for it.
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I'm back from Portugal!

In fact, I got home Saturday evening, but this is the first time I'm on a computer since before leaving. There is so much to tell from this trip, but it's probably easier to split it by category instead of trying to write a long and coherent post. This might be rather long anyway, though.

Are you ready? Do you have coffee/tea/something else to make your reading experience nicer? Good, then let's go:

Flights: This was only the 4th flight in my adult life (of course not counting multiple flights during the same trip separately). As I'm not used to travelling this way, I find it (mostly) exciting. I'm not sure it's that fun to sit in a narrow seat with limited space for my legs and even more limited space to the person in the next seat for 4 hours, though. Seriously, the plane to and from Lisbon was so cramped. I had another flight to get home from Oslo yesterday as well, and that plane was slightly more spacious. I mean, shouldn't that have been the other way around, considering the fact that the flight to Lisbon is much longer?

Hotel: We stayed in an absolutely awesome hotel in Lisbon. Almost everything was perfect there. Our room was nice and spacious, the beds were comfortable, we got free bottles of drinking water every day (very nice when you get home late, as we usually did). Also, they gave us four pieces of hand-made chocolate daily. On the day we arrived, they brought that to our room quite soon after arrival, while on the other days we found a plate with chocolate in the room when we got home. Did I mention yet that this chocolate was absolutely delicious? Well, it was. Especially the white kind.

What else? Yes, the hotel had a pool in the basement, as well as a slightly smaller (outdoor) pool on the roof. We tried both, but the coolest experience was definitely when we went swimming in the rooftop pool at 11:30pm once. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to stay there for long, because you weren't supposed to swim there after 8pm - only, there was no info about this anywhere. The woman from the staff who came to ask us to leave was very nice about it, though - she even gave us some extra soft towels because we were apparently not supposed to use the ones from our room that we had brought there (supposedly due to the high amount of chemicals they would put in the water for the evening/night-time cleaning process). Even though that was a short and kinda illegal swim, it was awesome, and much cooler than swimming in the same pool in the daytime would have been.

City: First of all, Lisbon is NOT an ideal city if you are a wheelchair user or if you otherwise cannot walk perfectly. It's very hilly, and those hills are mostly very steep. That, coupled with streets covered in mini-cobblestones made of some slippery, glass-like material, makes for a big challenge. Our hotel was located at the top of a hill, and we actually had to take a bus just to get down from there in a reasonably comfortable way - because strangely enough, the two nearby metro stations were also located at the bottom of the hill.

Other than that, what I saw of the city was very beautiful, though. My favourite spot was probably the Parque das Nações - a huge park with a long promenade along the river Tejo. This is also the location of the MEO Arena - which could possibly host next year's Eurovision Song Contest. Apparently, this whole area was made for Expo '98, and it was cool how there were also flag poles with flags and info about every country in the world.

Another place I liked was the Praça do Comércio square. It reminded me a little bit on Prague's Staroměstské Náměstí. We also saw the only rain during our trip while we were here - it started raining enough that every restaturant around frantically moved all sorts of stuff indoors. By the time they were done with that, the sun came back out. HEH.

... and that brings me to:

Weather: We had perfect weather all week. Perfect as in about 22-25 degrees and slightly cloudy much of the time. There was a slight breeze most of the time, too - apart from one evening when it got very windy and almost chilly (maybe mostly because I was just wearing a thin singlet-like shirt that had been enough all day, though). Strangely, I know that there was a heatwave with temperatures up to 40-45 degrees the week before we were there, and there's a forecast of up to 50 degrees for next week, so that makes the weather we had even more perfect.

Metro: I'm madly fascinated with metro/subway systems. There is of course no such thing in my town, so perhaps that explains why I find it so cool. Lisbon's system was very cool when it was working, but also badly marked and with limited info available when something was out of the ordinary. For example, lifts to get into the metro were often located in strange places far away from the stairs to the same station. I mean two streets or so away, for example. Also, half of those lifts were either out of service or only available to one line and not the other at the points where you were supposed to switch between lines. Luckily, I can walk at least a bit, and the stairs were often quite good, so with some workarounds metro travels worked kind of okay.

Seriously, though, Lisbon metro people, I know you were super-helpful and friendly and everything, but one thing: MAPS! How about putting a map near the stairs, showing where lifts and other stairs to the same station are? That would have been extremely helpful.

