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zimena: Cross-country skier Johannes Høsflot Klæbo looking even more gorgeous than usual. (Sports - JHK naughty)
I know I post about him all the time, but that's probably no surprise as long as I also think about him about 95% of the time. No, I'm not exaggerating (much).

Anyway, Johannes was on a TV talkshow last night. I have to admit that I don't watch these shows very often, but of course this one suddenly became a top priority to watch as soon as I learned that he was going to be on it. It was rather awesome, too, because he was the main guest at the beginning of the show, and the first 15-20 minutes were practically just about him. Other than that, he also stayed for the rest of the show, and got a couple of random questions related to topics other guests talked about, so this also meant that I learned at least one new fact.

But we'll get to that, don't worry.

First, this photo of him with the hosts of the talkshow:

This is the photo he used on Instagram, when he posted about being on the show. It might not be the "best" photo ever, but I love his smile here... and the fact that he seems to have forgotten to put on socks.

Then, some notes from the show, because seeing him there was just all kinds of wonderful, and he was just so beautiful and cute and totally natural. Like when he came into the studio with his Go-Pro camera and selfie-stick, for example. I'm willing to bet that this clip will be in his next vlog. (And yes, I realise that I'm not a very nice person... because normally I wonder what on earth people find to film when they go around with these mini-cameras everywhere. Then someone I like does that exact same thing, and I find it absolutely wonderful and lovely!)

Anyway, he got asked about the filming and his vlog, and he said that the other guys on the team joke with him about it by now, saying that he always goes into a room second - because the camera always comes first! He also said that he likes to make these vlog posts, and that he's trying to show what's happening outside of the track, because most people don't know that.

See what I mean about him being totally natural? Sometimes I can't believe how open and honest he seems - he seems to show so much of his personality in interviews and vlogs and IG posts and everything, and there is nothing about him that feels "posed", if I can put it that way. No wonder I love the guy so much, really. (Ok, I'll try to not repeat that sentence twenty times in this post).

Other than that, there was another interesting episode when sports comedian Nicolay Ramm came into the studio a bit later. Now, I'm not really a fan of any comedians, because I tend to find much of what they do embarrassing instead of funny. Nicolay can be funny, though - and of course there's also the fact that he's mainly famous for making fun stuff with sports people or based around sports - even down to having his own daily 10-minute comedy show during major tournaments like the Olympics or the skiing World Championships. The connection between Nicolay's TV show and Johannes is a big topic for another post, but right now you just need to know that they seem to have a good tone of communication, and that Johannes was on the comedy show at least a few times during the Lahti tournament.

Oh, and there's a pic with them as well - look:

So, Nicolay brought a little surprise: The trophy that Johannes forgot on the plane from Canada. (I know I posted about this in a bunch of places, but not in a separate post on this journal. Quick recap: Johannes forgot the trophy he got for winning the sprint world cup on the plane when the team returned after the last world cup races in Canada. Apparently because he was sleeping on the plane, and then forgot that he had more hand luggage than just his backpack...)

Seriously, I smiled so much when Nicolay pulled out the trophy box. I had seen it on Johannes' vlog from the Canada world cup weekend, so I immediately knew what it was and that I'd get to see him getting the trophy back. The box itself doesn't look that special, though - it's a silver-coloured box/almost like a suitcase, and it doesn't really seem to contain a crystal ball world cup trophy.

But of course, it wouldn't be Nicolay giving it back if there wasn't some naughtiness in store...

First, Nicolay was just sitting there holding the box, asking Johannes whether he knew what that was. Then, they had something like this exchange:

J: Yes, looks familiar. *looks at box*
N: It's that trophy you got for winning the total sprint cup. The one you forgot on the plane. But tell me, how did you even do that?
J: Well, we were told to sleep on the plane from Canada to Brussels, so I did as I was told. Then, when I woke up I just picked up Niklas' backpack and gave it to him, then took my own and left. When I got to the security control point, it registered in my mind that "hey, didn't I have one more thing...?" I tried to run back to pick it up, but that was of course impossible.
N: Okay... but before I give it back to you, I'd like to have a look at what's inside...
J: *scowls as he watches Nicolay open the box, but remains totally classy even when Nicolay starts taking out various blue and green boxers from the box, before he even gets to the trophy*
N: Excuse me, what? You... packed your underwear in the trophy box?!
J: Well, yeah. Because my bag was full, and I figured that I'm gonna take the trophy with me home, so... *slightly embarrassed grin*.

It's probably worth mentioning that Nicolay actually apologised for this part a few moments later, though. It's not a nice thing to do on a TV show, but I think Johannes seemed to handle it in the best way he possibly could, really.

And well, at least he has the trophy back!

After this part, there were other guests in the studio. One of them being a famous female musician/entertainer talking about working on a new show that would premiere in August or something. In connection with her visit, Johannes got asked whether he had any musical talents. I think the hosts had expected him to say no, because they were totally floored at his answer. Look:

J: Maybe not talents. But I did play the cello for ten years.
H: *splutters* What?! TEN years?!
J: Uhm, yeah? What can I say? My dad is good at being persuasive.
H: Really? So... if we found you a cello now, could you still play?
J: Well, I don't remember musical notation anymore, and I can't play specific songs. But technically, I still know how to play, yes.

This part surprised me so much, really. It's just such a cute thought - and it's something so different from sports, so I'm sure I would never have learned this fact about him if I had not watched this show. Also, I love how shocked the hosts were - and how Johannes was basically like, "yeah, what's weird about this?", even without saying that, of course.

He's awesome and lovely, can you see that?

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