Sunday, May 7th, 2017

zimena: Cross-country skier Johannes Høsflot Klæbo looking dangerously beautiful (Skiing - JHK naughty)
I screencapped this from Johannes' latest vlog post:

JHK showing climbing injuries

Apparently this was taken on the day he was supposed to travel to Oslo before the team presentation last week. The plane he was supposed to be on was delayed by about half a day due to snow (!) in Oslo... so he decided to get a bit of extra training and do some wall climbing with a couple of friends.

It's actually quite interesting to watch him climb, because he does it almost without caring to find solid footing between each move. No wonder he's hurting his hands like you can see in this photo. He's even showing off and being proud of these hand injuries.

In other news about him, he was on a TV talkshow last night. I missed it while it was on, but I watched it as soon as I could - a few hours late. Here he is with the talkshow host, Anne Lindmo, and his grandfather and coach, Kåre Høsflot:

As you might expect, he was all kinds of wonderful on that show. It deserves a much longer post than I'm going to write now, but I'll just mention that it was very nice to see the communication between him and his grandfather, because it's so visible how close they are. Beautiful to see, really.

As for more specific questions, Johannes got asked whether he had always been a good skier for his age. He said no, and explained how he used to be small and skinny for his age. At 16, he came in 80th place in the national youth race, for example.

He also said that he used to be really angry about not getting the desired results on the track. Often, he would storm off to the forest in rage at not doing well enough, and then try to stay there so that he wouldn't have to go to any kind of awards ceremony after races. He has mentioned similar things before, so to me this was already familiar info. However, this time he also admitted that his reactions at that time were tough for his parents, and that his mum would tell him almost every weekend that "at this rate, you might have to simply stop skiing. Because this anger is so not on."

I love how he's so honest about this, and also how he seems so aware of how his story can be inspirational to younger skiers going through the same thing now.

Other than that, there was also a funny moment when the hostess brought up his vlog. She mentioned how it seems he can make a competition out of everything, and then used a few clips from his Easter break vlog post to demonstrate the point. What he managed to make a competition of only during Easter break? Ski-jumping, eating jelly from a plate without using one's hands, climbing a local mountain and skiing downhill from it, stuffing as many marshmallows in your mouth as you can...

You get the picture, right? Well, Mrs. Hostess didn't quite get it about the marshmallows contest, so she made him explain the rules there. Which he did, without even a hint of embarrassment. Then she asked whether he won the contest, because that's not clear from the video... His answer? "No, because the guy I competed with is big-mouthed, so I lost."

Just: HAH! Some answer, there.

Finally, you have to know that when he posted on Instagram that he was going to be on the show, he said that "you should watch if you want a good laugh." From the beginning I didn't quite understand what he meant by that, because he was just being cute and wonderful the whole time, and even though he was smiling and being sometimes funny, it wasn't in a way that warranted such a comment.

Well, I did not understand until the next guest came into the studio. It was a woman who had just won an award as the best maths teacher in Norway. She was very lively and enthusiastic, and she talked about the award a bit, and about her teaching methods a lot. At one point, the host asked her to explain her passion for maths - to which she replied very passionately that "solving a mathematical problem is better than orgasm and sex."

Exactly that, with such a fierce passion in her voice that it sounded even naughtier than it looks in print. I think everyone were a bit floored by that comment, and in the background Johannes was blushing very furiously. I felt so sorry for him, really... but I also so understand his reaction. I think he found it hard to even look at this woman after that, because even a while afterwards he was still cringing and looking like he didn't know where to look or how to react.

...and of course it didn't get easier for him when the hostess asked whether it was possible to find a mathematical formula for the typical Klæbo-climb technique. The teacher answered that "if they let me come to training, I can look into that," to which Johannes' grandfather replied that "if it makes him ski faster, then you're welcome."

Johannes himself, though? Looked like he had seen a number of better ideas in this world than having her come to his trainings :)

Even writing about this makes me feel sorry for him again, but I also have to admit that I love how he's so genuine, and how he's handling even this with a smile when posting about it on his IG, for example.

I just adore him endlessly, okay?

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