Monday, April 17th, 2017

zimena: Cross-country skier Johannes Høsflot Klæbo looking even more gorgeous than usual. (Scenery - Pink beach)
So, the first full day in my 39th year on this planet has not been the best so far. I'm in a somewhat depressive mood, it's snowing outside (yes, snowing, on the 17th of April!), I'm in that annoying mood where I don't feel like I'm "good enough" for/at anything, yet I'm not really motivated to do anything to fix that or learn new things...

This day is just sad so far, really.

I went to have some hot chocolate with whipped cream just now, though. That made me feel at least slightly better for a time.

In other news, my birthday yesterday was fairly quiet. I got chocolate cake and gifts (Spotify card, iTunes card, birthday card, pink archive folder - and the Apple TV box that I got around two weeks ago as an early and main birthday gift counts as well!). Other than that I didn't do anything that special, though. Some of you here were definitely important in giving me a special day, though - thank you for your lovely birthday posts and messages! It means so much more than you probably realise. THANK YOU!

What else? Yeah, I'm still dreaming of going to The Gathering some time - especially now that I've seen some more photos from there this year. Another dream, perhaps slightly triggered by looking up TG photos, is learning to program. I started trying to learn C++ some time ago, but somehow I fell out of that after just a few lessons. It might be time to make another try now - perhaps with XCode, as I already have that installed from the last time I was thinking of trying to learn at least something about programming.

Oh, and while I dream on and wait for some updates, I also have another fangirl post to write. That is, of course, a reason to put a smile back on my face.
zimena: Cross-country skiers Johannes Høsflot Klæbo and Didrik Tønseth after winning the NM teamsprint 2017 (Skiing - It's not like you think)
I went to Denmark for the day on Saturday. Just the regular day-trip, mostly just to travel a bit... and of course to do some boring everyday shopping as well. You know this already, I'm sure. To be honest, I wasn't too keen on the trip this time around, because I've been feeling increasingly tired and listless for a few days now, so getting up before 6am and home well after midnight didn't feel like such a tempting thing to do. Of course I did it anyway, though - and it was quite okay, so it's not like I'm complaining.

Anyway, while sitting on the pier waiting for the ferry home to arrive, I was clicking around the Internet on my phone. Much to my joy, I found a long Johannes interview - of all things, from our local newspaper's website. The reason for this is simply that our paper has the same owners as one of the most famous Trondheim newspapers, so they tend to repost each other's articles if they consider them interesting for their readers. As these articles are always posted behind subscription-lock on either paper's website, it's very handy for me to get them from the local paper that I actually have a subscription to. From the beginning I wasn't quite aware of this type of "article exchange", so I hardly ever checked our paper for stuff about him, but I've definitely learned my lesson now. They write about him more than the national papers/news outlets do, honestly!

Wow, long ramble just about finding an article. How about getting to the point, maybe? He said so many lovely things in that interview, so I have a lot of fangirl feelings right now.

First, there were a couple of nice photos. Now you can see a bit better what he did to his hair. I'm maybe not so happy about this, but he's still very cute of course. Have a look:

Beautiful, expressive eyes. And smiling, a little bit. That makes me happy.

We already know that red suits him fine after that photoshoot from September. Here is more proof of that, if needed. I must admit that I also kind of love this pose; I don't know why.

As for the interview itself, it starts with a paragraph on how he keeps getting stopped by fans on the street nowadays. They ask for his autograph and/or want to take photos, and he says that it was a very strange feeling for him during the first week or so when it started happening. Now he's getting used to it, though. He also says that he appreciates it, and that he finds it important be nice to his fans, and to give something back to those people who care about him in this way.

I love his wording about this. And it's also beautiful how he admits that it was strange at first, but still he understands so well by now how to deal with all of this. This bit also reminds me that he said in another interview that he had to make an autograph for himself and practice writing it earlier in the season, because he never had a proper one until now.

