Wednesday, March 8th, 2017

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14:50: I see the qualification went more than well. Johannes won that, 3.62 seconds ahead of Eirik Brandsdal. This is quite some victory margin, but of course the qualification stage isn't decisive.

This looks promising, though. ❤

Other favorites of mine: Pellegrino 5th, Ustyugov 10th and Krogh 26th.

Also, one shocker from the women's qualification: Maiken Caspersen Falla is out! Mrs. Triple World Champion is out. Ouch.

I'll try to update this post throughout the competition.

15:50: Women's QF's - Heidi Weng out. Little sister Lotta Udnes Weng is surprisingly through, though. Stina Nilsson through as well. Marit Bjørgen out, unfortunately.

16:10: First two men's QF's - Petter Northug won the first one in style. Emil Iversen 2nd. Sergey Ustyugov 3rd and must wait to see if he can qualify as one of two lucky losers. 2nd semi won by Sondre Turvoll Fossli on photo finish ahead of Johannes. Both to semi easily, though.

16:25: Ustyugov to semi on time. Pellegrino out - which could be good news for Johannes from the total sprint cup perspective if he wins today. Let's not think that far ahead yet. Semis first.

16:40: Kathrine Harsem the only Norwegian to the women's final, along with three Swedes.

Men's semis: IMPRESSIVE JOHANNES making distance to everyone right from the start. Wins his semi very easily, without anyone even near him for most of the race. Breathtaking, really. Ustyugov wins the other semi, and is the only foreigner in the men's final.

16:55: Stina Nilsson wins the women's final quite clearly. Krista Pärmäkoski 2nd, Hanna Falk 3rd. Sweden, Finland and Sweden there, then. Kathrine Harsem 4th, btw.

Men's final - or Ustyugov vs Norwegians - up next.

17:10: Eirik Brandsdal wins. Johannes tried to set the same mad pace he did in the semi this time as well, but he seemed to get a bit tired at the end, so he was 2nd. Sergey 3rd, but quite some distance behind the other two.

Johannes' comments: "I saw that Pellegrino disapppeared in the quarter final, so I figured I had to get to the final to have a chance at the total sprint cup. It sounded better to get to the final and be 6th than to miss the final entirely, so I had to go fast in the semi. Eirik was fast in the final, though. Very deserved victory for him!"

18:12: Also, Johannes about his chances for the total sprint cup: "I'm going to Canada to fight with all I've got, and we'll see how that goes. I'm not giving up just yet!"

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