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Can July be over soon? Or rather, can the national holiday period be over soon, so that it will be possible to do things without planning them an eternity ahead again?

I'm trying to plan a Sweden trip for my mom and her friend. Technically it is possible to travel there and back in a day, even from here, but it can be stressful and it's definitely better to stay one night in a hotel there. But - surprise, surprise - everything is full (or overly expensive) until at least the 6th of August.

Ehm, they wanted to travel now or soon, not in August. For now I'm having no luck finding them a place to stay, though. There is one possibility left, but that hotel is not answering their emails, and I kind of don't feel like calling them on the phone... because, seriously, what kind of place doesn't answer its email in 2017, anyway?

I just get a little bit frustrated with the holiday season, sometimes - especially if it affects my plans or wishes in a negative way.

Maybe it's not a good reason to whine, though. At least I had a nice enough day otherwise. I've been to Lillesand (=the neighbouring town) today, so at least I did something slightly out of the ordinary. Had dinner at the roadside café there, too, so that was also nice. Now I'm a bit tired, though - also because it's rather hot (+30 degrees) today.

Coffee time, now. And maybe watching Tour de France for a bit.

Date: Thursday, 13 July 2017 17:13 (UTC)
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I hate having to plan things during the holiday season too! That's why I usually try to travel at off-peak times or do anything that way. Even on weekends if I have to go downtown I try to find out first if any events are taking place so I can avoid traveling with hot, sweaty, noisy, annoying people!

I do hope that things will work out for your mom and her friend. :)

I love the Tour de France but have been immersed in the Wimbledon tournament. However, I'm very disappointed because my favourites are all out and the last thing I want is to watch Federer or Williams win. Do I like to become nauseated that easily? The answer to that is NO!!! :D

I think I'll be watching the Tour de France or other sports events that are pretty and exciting and feel like a breath of fresh air! Something nice for a change, you know? <3

Date: Friday, 14 July 2017 12:11 (UTC)
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Urgh, that must be so bloody frustrating! Especially with the hotel not answering their emails - like, is this the 80s or something? Wtf? The only other suggestion I can think of is airbnb - Ryan got a great rooftop flat for a weekend in Hamburg when his friends all met up there, an excellent price too, but I don't know how reliable airbnb is so... So annoying that there are no spaces in hotels anywhere!

Jesus F, that's hot! I'm not surprised you're tired after a day out in that heat. Feeling better today? Is it any cooler, perhaps? We've been having cool-ish temperatures here for a while, but when it's gotten warmer it's also cloudy and humid, which I think I like even less than hot sun. At least when it's cold you can put on layers and have hot drinks. Hot weather seems so much more difficult to deal with. Cold doesn't seem to drain you quite as much either, does it?

My god, here I am suggesting winter is better. Slap me!

Was dinner good?

Date: Saturday, 15 July 2017 20:51 (UTC)
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Ps: was just noodling thru IG on my laptop so I couldn't comment on your story there, but YES, YES PLEASE - a Johannes fan site is definitely needed, especially if it has information in English too (if that's ok with you?)! If there's any way I can help you if you need it, too, just tell me what to do, ok?

I'm sure you said there was an Ola video you wanted me to watch, but I can't find it on here. Was it on IG? Sorry for being dense, agh.
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