Thursday, January 26th, 2017

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I'm not very good at talking with people. If I need to talk to someone about something that matters even a tiny bit, I always go over the conversation a zillion times in my head. During this process, I look for any arguments that may come up against the point I'm trying to make, try to perfect my response to those, and otherwise plan out what to say and how to word it in the best way.

Of course, people don't usually follow my carefully planned script, so I end up having to make up answers on the go anyway.

I've been told numerous times that I need to stop doing this; that it makes no sense to plan out hypothetical conversations that end up being nothing like what I planned. However, I still need my planning, and to me it's still helpful even if the actual conversation is different from the one I played out from "every possible" angle in my mind.

Just the other day I sort of ended up being forced to explain something without having had the chance to go over it in my mind beforehand. To me it wasn't anything difficult, explaining it sounded easy enough... but once I started talking about it, my thoughts came out disjointed and meaningless - at least in the ears of the other person. Everything still made sense in my own head, though.

I think this little story explains why I prefer writing over talking... and why planning is necessary.

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