Friday, January 13th, 2017

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The new Zelda game has a release date! Apparently the game is coming out at the same time the new Nintendo Switch is released - which means March 3rd.

March 3rd, people! That's practically only one and a half month away! I'm about to explode with excitement!

This feels so much more real now that there is a date to look forward to.

The latest trailer has one element in it that bothers me, though: Voice acting. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but one of the things I love about Zelda is exactly the fact that the storytelling happens via text, not voice acting. I like that the game usually gives me time to take in everything at my own pace.

There is of course also the fact that Zelda games have always been a family activity for me. When I was little I used to play it with a couple of cousins as well as my mom, and as none of us were very good at English, we would work through the text with a dictionary. After I got more confident at English, I became the family translator instead, and I would read the text aloud in Norwegian to everyone. Even in recent years (after the cousins got their own family and don't come here as often as before), I've continued to do it like this for my mom's benefit. She likes Zelda as well, and usually she watches me play if the game is new. However, her English is still limited, so I still translate so that she can follow the story. That task becomes a lot harder with voice acting, where I need to focus in an entirely different way to understand everything myself.

Anyway, Nintendo apparently said that Link isn't getting voice acting, so hopefully it's just for some specific scenes, and the text storytelling will be retained otherwise.

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