As for other things, he also gets asked about the money he made this past season. FIS (aka The International Skiing Federation) published a list of seasonal earnings in prize money, and so the press are wondering what he did with all of that. His answer? "I don't really see it that much, because I let my mom take care of that. Then I know that everything will be done correctly."

This is lovely as well. If I had got rich at 20, I would have done the same thing, so I fully understand him about this. It's still adorable how he admits it like this, though. He admits that he bought one extra item for himself, though - just one thing that he would not have bought otherwise.

What it was? One new pair of jeans.

Seriously, this guy and his absolute adorableness. <3.

There is more to say about this interview, because it was very long. I have to leave the computer for a while now, though, so I'm just leaving you with this for now. But before I go, can I just say that I adore him so, so much? He's so very unposed and real and wonderful, and I love that about him.
zimena: Cross-country skier Johannes Høsflot Klæbo looking even more gorgeous than usual. (Sports - JHK naughty)
I didn't finish talking about that interview in the last post, so I'll do it here. However, I realised that there are a lot of quotes I'd like to share from it, so I'm just going to translate them all here, perhaps with a few of my own reactions thrown in. Here we go:

About the Lahti team sprint - the one where Emil Iversen fell and lost the chance to fight for the victory:

"- In one way that was the biggest disappointment of the season, but I prefer to not view it as a disappointment. It was one race, and we are one team. We fought for this together, and we earned the result we did together. Both of us did our best, and unfortunately we were unlucky. I don't blame Emil for what he did. Besides, we don't kick someone who's already down, then we try to support them."

Just thinking of this race again makes me remember how heartbroken I was as a fan that day. It was so painful, in a lot of ways. I see Johannes is so classy about it, though, and that's very nice. He was also very supportive of Emil immediately after this happened, as I'm sure some of you remember, so I'm not surprised at this at all - but the quote is still lovely.

About his attitude towards partying and alcohol:

"I try to stay away from that. I prefer to take skiing seriously and have faith in what I'm doing. If others want to go out and party, that must be their choice. Maybe it works for them, but I think it's necessary to be serious about this sport. It makes no sense to party so much that you might lose some days of training where you should have been out running for three hours."

I hope he keeps having this attitude for a long, long time. It's not easy, being so young and maintaining such strong opinions on this, and it doesn't get easier when the press tries to make a point of it, like here.

About what he likes doing, aside from things related to skiing:

"I spend time doing things I find fun. Right now that means football and video blogging."

Can you even imagine how happy it makes me that he mentions video blogging here? I was afraid that he would stop updating his blog when the world cup season ended, but he's still updating weekly - and the fact that he mentions it as something fun probably means that he will keep doing so... which is more than great, obviously.

About his plans for the months ahead:

I'm planning to compete in various ski races during the whole month of April. May will be a calmer month, and starting from June, I will start working on preparing for the Olympic season. I've still not decided whether I'll be part of the allround national team or the sprint team."

The fact that he will still compete in more races in April is good, of course. It's a little bit confusing, though, because these races are generally not shown anywhere, so I have to rely on streams and live timing and such to know what he's doing. That means I might miss things, but of course I'll try not to.

About the Easter holidays:
(I'm also including some text from the article here, because it has a lot of cool info.)

The last physical exertion before the Easter holidays was Sandfjellrennet. This is a 30km race between Hauka Ski stadium and Enodd in Budal, and Johannes beat the likes of club teammate Didrik Tønseth to win that race. Afterwards, he headed to his family's cottage - a place without mobile phone coverage or internet connection, no electricity and no running water, far away from his life as a celebrity in the city.

Easter break with the extended family at the cottage in Fordalen, near Singsås, 6km from the closest road that is accessible by car, is tradition.

"- I'm looking forward to being there for a couple days, drive a scooter, do some ski jumping and otherwise just do a lot of other things."

This last part makes me smile so much. Both he and his brother posted pics from there on Instagram as well, so it seems like he had a good Easter break. Also, his quote about scooter and ski-jumping and doing "other things" makes me smile a lot, for many, many reasons.

Just so you know.

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