That reminds me:

Maps, signs and tourism: Getting around Lisbon on foot if you don't know the city can be somewhat difficult, because the signs with street names are either too small to read from a distance or simply not there at all. Especially near the hotel, lots of streets were simply unmarked. Also, the city does not seem to have much of that typical "tourist-y" stuff that other big cities do. I did not see a single souvenir shop, for example. (I'm sad about this, as I would have wanted at least something that said Lisbon or Portugal on it).

I don't mean to complain, though, because I had an absolutely amazing time. Very much thanks to:

People: I'm impressed by Portuguese people, really. They're so friendly and helpful, and I'm amazed at how they seem to genuinely care about you even if you are a total stranger. For example, sometimes we we were just standing around for a while because we got confused about where we were or where to go. My experience was that if we did that for more than a few moments, someone would stop on their own accord and ask if we needed help, or simply just try to resolve the issue if it was obvious what was up.

For example, we had some trouble at a metro station because 1) there was no lift even though there was supposed to be one, and 2) the ticket barrier refused to work, even though we had valid tickets, and 3) there was no station assistant to be found anywhere.

Well, a random Portuguese woman just stopped and tried to help out. She was very sorry that the info about the lift was incorrect, and that we were having problems. She also called the station assistant and waited for him to resolve at least the ticket barrier issue. Then she proceeded to tell him off for our problems, for not having info in any languages other than Portuguese and for a number of other things that I didn't understand clearly. The point is that she took the time to stay with us and make sure we were okay, even though we had never seen her in our life until then. We were total strangers to her, and she still got so emotionally involved in this whole situation.

What's more - she wasn't one of a kind. People everywhere were just so friendly and caring and helpful. I don't think I have ever seen this general attitude in other countries, so it was amazing to see.

I don't know if I feel like going back to Lisbon in the future, though. I had a fantastic time there, stayed in a wonderful hotel, and I'm very happy with having been there. However, the city is more than a little impractical from my point of view, and I would rather visit a new place next time I'm going to travel by plane; not go back to one I have already visited once.

PS: I posted some photos from the trip on my Instagram account.

Let's try this

Monday, June 19th, 2017 14:45
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I'm feeling lonely and somewhat bored today, so let's try this:

Is there anything you would like to know about me? Anything that you're curious about, or just something random that you'd like to ask?

Now is your chance. Ask me anything, and I'll try to answer in the best possible way.

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I had The Big Cleaning And Tidying Day today. My bedroom has been in need of cleaning and tidying for some time now, but somehow I kept postponing it. Today I not only cleaned everything, but I also cleared my desk and some other random stuff that has been lying around since forever.

...of course you might argue that I only cleared the desk because I need space to properly see what I'm gonna pack for the Portugal trip when the time comes, but let's not talk about that. Instead, let me enjoy the feeling of accomplishment after getting this done after postponing it a number of times before.

On a different note, I got a new haircut the other day. It looked okay when I was at the hairdresser's, and it still feels good to have short hair again (as opposed to the unruly mess I had before the haircut. Even my hairbrush wouldn't comb through it, and I had to comb it in two layers, kinda). There is, however, one comment from the hairdresser that is starting to bother me now - even though I didn't react to it that much when I was actually there.

Let's just say I've had the same general short hairstyle for years. I usually just comb all my hair backwards, and when it's newly cut, it should be short enough to stand upwards a little bit - but there should still be enough hair left that it can fall generally in a backwards direction. So, not so short that there are just a few centimetres of hair left, but also not so long that it falls out of shape - it'll do that after a couple of weeks, though.

Usually this explanation gets me what I want, even though I hate explaining which haircut I want. I'm always afraid that I'll get something totally different... and this time that was exactly what happened. When the hairdresser was done, my hair was kind of generally in a "round" shape. I pointed out the problem of that to her, and she kinda fixed it a little bit, but even now you can still see that basic shape. When I tried to point out this to her, she said this: "I can't really cut more than I did now. And I tried to make a nice and feminine-looking shape."


Okay, angry outburst aside, this makes me more furious the more I think of it. While it is true that she couldn't really cut much more hair, she could have simply asked if she had any doubts about what I said. I have no desire to do things that would make me fit some random person's standard of femininity. In fact, I have no desire to look feminine at all - and if I do it's either by coincidence or by annoying facts of life.

