Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

Little notes

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017 23:57
zimena: (Text - Things to do today)
I don't feel like trying to write a coherent post today, so I'll just mention a couple of things in bullet-point form:

* Ronnie won his match and is in the quarterfinal. Guess whom he will play next? Ding Junhui! That? Is both awesome and painful at the same time, because that means my two favourite players will meet in a Crucible quarterfinal. Not final, but quarterfinal. One piece of my snooker heart will break after that match, regardless of the result. Strange how I spend the whole season hoping for matches between the two of them, because they are both wonderful. Then I get that matchup now - in the one tournament where I don't want to lose any of them too early!

* I saw a super-cute cat on the street today. Apparently it must have had its humans in a nearby house, because it was so friendly and curious and came over to me wanting to get petted. So nice!

* Writing isn't working at the moment. I have a fic to work on, an idea for a short ficlet, and I still want to see if I can complete my poetry challenge. Number of things I thought of writing today: 3. Number of things I actually worked on: 0. That is a problem, obviously.

* Also, related to the above, there is a scene in my mind that I'd say physically hurts to think about. It's so cruel and painful and emotionally hard-hitting, and I don't understand why I'm even thinking of it. But at the same time, I can't stop thinking of it and wanting to write it. My mind is a weird place.

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