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It's summer!

...or at least we've had the first couple of truly warm days this summer. As you probably all know, I suck at tolerating hot weather. While I like reasonably warm weather that allows me to go outside without putting on a jacket or any other "extra" layers of clothing, there's a long step between that and having 27-30 degrees, like we've had for a couple of days now.

Luckily, it doesn't stay that hot almost around the clock, though, so at least I'm still sleeping well and still feeling better in the evenings, when the temperature is more to my liking (or perhaps even bordering on cool even by my standards, but there's no way I'm going to complain about that!)

It's only May, and I'm already mildly complaining about temperatures? Errr, that's what I usually do in July or August. Not May. Warm days in May are supposed to be Good Things. Why am I such a weirdo about this?!

Perhaps I'm strange, but I'm already mentally counting months and days until September.

It's not that I don't want summer, though. I like summer - or at least I want to like summer, and sometimes I like it, too - but I don't like things like hot weather or feeling bad for not being outside enough or this whole feeling that "this is supposed to be the best time of the year, so you should try to be sensible and enjoy it!"

September is much more "my" month - it can still be warm and beautiful, but in a much more pleasant way than the summer months. Also, it's the beginning of autumn, which always makes me feel more inspired and alive. Plus, it's on the right side of summer, so the winter sports season doesn't feel quite as far away anymore either. (Yeah, can you tell that the list of cross-country World Cup races for the coming season was released today?)

Of course, the first race isn't until November...
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Just a random Johannes photo. Swiped from himself on IG/FB.

This is just such a nice picture. I love his smile and general expression here, and it’s also nice to see him with this kinda untidy hair ;).

I’m going to keep smiling for the rest of the day now. Yes.

I’m curious about what he’s doing at Sognefjellet now, though, especially as I know that the Italian team (including Federico Pellegrino) were there very recently - so recently that I guess they might still be there, too.

EDIT: I also found a pic of Didrik with some other people from the team just now. That pic was also geotagged with Sognefjellet, so Johannes is definitely not by himself there. Nice to know.

It's probably some kind of training camp with the whole team, then. That's still potentially very interesting info, though.
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