Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

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I started watching Yuri on Ice last night. Two episodes on bed last night, one more while I was on the computer for a while earlier today. I know that three episodes is not much when there are twelve available (yay, I can still look forward to 9 more), but I still decided to post about my thoughts so far. If nothing else, just so I can have a record of how my interest in this series develops - because yes, I think this could end up becoming something important to me, if it keeps being this interesting.

❤︎ First of all, this is so, so good. I wanted to watch just one episode last night, because I knew I had to get up early today. However, I still ended up watching two - and then I couldn't sleep because I couldn't stop thinking of wanting more, more, more.

❤︎ The figure skating theme is fantastic. I don't think I have ever seen any series that revolves around sports to such a degree - there is even an in-character explanation of how the figure skating season works. Which, I admit, is useful for me because I'm not that much into the sport, and I definitely don't know it in detail.

❤︎ The whole "two Yuris" bit is kind of great. To me, Yuri reads as a Russian name rather than a Japanese one, though, so it took me a moment to sort this out in my head.

❤︎ Speaking of Russian/language things in general, one thing that is more interesting to me than it should probably be is the fact that Everyone Speaks Japanese. Yes, I get that this is a show made in Japan for a Japanese audience, so of course the whole show is in Japanese, too. Still, it's so funny to me when two Russian characters speak to each other in Japanese. Also, when Victor comes to Hasetsu, he's so fascinated with everything, with the culture and sights and difference of everything - yet, the language is totally not an issue. Yes, to me this is funny.

❤︎ There is a bit of Russian here and there, though. For example, Yuri P.'s name on the flags during the skate-off, as well as some signs around the time of the Grand Prix final, and of course Yakov's name on Yuri P.'s phone. Yes, I might have paused the video at this point, just to have a closer look at the spelling. Also, there are a couple of spoken words in Russian as well, like Yuri P.'s grandfather using the form "Yurochka" when talking to him in the memory, and some fans shouting "Davai" at the skate-off. Somehow, these single words make me happy

❤︎ I'm actually surprised that Victor is so young. He's 27, while Yuri K. is 23. Somehow, I had imagined the age difference between them to be more than just 4 years, especially as the greyish hair makes Victor look older to me. Of course, the fact that Victor is such a legend and also that he was Yuri K.'s idol since childhood also makes me "feel like" there should be more than 4 years of difference.

❤︎ I love how Victor let both Yuris pick from his own collection of costumes before the skate-off. Seriously, there is so much that is awesome about this bit - including the fannish reactions and memories related to the costumes. Also, it's lovely how you can see that the choice of costume is so meaningful to Yuri K, and how he makes it with awe.

❤︎ I don't know how to word this, but it's so beautiful how the younger Victor (with his longer hair) represents both masculine and feminine characteristics. Obviously, it's even more beautiful when Yuuri K. figures out how to represent Eros via a more feminine role. And well, it's pretty how Minako stayed up all night to teach him to be more feminine, and how this is seen as quality and uniqueness and finding the right way to represent Eros during the skate-off. In short, being "different" when it comes to gender isn't something that gets questioned and scolded here, and I love it so much.

❤︎ There are a couple of really beautiful Victor/Yuri K. moments already. The first time Victor was trying to cup Yuri's jaw and lean close to him while asking some personal question, Yuri just jumped back and got scared, but the moment was still pretty. The second time he didn't, though.... which was prettier :) Also, I might just have a little soft spot for the way Victor does the jaw-cupping. His hand, the way he leans in... it's gorgeously drawn, really.

❤︎ ... and this is coming from someone who was not sure about the drawing style of this series before I started watching. Some of the images I had seen beforehand weren't that pretty to me, but once you start to feel for the characters it's easier to see the drawings with emotion, too. It will probably take some time for me to get used to the weird style characters get drawn in when they're supposedly embarrassed or uncomfortable or something, though. I have no idea what this is called, but they get... drawn with a strange/fat/exaggerated face of sorts? Is there even a term for this? I have so much to learn when it comes to anime, really - remember, this is the first anime series I'm watching.

I'm sure there is more to say, but this must be all for now, because I need to go and eat something soon. Hopefully, I can go to bed early enough to watch another episode or two tonight. Let's see about that.
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