Friday, April 21st, 2017

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Friday, April 21st, 2017 15:26
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I've been out from before 9am today, and I just got home now - at about 3:15pm. Yes, I'm very tired, thanks for asking. Ideally, I'd like to have a long nap right now... or perhaps just lie down and sleep until tomorrow, because it feels like I want to do that. I don't think I could do it for real, though, so maybe I'm just an expert at exaggerating things.

Only...Ronnie's match is on in a few moments, so I also want to follow that one. Not sure I have the energy to sit down and watch (especially as I also want to sit here for a bit...), but at least I want to know how he's doing. He was pretty impressive last night, though, so he has a 6-2 lead against Shaun Murphy ahead of today's session. If he keeps playing that impressively today, there is a small possibility that he can book his place in the quarterfinals already this afternoon, but that is a tough ask. It's first to 13, and they're only playing 8 frames today, so it would require him to win 7 of those... and I don't think Murphy is going to let that happen. He was playing badly and doing many strange things last night, though... but today is a new day for both. I'm just hoping that Ronnie can keep performing well, and at least win the match without giving me a heart attack - most likely the match won't finish until tomorrow's session, though.

Okay, long snooker ramble there. Not sure how many of you even read or followed that, but there you go. I'll try to move on to the next topic now.

Yes, weather... we had 20 degrees today! I put on both a scarf and a jacket when I left home in the morning, though, so I think you can imagine that I felt "a bit" overdressed later in the day. Also, it was nice and sunny almost all day... but just as I got home it suddenly started raining - for about 10 minutes, before the sun came back out. It seems we've had all sorts of weather in half a day today. Morning cold, then sunny and warm, then rainy, and then finally sunny again - with no rain in sight, as far as I can tell. At this rate I might say something else in five minutes, though.

This is a strange place, sometimes.

I still feel like sleeping... Zzz...

SNOOKER UPDATE: Ronnie has a 10-6 lead after today's session. The last four frames were rather painful to watch, because Ronnie made some mistakes which gave Murphy chances... that he suddenly knew how to use well, so he won three frames in a row. The last frame of the session was very close and very intense to watch, and if Murphy had won that as well, it would have been 9-7, which is madly different from 10-6 - also from the mental perspective. Let's just say that I would not have liked it if Ronnie had to go into tomorrow's final session with 0-4 in the bag from the last four frames today. Luckily he managed to win the important last frame, though. I screamed "YESSS!" in front of my TV when he potted the final black, I'm not joking. Seriously - it was such an intense last frame, and I was literally sitting with my fingers crossed much of the time. Even when that frame was over, my heart was still beating madly for quite a while.

The match is far from won yet, but for now the scoreline is positive... and it can still be settled before the mid-session interval tomorrow. Let's see how that goes.
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THANK YOU, [personal profile] catness!!!

Your package arrived, and what a beautiful gift it is! So many different things inside, and it's lovely how you thought of me and got these lovely gifts for me during your Czech-trip! That's already some time ago, so I'm touched that you got birthday stuff for me already then, and saved it until now.

The little booklet is so cute. I don't understand nearly everything in it, but some things make sense, and some others I recognise because I know the quote in another language, so I sort of "see" which one it is. Other things I will have to work with some more, so this is perfect for learning as well!

An empty notebook is always a useful thing! Always! I'm trying to stop "saving" all these beautiful notebooks for "something special", so I think this one is going to be put to good use very soon. Maybe as an on-the-go writing notebook, as it's quite solid and it has this cute little locking mechanism on the side, too?

The boookmark is quite possibly the coolest such thing I've seen, because you can just clip it onto the first page, and then move the thread with the key to whatever page you're currently on. Very convenient, and different from the bookmarks I'm used to otherwise. The key also reminds me of you, because you have something like that as a tattoo, right? Or is that my memory messing with me?

Finally, your card is absolutely beautiful! And it's Czech! And there is some text in Russian (that I managed to read fine, yay :)). And it has your lovely text inside, in your pretty handwriting!

You made my day! Or quite possibly the whole week, because this package was awesome in a million ways! Thank you so much! <3.
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First, today's Johannes photo:

I know I'm posting almost every new pic I find of him these days, but it just feels necessary as long as he's posing in this Very Interesting way, and being so cute while doing it, too. I love the way he's leaning on the car here, and there is just something so beautiful about this pose. His comment on IG was just "When vlog is life," so he's apparently filming something for it here.

Either way, I liked the pic a lot, so I had to share it.

EDIT: And I just found out that Høyer Trondheim promised a blog post with photos on Sunday. Their teaser photo was this one! Just: Wow.

Speaking of other things I like - completely unrelated to him, for a change - I have a music recommendation for you today. Quite a while ago, I did a music exchange with a Twitter friend. He loves Dutch everything, including Dutch language and music, so he gave me a bunch of music links to Dutch songs. Some of them have stayed with me, and I've become rather fond of one of the bands he made me aware of. They are called De Kast, and they're from Friesland, so they also have a few songs in Frisian, in addition to their Dutch material. The fact that I got to hear such an unusual language in music might have been part of the reason they caught my interest in a special way from the beginning, but truth is that they are really great, and that I haven't found a single bad song on their repertoire yet. While I obviously don't love every song equally much, everything I have heard from them has been good to some degree - some of it even amazing and wonderful.

So, go and give them a listen, if you can? My favourite song from them is "In de wolken", but that's a ballad, so if you want something a bit more up-tempo, you might want to try "Een teken van leven" instead. Or maybe "Raak"? Or, because Frisian is cool, how about "Hert fan myn gefoel" or "Ik ha dy leaf"?

Just a few songs... and I'm not even sure I managed to include all the best ones in this selection, that's how good this band is to my ears. I hope you'll enjoy some of their material, too. Have fun listening - if you want, of course!

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