I mean, I tried to show her what I usually do to my hair, so I don't understand why she couldn't just do what I asked. It's not like I could have stopped her earlier either, because when you're sitting there getting your hair cut, the hairdresser puts all sorts of pins and things in it, and you can't really tell what she's doing until it's done. Even then, I need to touch it and wash it myself before I'm completely sure what the new cut is like.

Somehow, her comment about femininity bothers me more and more. When she said it, I just wanted to get out of there and be done with the whole thing, so I tried to not take it to heart too much. Now that I've had time to think of it, I can't stop thinking of how rude and hurtful and infuriating it was.

I kind of want my hair to grow out again as soon as possible, so that I can go and get my usual cut again soon. Perhaps the current cut isn't "ugly" either, but it's not me and not what I asked for and the shape just bothers me a lot because of everything I said above.

Pillow stuff

Friday, June 16th, 2017 18:15
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I bought a new pillow a few days ago. A weird one that looks like this.

... That might be one of the best things I've ever bought. Seriously.

As some of you may know (because I know I've been whining about it in my journal before), I have a lot of problems with pillows. Sometimes I wake up with a massive headache after sleeping on unfamiliar pillows (like in hotels and such). Even my own pillow at home can be a problem, because it has one "correct" position - if I drop it in my sleep or wash it or try to knock it into a better shape, it's very possible that I'll wake up feeling headachy and possibly nauseated even after sleeping on that one.

And of course this issue is not easily remedied by simply buying a new pillow, because I don't really know from looking at/touching a pillow in a shop whether it'll work for me.

This new one, though? Let's just say that I've read about these pillows various times, but they're usually very expensive. They also look very strange, so I couldn't imagine that I'd be able to sleep on such a thing. For those reasons, I simply never tried them until now.

I've had this pillow for a few days now, and it's seriously an absolute wonder. It's a little lower than I usually prefer, but getting used to that took only a couple of nights. I sleep mostly on my side, but I prefer to lie on my back if I'm "doing" things on bed - like reading, clicking around the net on my phone, lying in bed watching sports etc. This pillow is supposed to be ideal for both positions, because it's slightly higher on the part that goes under your neck. Having extra support there feels surprisingly comfortable. I know that I also used to have a tendency to lean my head back in my sleep. With this pillow, I don't think I can even do that, and supposedly it should help with keeping your head at the right angle to your spine even in your sleep.

Of course I can't tell whether that's actually what it's doing. I can, however, say that I slept very well on this pillow for the time I've had it - and I haven't had even one day of waking up with what I have always thought of as "pillow-related" pain. During the first couple of nights I switched back and forth between this and my regular pillow, but by now I truly like this new one. Also, one more thing about it is that it's actually less hard than it looks. Sure, it's hard in the sense that it stays the same shape even when you sleep on it, but you can easily squeeze it a little - it's not a solid "block" of a pillow (which I always thought these things were, honestly. I suppose they come in various qualities and softness levels, though).
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Good news first: I feel better today. I was still headache-y and dizzy during the night, so I'm still a bit tired and such, but other than that I'm okay. That's a good thing at least.

In other news, we have - wait for it - 33 degrees centigrade outside my window right now. It's also sunny and the sky is completely blue, without a single cloud in sight. It's actually too hot to be outside for very long, but I'm going to find a nice shade spot on the veranda soon, and hopefully I can sit there for a little while.

Also, I haven't been online all day. Now that I finally have some computer time, I'm not really doing anything useful with it. All those nice things I planned to do while I wasn't here? Just escaped my mind now that I can do them. Instead, I've been playing around with Avatar Maker (for now, this is me). I also tried to clean up an old and mostly unused Gmail account. It's full of junk, except for some stuff on the Google Drive, so I guess I can try to download that, and then just get rid of the account.

... That's a task for tomorrow, though. Mom is off to Denmark with Mrs Neighbour then, so that should mean a nice evening by the computer for me. Yes, I'm looking forward to that. If all goes well, I might actually write something then, too. Or do some more Swift lessons? Let's see what will happen - it should be fun, either way.

Denmark trip

Monday, June 12th, 2017 18:09
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I went to Denmark for the day yesterday. The trip was mostly nice, and I also managed to buy a bag/backpack (well, it has straps for carrying on your back, at least) for the Portugal trip. Now I just need to see that I can fit everything I need in there, but I think that should be okay.

