Friday, February 17th, 2017

zimena: Cross-country skier Johannes Høsflot Klæbo looking even more gorgeous than usual. (Default)
I hate stress and lack of time so much.

Today I had almost no online time, and I have a thousand things to do here. I have a fic to finish - and it's missing a minimal amount of text before it's done, so I really want to work on it - and I also have some icons I'd like to make and some other things I'd like to write.

Half an hour of online time in the morning, and another twenty minutes now feels almost like mockery, because neither block of time is enough to truly "get into" any of the things I'd like to do.

Yes, I know I'm a computer/internet addict, and that I might have the wrong priorities sometimes, but this is still important to me, so... yes, I get annoyed if I don't have enough time here.

On a more positive note - I have a Passion Planner now, and it's absolutely gorgeous!

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