Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

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I finally managed to download the new Citron album. Apparently it came out back in December, probably just a few days after I returned from Prague. I had hoped to be able to buy the actual CD while I was there, but it seems I missed release by a few days. Anyway, I have the album now. Digital version, though - which actually seems to have a couple of bonus tracks compared to the physical CD.

Anyway, if you are not familiar with Citron, they are a Czech rock band. For me they have always been interesting because my favourite Czech singer, Ladislav Křížek, used to be their vocalist many years ago. Since about 2015 he's back with them, and this new album is the first full album he has recorded with them since the return.

I'm always excited when there is new material involving him, because his voice is really one of a kind. The best voice of any singer I've ever listened to, end of discussion. However, I admit that I've also been nervous sometimes in recent years, because he's not that young anymore (he will turn 54 on April 24th, yes, I know this), and before I sat down to listen to his most recent releases, I always felt some kind of fear that his voice would not be as strong as it used to be.

There is still nothing to fear, though. He still sings like nobody else. My only complaint about this new Citron album is that the songs are perhaps not as good as the ones he did with the band in the past, though. And of course, not nearly as good as his solo work or the songs he did with Kreyson. That's not to say that this is a bad album, just that it's less "immediately accessible" to my ears, and so far there's no song that I would want to put on endless repeat, like I can do with some of the best songs from his career. There is one power-ballad ("Schoulená") that sounds like much of the "classic" Křížek-material, though - and apparently he wrote this song not too long ago. I remember that it was posted on his Facebook page before the album came out, and I was so happy when I found it there.

Also, a final note about this album is that Tanja Kauerová (usually known as just Tanja - I had to look up the full name) is participating on a couple of songs. I know very little about her, apart from knowing that she did a very famous duet with Křížek around 1988 or so. I absolutely love her participation on this album, though, and her voice is also very good. Finding out more about her is definitely on my list of things to do.

For now, I'm gonna listen to the Citron album again, though.

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