Friday, March 31st, 2017

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I'm trying to write fic, and it's not working at all today. I have a bunch of ideas, so I just want to get started on one of them... but right now my fic brain just doesn't want to play.

Maybe later tonight? I hope so!

As for other news from the day... Johannes was 5th on today's 10km in the national championship. I think he was 8.9 seconds behind winner, Anders Gløersen, so it's not a huge amount of time - especially not if we take into account that this was a race with individual starts. Oh, and Didrik got the bronze, btw - just mentioning.

Also, something very interesting: He's going to compete in tomorrow's 50km race as well. I mean, what? Johannes, competing in the 50km?! As far as I know, it might be his first competitive race on such a long distance. I don't think he has any big expectations for the results, but just the fact that he's going to do this and be part of such a race is wonderful!

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