Friday, April 14th, 2017


Friday, April 14th, 2017 21:57
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The snooker world championship starts tomorrow!

Even though I've been watching less snooker than in previous years this season, I'm still very excited about this tournament. The draw has not been kind to my favourites, though. I'm not exactly happy about having both Ronnie O'Sullivan and Ding Junhui in the same quarter of the draw. Oh, and let's not forget that there are a bunch of very good players on the same half as well, so it'll be a tough road to the final from there.

The other half of the draw looks somewhat "easier"... it's just a pity that I'm still not a big Judd Trump fan, because to me he looks like the most likely finalist from the bottom half.

But I have to admit that a Ronnie vs Judd final would be absolutely magical...

I don't even know if I have faith in that this year, unfortunately. Ronnie has been doing strange things in too many matches lately, and thinking of that makes me nervous about what this tournament will be like. I really, really, REALLY want him to win the title, though. Yes, I'm predictable, I know!

I see that I also need to make a couple of snooker icons soon. But first: sleep, because I need to be up early tomorrow morning.

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