Thursday, March 23rd, 2017

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So, I'm back from Stavanger. I've known about having to go there for a couple of weeks already, and I must admit that I kind of dreaded it ever since I learned about having to make this trip. There are a couple of reasons for that. Most importantly, I wasn't too keen on going there because it also meant going to an unpleasant official meeting of sorts. It's not that important what the meeting was about, as I don't feel like talking about it in detail on here, but let's just say it was something unpleasant to me because it meant that I had to talk about rather personal topics with total strangers, and do so in a way that would convince them of my viewpoint.

As it turned out, it was just one "total stranger", though. Which helped a lot. Last time I had a similar meeting, about 12 years ago, I had to sit in front of a whole group of people and talk about these same topics. That was much worse. As far as I can tell, the meeting was a total success, though, so I'm happy about that. But, I must admit, I might be just as happy just because this thing is now over and done with, and I don't have to dread it anymore.

Sorry that this doesn't make much sense, by the way. I can see how I'm "telling without really telling anything" above. I just feel like having something about this here, even though I don't want to think about it more than necessary and spend time talking about all the details.

Anyway, the other reason I dreaded the Stavanger trip was the fact that it's a very long drive to get there. 230km might not sound like much if you're used to the highways of mainland Europe, but the roads from here to Stavanger are nothing like that. Most of the time there are a lot of curves and narrow roads passing areas where landslides are fairly common, so just getting there is much more unpleasant than what the distance would suggest. it's probably not surprising that we didn't want to make the trip by road twice? In the end, we decided to take the ferry from Stavanger to Hirtshals, Denmark, and then catch our more "usual" ferry from there and back home. More expensive than just driving back and forth, obviously, but it also meant that I got to travel for more pleasant reasons during this trip. Especially the ferry trip from Stavanger was interesting, because I had never travelled on that ferry before. I had a nice evening on it, though - nice food, sitting in a bar listening to some half-okay piano player/singer for a couple of hours - this was fun especially because it also meant watching a group of guys (probably around 20 years old or so) singing along to every song and being generally in a very lively mood, but never obnoxious or anything. For me it's kind of cool when someone so young are familiar with and are clearly enjoying the songs on offer in such a place - usually songs that are "old" even by my standards, or possibly from my childhood, too.

Anyway, I got home today afternoon, and I'm still a bit tired after the trip, so I'll stop here. Hope to be back online in the evening, though, because I have more things to post about, and some very beautiful comments to answer.

Two pics

Thursday, March 23rd, 2017 22:55
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The cross country skiing World Cup season is over, you say? Well, that isn't going to stop me from talking about Johannes. Especially not today, as there are a couple of new photos - none of which he posted himself.

First, let me just mention that he participated in a show race in Sarpsborg yesterday, though. From what I know, it was not shown on TV, but some fans had apparently managed to find a stream. It was a sprint, with many of the top Norwegian skiers present, so I don't understand why I had not even heard of this race. Show race or not, it still sounds like something that should have been worth more attention. Either way... Johannes won the qualification, but ended in third place in total. The only other fact I know is that Sondre Turvoll Fossli won. Third is fine, though.

I haven't seen a lot of good photos from this event, unfortunately. Today, though? There's quite a bit of stuff from today. First, Emil Iversen posted this pic:

That's Finn, Emil and Johannes on a - you guessed it - shopping round in Oslo. Actually, on this very pic it looks more like Emil needed company and talked the other two into coming along, because he seems so excited... but I'm not sure they do?

Anyway, after finishing the shopping (or leaving it up to Finn to take care of Emil?), Johannes went to train with Eirik Brandsdal, in Eirik's home track. And well, they are as cute as they were after the Drammen sprint a couple of weeks back. Pic from Eirik's Instagram:

Eirik's comment on the post: "This is how good the weather is in Kjelsås. It's nice that I get to show the kid around Linderudkollen artificial snow park 😁. Thanks to everyone who are making sure the conditions are good. #squinting #snug #falunroomies

So, I see Johannes is getting teased about being the youngest on the team, heh. Here it's definitely in a good way, though, almost like a term of endearment or something. And yeah, I still think Eirik is a 100% nice guy, so being around him for a while is probably just a good thing.

Nice pics, though. Right?

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