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Thursday, May 11th, 2017 18:14
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It's Eurovision semifinal day 2. I know I forgot to to post about the first semifinal on Tuesday, but maybe that was because I did not really have any big favourites there? I liked a few songs - Slovenia and Finland the most - but I doubt I'm going to listen to any of them that much outside of doing a playthrough of current Eurovision songs.

Tonight I have a couple of favourites, though. First of all: ESTONIA! Now, I already loved Koit Toome when he competed at the ESC in 1998, so I'm not surprised that this song is great. I also like the voice of the female singer here, though - and the song just sounds good to my ears. I've been listening to it a lot over the past couple of weeks, and I will probably continue to do so for a while longer, no matter whether it qualifies for the final or not.

I also kind of like the song from Belarus. It's sing-along-friendly and gets easily stuck in my head, even though I'm not sure it's something I truly "like" in the sense that it'll stay with me for a long time after the contest. Don't know if that made sense to anyone? Anyway, another cool feature about that song is the fact that it's in Belarusian, which is a language I don't get to hear that much.

Norway are competing in tonight's semifinal as well, but I have to admit that I don't like our entry that much this year. It's modern - maybe too modern for me and my old-fashioned music tastes? - and in my ears quite repetitive and nagging. At the same time, even I tend to hum along to it when I hear it on the radio, so I can see that there must be something positive about it. It's not my kind of music, though.

What else? Yeah, I think Romania's entry is interesting because it's a unique mix of styles - and the result actually sounds quite cool. Macedonia is also kind of catchy, and I guess I'm hoping for that to qualify as well. Bulgaria seems to be mentioned among the favourites to win the whole thing, and that song is probably not bad either. Will be interesting to see it on stage, because for now I remember the video more than the song - and that's not the point, right? Neither of these are songs I'm going to listen to a lot once the Eurovision-mood wears off, though.

Let's see how it goes, though - and at least I managed to write a proper Eurovision-post this year. Hopefully I can write another one ahead of the final on Saturday.

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