Thursday, May 4th, 2017

DW/LJ cleanup note

Thursday, May 4th, 2017 18:38
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I've been trying to fix my access filters here on Dreamwidth. When I moved over here, everyone I was friends with on LJ would automatically be part of the same filters over here as on LJ, of course as long as they logged in to DW with their OpenID (read: LJ) account. This has been somewhat confusing for me, and it makes little sense to have a huge access list of LJ users as long as I don't think any of you read my DW via an LJ account anyway.

If you are [ profile] chelsealady or [ profile] soviet_star, I have kept you on my filters here with your LJ accounts. But for everyone else - I've added you under your DW username if you have one, or you're probably reading me via the [ profile] zimena_dw feed on LJ, in which case you're not getting the filtered content.

Nowadays I post almost everything except fics openly, though, so you're not missing a lot of posts if you are reading the feed instead of my actual DW page.

Still, I don't want to lose you if you are actually using DW via an OpenID account, so please let me know if you feel that you should still be in the access filters you used to be in.

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