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I'm going to

I have flight tickets and a hotel room booked now, so this trip just got real! I'm going with the best friend to Lisbon for a week later this summer.

In fact, he has been trying to convince me to come with him to Portugal for a few years already, but somehow the trip never turned out to be until now. I'm sure you can imagine that I'm very excited about it!

Lisbon is a city I would most likely not get to visit in any other way, because I don't travel by plane unless it's with exactly this friend. Therefore, there is a kind of double excitement here - I get to visit a cool place that feels "out of reach" otherwise, and it's also only the (I think...) 4th flight in my adult life (not counting multiple flights during the same trip separately), so that should be fun, too!

This is amazing, and I can't wait!

Date: 01/06/2017 17:00 (UTC)From: [personal profile] yuuago
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Ooooh, Portugal! That's so awesome! I've heard so many nice things about Lisbon, I bet you'll love it.

Date: 01/06/2017 20:29 (UTC)From: [personal profile] upanddisappear
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Ohhh how lovely!

Date: 02/06/2017 08:01 (UTC)From: [personal profile] catness
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Wow, sounds exciting! Hope you'll enjoy your trip, and have a lot of great experiences!

Date: 09/06/2017 15:31 (UTC)From: [personal profile] catness
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Nope, I don't have Instagram, I'm too paranoid ;) and anyway, it would be boring to instagram my daily life, because I don't do anything exciting; and for traveling, I already have Tumblr. (Maybe I had to do it on Instagram instead, when I had started it a couple of years ago. I had planned to post also text posts, but in the end, I'm too lazy, and just upload images, without even commenting on them.)

But I'll check yours, if that's where you post the pics, what's it?

Date: 02/06/2017 17:49 (UTC)From: [personal profile] jenni_blog
jenni_blog: (BARE FEET)
OMG I do love Portugal so much! Especially Lisbon - it gave me the feeling of familiarity even though I had never been there before - but I have been twice now and do so want to go back soon! I hope you have as wonderful a time as I did. The people there are so lovely, welcoming and friendly. :)

Date: 02/06/2017 21:08 (UTC)From: [personal profile] mummimamma
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Oooh, sounds like fun!
Of course my first thought was the best cookies in the world. I've gotten these from my students a couple of times, and makes me want to visit Lisbon just for that. And then there is everything else.

Date: 04/06/2017 20:36 (UTC)From: [personal profile] gobtastic
gobtastic: (Minnie)
YAY!!!!! This is such brilliant news, and I hope you have an amazing time, love! I've been seing a lot of photos of Lisbon on my IG feed lately for some reason, and every time I see those photos I think it would be the most amazing place to visit. And you're going! That's so fantastic!


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