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Friday, June 16th, 2017 18:15
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I bought a new pillow a few days ago. A weird one that looks like this.

... That might be one of the best things I've ever bought. Seriously.

As some of you may know (because I know I've been whining about it in my journal before), I have a lot of problems with pillows. Sometimes I wake up with a massive headache after sleeping on unfamiliar pillows (like in hotels and such). Even my own pillow at home can be a problem, because it has one "correct" position - if I drop it in my sleep or wash it or try to knock it into a better shape, it's very possible that I'll wake up feeling headachy and possibly nauseated even after sleeping on that one.

And of course this issue is not easily remedied by simply buying a new pillow, because I don't really know from looking at/touching a pillow in a shop whether it'll work for me.

This new one, though? Let's just say that I've read about these pillows various times, but they're usually very expensive. They also look very strange, so I couldn't imagine that I'd be able to sleep on such a thing. For those reasons, I simply never tried them until now.

I've had this pillow for a few days now, and it's seriously an absolute wonder. It's a little lower than I usually prefer, but getting used to that took only a couple of nights. I sleep mostly on my side, but I prefer to lie on my back if I'm "doing" things on bed - like reading, clicking around the net on my phone, lying in bed watching sports etc. This pillow is supposed to be ideal for both positions, because it's slightly higher on the part that goes under your neck. Having extra support there feels surprisingly comfortable. I know that I also used to have a tendency to lean my head back in my sleep. With this pillow, I don't think I can even do that, and supposedly it should help with keeping your head at the right angle to your spine even in your sleep.

Of course I can't tell whether that's actually what it's doing. I can, however, say that I slept very well on this pillow for the time I've had it - and I haven't had even one day of waking up with what I have always thought of as "pillow-related" pain. During the first couple of nights I switched back and forth between this and my regular pillow, but by now I truly like this new one. Also, one more thing about it is that it's actually less hard than it looks. Sure, it's hard in the sense that it stays the same shape even when you sleep on it, but you can easily squeeze it a little - it's not a solid "block" of a pillow (which I always thought these things were, honestly. I suppose they come in various qualities and softness levels, though).

Date: Friday, 16 June 2017 19:58 (UTC)
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I have the same kinds of problems with pillows! I do have allergies and cannot sleep on down (duck feathers) so the filling has to be synthetic. But I have given myself torticollis from my neck being bent in the wrong position so many times!

I had a pillow like the one you bought in the pic but accidentally left it behind in Berlin when I visited there in 2010! So now I sleep on a nice soft one that feels like air. The memory foam pillows are too "hard" for me to sleep on. Sometimes I think it would be better to sleep right on the mattress with no pillow at all!

Date: Friday, 16 June 2017 20:17 (UTC)
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I have a pillow almost like that! And I love it. I can sleep on my side without twisting my shoulders around (I'm hyper-flexible, so my shoulders bend anywhichway) If I'm away, I spend way to much time pummeling the pillow into the right shape.
Sleeping is important!
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