Today has been significantly less nice, though. I woke up hurting absolutely all over - headache, nausea, cramps, dizziness, you name it... It feels like I spent most of today either sleeping or moaning about being in too much pain to even do anything useful. Even trying to eat has been difficult, and I only managed to eat properly after sleeping for another hour just half an hour ago or so.

Right now I feel a bit better. I'm still tired, but not hurting or feeling like I'm about to throw up anymore. I guess I will still go to bed very early tonight, though. (Perhaps there is still something not quite right if I'm sitting by the computer at 6:30pm thinking of "going to bed early"?)

On a nicer note: I rediscovered some old writings on my Google Docs account - including some half-written fics that I had more or less forgotten about. I don't think these are fics I'm going to finish anymore, but it's still interesting to see them again.


Saturday, June 10th, 2017 19:42
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Show race with Johannes, Didrik, and various others on TV in 10 minutes!

I'm so excited!

EDIT: Not the most interesting race, really. It was a pursuit based on the results from a race earlier in the afternoon (this one was not shown on TV). The leaders after the first part were skiers I know by name, but not much else. They managed to keep the bigger favourites from catching up for a long while tonight as well, but in the end they got caught, and Finn Hågen Krogh won ahead of Martin Johnsrud Sundby. Gøran Tefre - one of the leaders after the first part - was third.

Johannes started from 9th position, and he was 6th in the end. He must have been skiing with Didrik for much of the race, because Didrik started from 8th position, and was 7th in the end. I couldn't see either of them much during the race, though, because you can't really distinguish individual people in a group when they're all wearing helmets and same-ish clothes.

There was a little mini-interview with Johannes at the beginning, though. He got asked whether the events of last season had changed him in any way, and he answered that he hopes they haven't, and at least he likes to think that he's still the same. Also, he said that he didn't have any big expectations for today's race, because he's not exactly on form in June. (That's the same for everyone, though!)

So, with this in mind I guess the result was okay enough. And at least I got to see him both in an interview and in competition, so I'm a happy fan tonight.

Love meme

Thursday, June 8th, 2017 15:12
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I came across this love meme on my flist today. It's always nice to hear good things about oneself, so it would be very nice if you wanted to drop by my thread with some love for me.

Also, don't forget to make your own thread so that I can leave you some love as well.


Thursday, June 8th, 2017 09:57
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Waking up to very hot weather today, despite the weather being cloudy outside. Immediately after showering, I feel like... taking another shower.

I think that explains it.

Other than that, I did a big fat nothing yesterday, so I want to go out today. If nothing else, just to get some fresh air. Also, it looks like someone tried to move (steal?) one of my flower boxes during the night, so it's now standing kinda askew in its holder.

That needs fixing, obviously.

Trying to steal a flower box, though? Huh?!

Today's to-do list

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017 13:15
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Plans for today:

- Pay bills. DONE!
(Ugh, it's boring to spend money on these... but I guess it's one of the necessary evils of life?)

- Vacuuming. DONE!
(That's why I'm online writing a to-do list instead...)

- Start making a proper packing list for the Portugal trip.
(Been looking at Things 3 for this. Why is it that I always end up being fascinated with a random app if I'm going to do something slightly unusual? And why are apps so expensive?)

- Find a handbag (preferably from my collection, not getting yet another new one) to replace the one that broke a couple of months ago.
(Should be easy... but there's a reason I'm not using the handbags in my collection, you know...)

- Have a look at the Hobonichi website again.
(I think they're selling a half-year book now... yes, I care about this, as I miss my Hobo....)

Okay, how about getting things done, instead of just writing about what I should do?

1-2-3, GO!


Thursday, June 1st, 2017 18:29
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I'm going to

I have flight tickets and a hotel room booked now, so this trip just got real! I'm going with the best friend to Lisbon for a week later this summer.

In fact, he has been trying to convince me to come with him to Portugal for a few years already, but somehow the trip never turned out to be until now. I'm sure you can imagine that I'm very excited about it!

Lisbon is a city I would most likely not get to visit in any other way, because I don't travel by plane unless it's with exactly this friend. Therefore, there is a kind of double excitement here - I get to visit a cool place that feels "out of reach" otherwise, and it's also only the (I think...) 4th flight in my adult life (not counting multiple flights during the same trip separately), so that should be fun, too!

This is amazing, and I can't wait!

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