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Show race with Johannes, Didrik, and various others on TV in 10 minutes!

I'm so excited!

EDIT: Not the most interesting race, really. It was a pursuit based on the results from a race earlier in the afternoon (this one was not shown on TV). The leaders after the first part were skiers I know by name, but not much else. They managed to keep the bigger favourites from catching up for a long while tonight as well, but in the end they got caught, and Finn Hågen Krogh won ahead of Martin Johnsrud Sundby. Gøran Tefre - one of the leaders after the first part - was third.

Johannes started from 9th position, and he was 6th in the end. He must have been skiing with Didrik for much of the race, because Didrik started from 8th position, and was 7th in the end. I couldn't see either of them much during the race, though, because you can't really distinguish individual people in a group when they're all wearing helmets and same-ish clothes.

There was a little mini-interview with Johannes at the beginning, though. He got asked whether the events of last season had changed him in any way, and he answered that he hopes they haven't, and at least he likes to think that he's still the same. Also, he said that he didn't have any big expectations for today's race, because he's not exactly on form in June. (That's the same for everyone, though!)

So, with this in mind I guess the result was okay enough. And at least I got to see him both in an interview and in competition, so I'm a happy fan tonight.

Date: 11/06/2017 15:50 (UTC)From: [personal profile] jenni_blog
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How lucky for you to be able to catch Johannes' and Didrik's race! Not a bad result. At least there is room for improvement as well. What I liked most about your account of it was that Johannes and Didrik finished so close together! (Of course you know I hope that they wanted it that way.<3)

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