Monday, February 27th, 2017

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I finally managed to make myself get out of the house for a while today. Somehow, that gets more and more difficult the longer I stay indoors... and I hadn't been out properly since before the weekend. Breathing fresh air is always a good thing, though.

It might also be a good thing for my throat. It's sore and achy and it feels like I might get a cold soon. Hoping to chase it away with hot black currant juice and some throat lozenges, though. Also trying to give myself some extra rest today, which isn't easy when my fangirl mind is busy thinking of a million things at once.

Like, for example, the fact that a certain someone posted a new video. I also found a couple of small photoshoots of him modeling for a clothing store in Trondheim. I'm surprised my heart didn't combust spontaneously at those photos, really, because he's just so gorgeous there. Will post them when I'm properly online.

Also, something very strange: Right now he is pretty much everywhere I look, and there is something new about him around every corner. Which is, you know, a dream situation to be in as a fan especially now that yesterday's sadness isn't the main topic anymore. Well, except I don't understand my own reactions, sometimes. It seems getting all this stuff about him at the same time might have caused some kind of emotional overload, and in certain clips and/or pictures, he's just so beautiful that it hurts.

I don't mean that figuratively, by the way. I mean that it's possible for me to feel so strongly about him that it physically hurts my chest and makes me want to cry. And I feel foolish for that. I should be enjoying these feelings - which I of course also do - not hurting because of them.
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It seems there are actually two different photoshoots with him. One from September 2016 (with the red jacket) and one from November 2016 (with the suit). These pictures are also kind of huge, so I have to hide them all behind a cut to avoid breaking anyone's page layout.

Seriously, how can he even be this gorgeous?

Photos this way! )

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